Spiritual Connection

Besides spending the holiday’s with my wife and meeting my friend Jamesin person, one of the other reasons I traveled to the Maritimes was to meet and get – a very powerful energy healer/psychic who lives in New Brunswick.

Both my friend James and my wife have had Healing with Jeremyand highly recommended it. Well, actually my wife insisted that I get the healing while I’m out here, and I’m glad she did.

What is Spiritual Connection?

I’m not an practitioner, so I don’t know too much about S.A.C. and how it differs from other forms of energy healing such as for example Reiki.

In the past, before jumping into something like this I would do research and try to learn all about it before trying it out. The challenge with that, however, is that it limits you to experience only those things which the mind can understand based on it’s current level of awareness.

Instead, in this case I just decided to get the healing without really understanding anything about it.

What I do know is that the treatment process is that it is a form of energy healing similar to Reiki. The treatment Jeremy offers involves five sessions.

I am sure the healing and treatments are different for every person, but in this post I just want to describe my experiences with getting the healings and treatments.

My First Healing

The healing started off similar to a Reiki healing. I lay down on Jeremy’s healing table ( standard Reiki/massage table ) and closed my eyes while Geoffrey went to work.

It’s not easy to describe what I experienced in words, but I’ll try my best. I’m sure everyone has a different experience.

One of the first things I noticed is that Jeremy moves the energy around a LOT. Meaning, unlike a standard Reiki healing where energy is “channeled” into one area of the body at a time, what I felt was that the energy was moving around all around me and as far as I could tell (my eyes were closed) all around the room.

The most interesting thing I remember from my first healing session was that at one point it felt as if Jeremy was “pulling” out “bad” energy from my body. In my mind’s eye I saw him standing next to me and literally pulling “crap” energy out of my chest.

I’m not a smoker, and I’ve never smoked in my life, but it felt as if he was pulling dark smoke out of my chest. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Near the end of the healing I also felt as if I was able to breathe deeper with my lungs. Almost as if my lung capacity doubled somehow. It was weird.

When the healing was over, I sat up and I felt really light. Not lightheaded, but just very light. As if I had lost weight or as if I had helium balloons pulling up on my body.

I remember telling Jeremy that I felt as if I had been breathing with only half of my lungs all my life. I have never had any problems with my lungs, but that’s just how it felt to me – as if I was now breathing with twice the lung capacity.

My Second Healing

My second healing was similar to my first one, except more powerful. It felt as if Geoffrey was working on my lungs again.

I can’t really explain how, but I wasn’t really in control of my breathing. I know that sounds weird, but my lungs were breathing in and out on their own. I’m not referring to just breathing in and out automatically like our lungs do all the time.

What I’m referring to is my lungs breathing in really deeply, and the air moving up and down my lungs from the lower lungs to the middle lungs to the upper lungs all on their own. I know it sounds weird, but my mind was not “in control” of my breathing.

As Jeremy moved around the room and did his thing moving the energy around I kept feeling the energy moving up and down between my abdomen and my upper lung area. At one point my lungs just breathed in what felt like the deepest breath of my life, and then they just held it there for what seemed like minutes.

Then when my lungs were totally full of air and felt like there was no more room left for any more air, I felt the energy pushing me to breathe in even deeper and it felt like my lungs expanded again. Just when I thought there was no more room, they breathed in even more.

By the time the healing was over and I sat up, I felt as if my upper body was floating.

My Third Healing

My third healing was similar to the first two. Once again my body was doing it’s “breathing thing” and I was used to it by now. By this time my lungs felt great.

The big thing in my third healing was that after I felt the energy moving up from my abdomen to my lungs, this time if felt as if Jeremy moved it up through my throat chakra.

It’s not easy to explain the feeling, but much the same way as I felt my lungs opening up in the first two healings, in this healing I felt my throat totally opening up.

It’s as if all my life I’ve been breathing through a straw and now I was breathing through a 4-inch pipe. I’m not saying that physically my throat was previously constricted like that. That’s just what it felt like – energetically.

After the healing I told Geoffrey that it felt to me as if he just totally opened up my throat chakra. He just smiled and nodded.

My Back-to-Back Treatments

After my three healings were done, it was time to move onto my two back-to-back treatments.

The first one was yesterday and was rather “gentle” compared to the previous healings. I still felt my body doing it’s “breathing thing” and such, but it didn’t feel as if so much stuff was going on.

At one point though I felt as if my body was floating above itself. It’s as if I was doing astral travel or something. My body felt as if it weighed nothing and was just floating there, several feet above the table. Then it felt as if it gently “fell” back into itself.

The whole time I was just allowing whatever was happening to happen without trying to judge or interfere. I was just present and curiously observing.

My second and last session was today. It was much more intense in comparison to yesterday’s session. Once again, I really felt the energy moving up and down my body from my abdominal area up through my lungs and back down.

I would feel my lungs breathing in very deeply and then holding the air/energy up around my upper chest and then breathing out after what felt like a few minutes. Then I would feel my lungs breathing out all the way and holding themselves empty for what seemed like a few minutes before breathing in again.

I should mention that none of this was ever uncomfortable in any of the sessions. On the contrary it felt very peaceful and comfortable.

After I felt the energy moving up from my abdomen to my upper chest/throat area, all of a sudden I felt the energy moving up to my third eye, then my crown chakra and then above. I actually felt my awareness shifting out of my body and up to about a foot above the top of my head. I actually felt my head slightly tilt by itself as if I was looking up, except of course my eyes were closed.

What was interesting is that while I felt my energy/awareness moving up to that level, I felt as if my awareness left my body. I was no longer aware of the breathing in my body. I was still in my body, but it’s as if my awareness was above the body. When I say “above” I guess I mean behind the table since I was lying down.

Then, I felt as if my awareness/energy slowly came down to the area between my third-eye and crown chakra and then the session ended.

What I Learned

I found the whole experience very enlightening.

I’ve never actually felt “energy” moving around my body like I did during my sessions. It was also really interesting to experience the way energy and breath are interconnected.

I can’t wait to get back home and to experiment with some of this stuff. I feel like I’ll be able to use breathing and meditation to “play” with energy at a much higher level than I’ve ever done before.

I’m also a lot more drawn towards energy healing now as well. I think it’s time for me to get my Reiki Level II and jump into other energy healing modalities.

I think I’m also going to find some energy healers in the area and get healings on a regular basis. Right now I feel like my energy is very high, and I want to keep it at this level and even push it to go higher.