Movement Weightloss Tip

Another quick weight loss tip I would like to share is “Bouncing”.

What I mean by bouncing is to get your body moving in some way, shape or form that creates a bouncing motion in the body.

The human body was designed to bounce in a slight up/down motion. The lymphatic system especially relies on this to function properly and without the lyphatic system being engaged it’s very difficult to lose fat and virtually impossible to detox.

Some examples of the bouncing motion are walking, jogging, running, dancing, rebounding, stair climbing, or virtually any sport you can think of.

By getting your body bouncing, you activate the body’s digestive processes and especially the detoxing functions of the lymphatic system.

I did a lot of walking and jogging during my weight loss and I always felt great afterwards and my weight loss results were significantly better than just focusing on diet alone.

It may sound simplistic, but it works.

If you want to lose weight make sure you get your daily dose of bouncing. Even just a few minutes a day are better than nothing.

Most people think that the only type of activity that helps with weight loss is anything that burns a lot of calories but that is not true. Anything that gets the body moving and bouncing is a huge help.