Selling Site on Flippa

A couple of weeks ago I decided to sell one of my “orphan” Blogs on Flippa.

Was a Blog I started a few years ago that I quickly got too busy to update.

It was a highly targeted niche site that I built prior to my realization that it is generally better to start one large Blog, than a whole bunch of targeted small ones that you run out of content ideas for after a few weeks.

Posting it For Sale

For a while now I have thought about selling some of my Blog sites that I have, but I always had this belief that nobody would be interested in buying a dead Blog so I never bothered listing any of my sites up.

I figured it was better to first “resurrect” them, build them up a bit and then post them for sale.

However, that never seems to happen for any of my sites.

If I have a site that I’m passionate about, then I’ll create content for it easily.

If I am no longer passionate about it, it’s so hard to create any content or to try to “resurrect” it even for just a few months to try to sell it for a higher price.

So basically what ends up happening is I’ll have all these sites that aren’t doing too much except sitting there and costing me domain fees each year.

I know each of them has some good potential *IF* I had time to work on them, but I never do, so finally a few weeks ago I decided to try selling my first site on Flippa.

I figured that even if I make $50 from it, I’d be happy.

I didn’t really put in that much effort into the site, and it wasn’t earning me any income.

However, it was a domain that’s a couple years old and it was getting a few thousand visitors a month from free SEO traffic, so I figured it could be worth something to someone else.

Watching the Bids Come In

The site ended up selling for $110, and I have to admit that watching the bids come in was really exciting.

As I said, I would have been OK getting $50 for the site, and was hoping for $100, so $110 put a smile on my face.

Now I know $110 is not a lot of money, but really my only monetary cost on the site was about $20 for the domain fees for a couple of years.

Hosting on the domain didn’t cost me anything since I share the hosting with this site and all my others.

Also, I didn’t really put any real effort into sprucing up the listing at all.

I was totally honest with everything, and I didn’t try to make the site sound any better than it was.

The site did previously make about $3-$5/month in AdSense earnings, but in the last few months it was making $0/m because I wasn’t devoting any time or energy towards it.

If I wanted to sell it for more I could have put some effort into it and got my AdSense earnings back up first.

But for me this was more just an experiment more than anything.

I wanted to see how much I could sell a site like that for.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see it sell for $110.

I can actually see selling sites of Flippa as a legitimate business opportunity if you know how to build Blogs.

Do you have any “dead” sites just lying around doing nothing?