Manifesting Dinner Discounts

Last night my wife and I wanted to go out for dinner.

I wanted to play a little game to see if I could keep the dinner cost for both of us including tip to the $50 cash I had in my wallet, while at the same time going out to the Restaurant.

When my wife and I go to the Restaurant we usually order their classic dinners which come with a salad and the steak/meal itself – which cost around $33-$36/each.

So obviously the math on a $50 “budget” wasn’t going to work.

However, we still wanted to go to the Restaurant as we haven’t been there for a long time.

I then remembered that a while back my sister gave me a $25 gift card to the Restaurant, so that raised our budget to $75.

However even with a $75 budget, the math still doesn’t work out once you include drinks, taxes and tip.

But it didn’t matter. We got in the car and went out for our dinner.

When we got there, we were seated instantly. No lineup, no wait. (This is the Restaurant on a Friday night. The place was busy, but zero wait time for us. 🙂 )

Anyway, we got seated in a lovely booth and just started talking.

After about 10-15 minutes or so my wife and I realized that we haven’t had anyone serve us yet.

This is HIGHLY unusual for the Restaurant, especially that one.

My wife asked me “Do you think we aren’t supposed to eat here tonight?” and I replied “No. That’s not it… I don’t think they see us. I think we’re invisible to them for some reason.”

I wasn’t kidding. We were seated right smack in the middle of the busiest cross-road of the restaurant layout. We had waiters and waitresses walk by us non-stop but nobody could see us.

It was like we weren’t even there.

Even the service manager walked by our booth multiple times and didn’t see us either.

We waited a bit longer just to see what would happen.

A few minutes later the situation became almost humorous.

We finally had to wait for the service manager to walk by and had to grab him as he walked by to show him that we were there.

He was rather startled and apologized that we weren’t served yet.

We didn’t make a big deal of it, more just laughed about it, and he immediately took our order, apologizing again.

He offered a round of drinks on him, but we politely declined as we don’t drink alcohol.

We ordered our dinners and they were delivered very quickly and we quite enjoyed them.

At the end of the meal, the waitress asked us if we wanted dessert and once again we politely declined as we were both way too full to eat any dessert.

Finally, they brought out our bill.

I took a look at the bill and they gave us a 20% discount on all of our food and drinks. With the taxes and tip, guess how much our bill was EXACTLY?