Abundance Goal Setting

Personal Development History

As I’ve been advancing in the one-of-a-kind Lifestyle Awareness training that I get access to as a member, I have started to notice huge differences between the training that I’m getting access to and everything else that I have seen out there on the same topic.

I’m no “newb” to personal development. At last count I have spent well over $56k on over 1,000 personal development books, courses, seminars and trainings over the past 16 years. That is prior to joining the .

In all that time, I have never seen anything that matches the quality of training that I get access to as a member.

Over the past few months, however, I’ve had some “discussions” with people who are also in the Personal Development space who have been debating with me whether or not the training is “that good”, or whether it’s worth the price etc.

All of these people have never listened to any training put out by GIN, but they claim to “know” that it’s nothing new. Their opinion is that all the training in is all the same stuff you can get anywhere else, on the Internet etc.

These people simply “Don’t Know What They Don’t Know”. They have NO CLUE what kind of training we get access to as members, but somehow they claim to “KNOW” for sure, that it can’t be that good.

Meanwhile, with a rare exception in a few cases, their lives are a complete train-wreck.

The are unhappy, usually financially broke or going through huge turmoils, emotionally bankrupt and overall just tired and miserable.

At the same time though, they are completely ADDICTED to either ONE or MULTIPLE personal development “Gurus” and the theories that they present.

They want to debate theories with me, as to what sounds good to them, and what makes logical sense. When they ask me what teaches and I give them a few simple examples, they argue that there is no way that those teachings could be true.

Their “proof” that the teachings are false, is something they read in some book somewhere, or their own logical mind telling them “It can’t be that way.”

Most of these people have no clue that they are riddled with failure habits. The biggest one of them all being the “Oh I already *know* that” habit.

For example, they say “Oh, I already know all about the Law of Attraction and how to use it.”


If that’s the case, then WHY ARE YOU BROKE? Why is your life in shambles?!

The truth is that they have NO CLUE about the Law of Attraction. Yes, they may know ABOUT the Law of Attraction, and they might know a lot of theories on the subject, but they don’t *know* the Law of Attraction.

Shit, I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for 11 years. I’ve manifested everything from a plum pudding to a $400k boost in my income in one year using it. I’ve even written and published a book on the Law of Attraction.

Yet, even after all that, I still realize every day that what I know about the Law of Attraction is NOTHING. I’ve barely scratched the surface of understanding how it works and how to make it work in my life.

However, by being TEACHABLE I’m now learning some amazing things about how to manifest amazing things in my life. I don’t presume to make idiotic statements like “Oh I already *know* everything about the law of attraction.”
The Ultimate Test

The ultimate test for being a student of personal development is simply this… CAN YOU PRODUCE THE RESULTS YOU WANT?

If not, then you don’t know shit… KEEP LEARNING!

Do the THEORIES that you are learning about in the books that you are reading actually PRODUCE RESULTS in your life? If not, then they are crap!

It doesn’t matter how nice the theories sound. It doesn’t matter how LOGICAL they sound, or how “EVERYONE” agrees with you… if the THEORY doesn’t produce results, then it’s crap. Either the theory is wrong, or you’re missing something, or you’re doing something wrong. Either way, you’ve got to keep looking, and keep staying coachable in the process.

For example, I remember once reading somewhere that THE ONLY way to “unlock” your intuitive/psychic abilities is to stop eating meat for at least 30 days.

I read this really interesting theory about how the energy of the animals that you are eating, when you eat meat, is preventing you from opening up your intuitive abilities and anyone who goes vegetarian for even just 30 days would experience a massive boost in their intuitive abilities.

So I tried it out. For 30 days (actually longer) I didn’t eat any meat products at all. So what happened then? Did my intuitive abilities improve? Nope. No difference. None at all.

I went back to eating meat and found other ways to improve my intuitive abilities that actually worked. It was an interesting theory, but for me it didn’t produce ANY RESULTS so I just dropped it.

That’s the ultimate test.

This is exactly why I *love* the training that the produces. Everyone I share it with starts to produce tangible results in their lives, as if by magic.

One friend of mine who I shared the set with has already experienced huge differences in her personal life, in her husband’s life and in their businesses.

I had a conversation with another friend of mine just this past Friday. She just became a member very recently, and last Friday we were having a conversation on the phone, during which she decided to put some energy and focus on trying to manifest some extra money using the teachings. This morning she called me, excited because she had already manifested $4,000.

Another friend of mine wanted to manifest a new car because her old one was completely falling apart. This weekend she just got a new car.

Another friend of mine wanted to manifest a new job as the one he had he didn’t like. He is a pilot and wanted to get into float plane flying, and just this past week he manifested a new job where he will have the opportunity to fly float planes.

I have DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of real-life testimonials from regular people who I introduced to the training as well as the , and all of them have been manifesting REAL TANGIBLE RESULTS in their lives.

A lot of these people have already heard about the Law of Attraction. They have read books on it. They studied with various “gurus” but their results were CRAP. At best they were able to manifest a few things here and there sporadically, but now they are manifesting amazing things all the time.

Ask yourself… Are the THEORIES that you have been taught in the world of Personal Development actually PRODUCING RESULTS for you in your life?

Are they?

Or are they just theories that sound good, and “make sense” and everyone around you agrees with them, but they don’t produce results???

RESULTS. That is the only test that matters.

Are you getting the results you want in your life, RIGHT NOW?