What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Seattle to attend this weekend’s Lifestyle Awareness seminar.

Lifestyle Awareness is the latest in a series of experiences I’ve had in my life that has totally blown my mind.

I first heard about Lifestyle Awareness from a friend, an intuitive/healer friend of mine, who started playing with the modality after watching some YouTube videos on it about a year ago.

My friend is a very talented psychic & energy healer who already blew my mind when I did some intuitive coaching with him last year, but that was nothing compared to when I actually met him in person this December.

Before I go into what happened in December, let me back up a few months to about summer 2010 when my friend first told me about Lifestyle Awareness.

He told me he watched some Mark Johnson (the creator of Lifestyle Awareness) videos on YouTube and then tried out the technique with some friends and it worked for him.

I went on YouTube, watched the same videos and didn’t get it.

Watching Mark Johnson doing the Two-Point Technique (one of the staples of Lifestyle Awareness) just looked weird to me.

Essentially he places his hands on two points on someone’s body, such as the left and right shoulder, and then “something” happens.

The technique (if you can call it that) can also be done without touching at all, and what happens is different for everyone – some people start laughing, other people lose their balance, others collapse entirely. Some experience nothing physical that can be seen with the eyes, but feel a shift internally.

When this happens, people have experienced some amazing transformations and healing in their lives.

Back in the summer of 2010 that didn’t really sit very well with me and my rational mind.

My “opinion” of Lifestyle Awareness back then was basically “Ok, so this guy picks two points on someones body and then either touches them or just holds out his hands and then something happens. Huh?”

In the videos I saw some people start laughing uncontrollably when this happened, or start falling forward or bending backwards. It just looked weird.

Because I respect my friend’s opinion though I decided to buy the Lifestyle Awareness book to see if maybe I could figure out what all this “stuff” was before passing judgement based solely on what I saw in the YouTube videos.

After reading about half of the book my rational mind was really getting mad at me. I just didn’t “get it”. Especially when I got to the section in the book where Mark Johnson describes how to do the Two Point Technique.

I tried doing it and it just seemed ridiculous. It didn’t feel like anything was happening.

I guess it would be the equivalent to trying to do Reiki healing with your hands without knowing how to do Reiki or being attuned to Reiki energy. You’d just be standing there hovering your hands over someone with nothing happening.

That’s what trying to do the Two Point Technique felt like to me…. nothing is happening!

Anyway, I just got frustrated with it and since I was busy with so many other things I put it aside. I figured I’d wait until I meet Chris in person to see if he can demo it for me.

Secretly my rational mind was thinking “This is BS. Hogwash. I don’t get it. How do people fall for this stuff?”

At the same time another part of me was thinking “Isn’t that exactly what you thought about Law of Attraction, psychic abilities, Reiki, muscle testing, lifestyle etc. at first? Now that you’ve actually experienced them, they make sense.”

Anyway, I kind of just tucked Lifestyle Awareness away in my mind as something I’ll look into in the future – most likely when I met Chris.

Playing With Lifestyle Awareness

Mark Johnson states that Lifestyle Awareness has an energy field that anyone can tap into instantly from anywhere in the world.

The easiest way to tap into it is to attend one his seminars, but it is not the only way. Some people are able to tap right into it just by watching his videos on YouTube, or by reading his books.

That is what happened to my friend. He’s never been to a seminar. He just watched a video on YouTube and was instantly able to do it.

Like I said, Chris is such a naturally talented healer / intuitive, he just picks this stuff up so easily.

In December of last year I flew out to where my wife was staying while training with to develop her intuitive/healing abilities as well.

I finally met my friend in person and he wanted to play with some of the Lifestyle Awareness stuff he learned.

He basically told me to stand in front of him, facing away form him, while he stood about 3 feet away from me and placed the palms of his hands near my shoulders.

Within a few seconds I felt the weirdest sensation. Almost as if Chris’s hands had turned into super powerful magnets that were pulling back on my shoulder blades.

I had to turn around several times to look because it really felt like he had grabbed a hold of my sweatshirt and was pulling backwards on it.

However that wouldn’t have made sense because if he had done that, I would have felt my shirt pushing on me from the front. Meaning, if you grab someone’s shirt from behind and you pull on it, the shirt pushes up against your chest in the front and pulls you backwards – it doesn’t pull from the back.

This felt like he was pulling me from the back, but the thing is he wasn’t even touching me. He was standing several feet away and his hands weren’t touching my shoulders or back.

That was just the start of it.

As my rational mind stopped even trying to keep up with what was happening, things got even more fun.

About 30 minutes later, my friend and I were really starting to have fun with this thing. My friend was able to stand there and just by moving his hands around in front of me, he was able to “make” my body move/lean in different directions.

It’s a really weird sensation that’s very difficult to describe. At any point I still had total control over my body, but if I just relax and try to stand still my body would want to move. Sometimes it would just be my neck that would move, almost like it needed stretching. Other times it would be my whole upper body that would lean to the left or right or forward / backwards.

At the same time it felt as if my body was really light, almost as if it was suspended by strings or something.

I know, sounds really weird right?

What was really cool though, is that after my mind opened up to the possibility that this stuff *IS* real and that reality isn’t going to come crumbling down around me just because this Lifestyle Awareness thing does actually do something, I actually was able to do the same thing myself as well.

At the level of physical reality, my friend didn’t actually teach me anything, in terms of like telling me what to do or how to do it or anything. Just by being in his presence and having him demonstrate the process to me, somehow I instantly knew how to do it myself.

I was now able to do the same thing he was doing.

I could stand behind him, about three or four feet away, lift my arms up around shoulder level and it’s as if my arms just kind of started moving on their own. Simultaneously he would feel shifts in his body and it would start to move as well.

It was kind of funny, because my wife was sitting on the couch and just watching us from a distance as we played around with this “thing” as if it’s some kind of new toy or something.

It was so much fun.

The next day I drove down to the Chapters book store in and bought Mark Johnson’s second book called. I couldn’t put the book down.

My mind was on a mission to understand / explain what I had just experienced first hand.

I have to admit that if I hadn’t experienced what happened with Chris, I probably wouldn’t have liked the book as much as I did.

In the book, Mark Johnson writes about the science/physics behind Lifestyle Awareness and other modalities similar to it.

However, much like Mark’s first book, I don’t think that reading this book will “prove” anything to anyone who doesn’t already believe in Lifestyle Awareness or who hasn’t experienced it.

I believe the intention behind this book is to just shine a light or open the doorway to a new level of understanding once you’ve already experienced Lifestyle Awareness for yourself.

The book does not contain all the answers to everything. Instead it’s like a starting point from which you can expand your understanding or research if you wish.

For me it was just about trying to understand something about what I had just experienced.

Was It Even Lifestyle Awareness?

The crazy thing is that by the time I got back home from my trip, I didn’t even really know what it was that I experienced.

I know I had learned something from my friend, and I know he learned it by watching Mark Johnson’s videos on YouTube and it definitely feels like the descriptions of Lifestyle Awareness I read in the books, but honestly I don’t know what it is that my friend and I were doing.

I think it’s some glimpse of the Lifestyle Awareness Two Point Process, but it could just as easily be some form of energy running or Reiki or something. I have no idea.

Taking It To The Next Level

When I got back I connected with a couple Lifestyle Awareness practitioners locally here on Facebook and described my experience and they told me that it sounds like Lifestyle Awareness.

I also bought “The Lifestyle Awareness Experience” which is a 6 CD / 1 DVD / Study Guide and 41 Card set which is the next best thing to going to a real seminar.

I listened to it and watched the DVD. It all pretty much made sense to me.

It’s really wacky, weird stuff that’s really “out there” for a rational minded thinking guy like me, but there’s nothing I could disagree with. Everything Mark Johnson talks about in that set just made sense to me.

That’s when I decided that it was time to go to a seminar and see it for myself, so that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

Since getting back I’ve also played around with this “thing” on some unsuspecting friends.

People would come over to my house and I would just say “Hey, let’s try something ok?” and I would ask them to stand in front of me with their back towards me and I would stand 2-3 feet behind them and just do what I did with my friend.

I would lift my hands up and instantly I would feel them kind of start moving on their own almost as if they wanted to move in a certain direction. It kind of looks like doing Tai-Chi or something where the hands just smoothly move around.

I’ve done this with about six different people and except with one or two of them, none of them knew what I was doing. Meaning, I didn’t tell them what would happen, what I was doing, or anything like that. I just asked them to stand there while I “Try something.”

By the way if you ever want to see a weird look one someone’s face, ask them to stand in front of you with their back towards you and tell them you just want to try something. It’s fun!

Since my friends know I am a Reiki practitioner, I think they assumed I was doing Reiki or something but since they were facing away from me they had no idea what I was doing.

In every case, pretty much the same thing would happen. My hands began to do their thing, subtly moving around and I would notice my friend’s body’s start moving.

It’s as if they were being pushed or pulled in a direction and I could see them trying to keep their balance.

Pretty much every single one of them reported feeling as if I was pushing or pulling on them even though I was nowhere near them. A few of them spun their heads around saying something like “Are you pushing on my back?!”

Their eyes got really big when they realized I was nowhere near them.

When I did this with my sister a week ago, something even more strange happened. I don’t know why, but I was intuitively drawn to focus on her tattoo on her back. She has a tattoo on her upper back / lower neck with the eye of horus and I was just drawn to focus on the eye while doing the “Lifestyle Awareness thing” with my arms.

It was really weird because my arms got really animated while working with her and it felt as if I was somehow opening up her Chakra or something.

She reported feeling really weird as if she was expanding, and as if I was opening up her 8th Chakra and at one point when my arms were really really wide apart (as far apart as they would go) she said she started seeing some clairvoyant things, including the carpet in my living room starting to “melt”.

What I thought was really interesting about that is that in his Lifestyle Awareness books, Mark Johnson sometimes jokes around saying that when you get around his energy field, don’t be surprised if the carpet starts to melt in front of you. My sister didn’t know that when she said that though.

Weird huh?

Anyway, like I said above. I have no idea what I’m doing. I think me and Chris have tapped into something interesting. I *think* it’s Lifestyle Awareness, but I won’t know until I attend this seminar on the weekend.

All I know is that I’ve already experienced some weird mind-bending stuff and that’s just from being around Chris who learned it off YouTube and from reading Richard’s books, and listening to his audio CD’s and DVD’s.

I hope the seminar this weekend takes things to the next level for us, and I hope to get some validation that what me and Chris are doing is in fact the Lifestyle Awareness Two Point Technique.

Has any else heard of Lifestyle Awareness, had a Lifestyle Awareness session with a practitioner or attended a seminar?

If so, what was your experience?