Helping Negative People

For the past few months, I’ve had many different conversations with people who have either gone through or are currently going through some form of “separation” in their lives.

This can be in the form of a marriage break-up, or a relationship break-up between couples, a break-up between friends or even family members.

It may even be in the form of a work relationship ending.

Even though the circumstances are different in every case, there seems to be a lot of “separation” happening right now.

It is as if there is a call from the Universe or the spirit world, guiding people who are positive and uplifting to separate themselves from their “negatron” friends, family members or co-workers.

I have noticed this all around me.

Why the Separation

I believe this separation is being orchestrated by our Higher Selves at a spiritual level.

I believe our Higher Selves are basically saying “Enough is enough, time to focus on ourselves.”

For years, and maybe even decades a lot of us who are positive and uplifting have been desperately trying to uplift and help others to “see the light”.

As of 2012, however, it is as if there is a call to now simply “let go and let be”.

Meaning, it is time for us to now focus on accelerating our own growth and development by getting around other positive / uplifting people, instead of trying to “rescue the negatrons”.

Playing the “rescue the negatron” game was fun and entertaining for us, but it is now time for us to play a new game moving forward.

The new game is called “Let’s see just how far we can take things in the positive direction when we’re not being held back by negatrons.”

As one small example of this, for the past 3 months or so I have started to completely delete and eradicate any negative comments or feedback on my Blog.

Meaning, if anyone leaves a stupid, negative comment that serves absolutely no purpose other than to just spread fear or negativity, I instantly nuke it off my Blog.

In the past I would usually approve positive or negative comments on my Blog, if for nothing more than the fact that negative comments often stir up controversy and conversations.

Now I just nuke them.

Same thing with emails. If I receive negative emails from people, I nuke the emails and unsubscribe them from my email list.

I simply do not want anything to do with negative people anymore. They can go “play” somewhere else.

I have been doing the same thing in my life as well.

I am not letting negative people “be” negative around me. I call people out on that right away nowadays and if they don’t want to change, I simply don’t put myself in their presence.
How to Help Negative People

Many positive people who have friends or family members or significant others who are “negatrons” have asked me how they can help those people best.

The advice I now give them is to simply leave those people alone and to let them experience the instant manifestations of their negative energies.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

Firstly, I believe that we all manifest our realities through our thoughts (conscious and subconscious), beliefs (conscious and subconscious), actions (conscious and habitual) and the energy that we “put out” into the world.

People who have a positive / empowering / uplifting energy around all of these things produce positive / empowering / uplifting results in their lives.

People who have a negative / dis-empowering / depressing energy around all of these things produce negative / dis-empowering / depressing results in their lives.

The challenge that we run into as positive / uplifting people is that we are constantly trying to “fix” things for negative people so as to prevent them from experiencing the results of their negativity.

The problem with this is that by doing this we are stopping them from learning the truth behind how the Universe really works.

For example, imagine that you have a really negative person who is a friend of yours…

…and imagine that they come over to your house and they start talking about how crappy their car is. Imagine they spend 30 minutes talking about how much they hate their car, how they think it’s a piece of crap, how the workmanship is crappy, and how they wish they never bought it etc.

Now imagine that 15mins after that, they get in that car to drive home and 10mins later that car breaks down on them.

That type of “instant karma” might — not always, but just might — help them to form the correlation between what they are thinking, saying and projecting and the reality that they create.

They just might put the two and two together and think to themselves “Hmmm… I said my car was a piece of crap, and 10mins later it broke down…interesting.”

Most likely they won’t realize this at first, but when they create enough of these types of events, they might just put two and two together and come to the conclusion that they are in fact MANIFESTING their own REALITY!

Now let’s take another – more likely scenario.

Your friend comes over and starts talking about how crappy their car is. They are being super negative and doing nothing but just complaining about the car.

Since you are a positive / uplifting person, you then start telling them stuff like “Oh come on, it’s not that bad. It’s not the best car in the world, but it’s been pretty reliable.”

You go through this dance of negative / positive / negative / positive and after a while, your friend leaves to go home.

This time around, on their way back home, however, the car does NOT break down. The car is fine.

Your positive energy has essentially “saved” them from having to experience the negative results of their negative energy.

In fact because your energy is so positive, their negativity didn’t cause their car to break down for another 3 weeks, when one day they are driving home from a supermarket, thinking about something totally different and then BAM – their car breaks down.

By this time, however, they have totally forgotten about the 30 minute “hate fest” of negative energy they sent towards their cars.

And so they don’t learn their lesson.

In such a situation, when you have a negative person who has surrounded themselves with at least a few positive people, these negative type people tend to end up living in a world they believe to be random / chaotic.

Sometimes they are very negative, and they instantly manifest their worst fears.

Sometimes they are very negative, and they don’t manifest their worst fears.

Sometimes they are very negative, and really positive things manifest in their lives.

The reason this happens is because the positive / empowering people in their lives are neutralizing and often times even reversing the flow of their “instant karma” with their positive energy.

This is not in the highest good of the “negatrons”.

Negative people will never learn the truth about manifesting their own reality as long as positive / uplifting people keep “rescuing” them behind the scenes.

Metaphorically speaking, we have to let the negatrons touch the stove and get burned just a little bit – so that they learn not to touch the stove.

Every seemingly “negative” situation in these people’s lives carries with it a lesson and a seed of personal empowerment. When we “rescue” people from such situations we are actually hurting them by not allowing them to learn the lesson themselves, and we steal the seed of energy that was there meant for them.

As positive / uplifting people, we must learn that the best – and most likely the ONLY way – we can really influence the “negatrons” is through the clarity of our own example.

The best way to help someone who is drowning in debt, is to become financially independent yourself.

The best way to help someone from disease and sickness, is to become healthy and fit yourself.

The best way to help anyone with anything is to simply BE an example of the energy that they need to BE in order to solve their challenges.
Help Seekers

What I’m describing above does NOT apply to those people who come to you asking for help, who are seeking a solution to their problems, and who are willing to change.

Meaning, if someone is unhealthy and you are a healer and they come to you seeking healing, there is nothing wrong with helping them with that.

Or if someone comes to you seeking financial advice or business advice or any other type of advice and you are wanting to help them with that area of life, there is nothing wrong with that.

That is not what I am referring to above.

What I’m referring to are the negative / dis-empowering people in your life who are NOT asking you for help, but who are instead just wanting to be in your presence to spew their negativity.

These types of people are NOT looking to change, or grow or to empower themselves. They are just looking to BE negative and to get away with it.

If however you have someone coming to you for help and they are ready for change and willing to change, then of course you can help them!

One of the best ways to separate the type of people who are “negatrons” and who just want to be “negatrons” from those types of people who genuinely want to and are willing to change is to ask them what they are willing to GIVE UP for the advice / help they are seeking.

Are they willing to pay for your advice / help?

Are they willing to exchange a service for your help?

Are they willing to take your advice and read books, listen to audios, or invest in other forms of empowering themselves?

Are they willing to change their thoughts, beliefs, habits to make a change in their lives?

Are they willing to invest time, energy and/or money into their transformation?

If they are not willing to do any of the above, then you’ve simply got a “negatron” on your hands who WANTS to be a “negatron” because most likely they haven’t yet experienced the repercussions of their negativity in full force yet.

They have most likely been “rescued” by you or someone else over and over and over again so they’re perfectly “happy” being “negatrons” and continuing to spew their negative energy everywhere they go with no consequences.

The best way you can help such people is to stop “rescuing” them right now.

Let the Universe be their teacher.

Let them touch the hot stove and learn for themselves.

That is the best way to help them.

I know it’s not easy to watch people “suffer” the consequences of their negativity, but honestly that is the only way they will learn.

By “rescuing” them, you are simply prolonging their suffering while at the same time using them as an excuse for avoiding your own path of new growth and experiences.