Goal Setting

Harvesting a successful year

I’ve spent a lot of time lately having conversations with people about dreams, goals and desires.

Ever since I got my hands on the training course which teaches us how to manifest our desires, my ability to manifest my desires has taken a quantum leap forward.

Every day I now wake up in the morning with the thought “I wonder what I’ll create / manifest today?” and I’m excited to jump out of bed to see what happens.

It’s like Christmas morning every day now.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have challenges in my life that need overcoming, or that my life is an image of what the general public would consider as “perfect”, or anything like that.

But what it does mean is that I spend a LOT more of my time throughout every single day FEELING GOOD than I did before discovering the program.

I go to bed feeling good, and I wake up in the morning feeling good.

The amount of synchronicities that I’ve noticed manifesting in my life has also shot through the roof.

There’s just no words to describe how things have changed for me in the last few months since discovering that program, and especially since becoming a Member and going through the Success program.

I Don’t Know What I Want

Since manifesting our desires has been such a focal point for me over the last few months and since I’ve spoken to so many people about this recently, I’ve noticed a common theme emerging with the people I talk to.

I have come to realize that a LOT of people – myself included – are virtually CLUELESS about what we really want.

See, most of us spend much more energy and time and effort on trying to figure out and implement “the secret formula” for manifesting our desires, than we do actually getting clear on what we really want.

In fact, most people I talk to seem to have no clue what they want.

When I ask people what they want, they don’t know.

Most people seem to be too busy WORKING towards HAVING what it is that they want, to actually figure out what it is that they want in the first place.

Meaning, a typical conversation might go something like this:

Jerry: “What do you want from your life?”

Person: “I don’t know. I haven’t had time to figure it out yet.”

Jerry: “Why don’t you have time? What are you doing?”

Person: “I’m busy working.”

Jerry: “Working towards what?”

Person: “I don’t know. As I’ve told you… I’m too busy working to figure that out.”

This may sound like a ridiculous conversation, but it’s true.

Virtually ever person I talk to is too busy “working” or “surviving” to figure out what they want.

I’m no exception. Until recently, my “vision” of what I want from life has been extremely blurry.

The True Reason Why We Don’t Know What We Want

So why is that?

Why is it that we all live our daily lives, waking up, doing our thing, and going to sleep every night, without any real clue as to what we want from our lives?

Is it because we’re too busy to sit down and figure out what we want?


I believe there is a different reason.

I don’t think the problem is a lack of time.

I believe the real problem why most of us don’t know what we want is because we don’t think we can get it.

Meaning, I believe that as we get older, we slowly start to ask less and less from life because we don’t want to be disappointing.

Ask a typical 19-year old what their dream car might be and they’ll say something like a “Ferrari” or a “Porsche” or a “Lamborghini” or at least a top of the line “BMW” or “Mercedes” or something like that. At the very least it will be a car worth over $100,000.

Ask a 40-year old man with 3 kids, two jobs and 9 credit cards what their dream car is and they’ll either say “The old Toyota I currently own, I just wish it was paid off”, or they’ll just say “I don’t know.”

Does that 40-year old man really DREAM about owning that old Toyota for the rest of his life? Is that really his true desire? Is that the best possible dream car he would want to own?

Probably not.

What’s more likely is that the 40-year old man has stopped dreaming.

Why? Why do we stop dreaming?

I think most people stop dreaming because life beats the crap out of them.

For most people, as they get older, their belief in the statement “I can manifest my dreams and desires.” diminishes.

Meaning, they believe that statement LESS at age 40 than they did at at 19.

To me that’s a shame.

And like I said… Until recently, I didn’t even realize that this was happening to me as well.

I remember my huge dreams and desires from when I was 19 years old and even though I have been able to manifest a lot of cool stuff in my life, I haven’t really been expanding my dreams over the last 10-15 years.

If anything, they’ve been shrinking – until now.

Dare to Dream Again

I would have to say that probably one of the most exciting things that becoming a member has done for me is that it inspired me to start dreaming really big dreams again.

The reason this has been happening is because my belief level in being able to manifest ANYTHING I truly have a burning desire for has skyrocketed in the last few months.

That’s not to say that I didn’t believe I could manifest my desires before.

The difference is in how easy it has become!

Why has it become easy?

For two reasons…

(1) Connecting to the Right Energy

By becoming a Member I have connected to an extremely powerful energy / morphic field of wealth and success.

How does this make it easier for me to manifest my desires in life?

Well, the best way I can describe what does for me is in this way…

… every day as I go through my day, there are thoughts, people and “facts” that show up which make it logically “impossible” to manifest those things that I want to manifest.

For example, if I wanted to manifest the interest rate on my credit card being reduced from 22% to 0% – several things might happen…

… the thought “That’s probably not very likely to happen. Why would a credit card company want to reduce my interest from 22% to 0%?” might enter my mind. Thinking this thought is like slinging black dirt onto the energy field of my desire.

… a person might say to me “Credit card companies never reduce interest rates to 0%. Unless it’s one of those deals where you transfer your balance from one card to theirs and even then it’s only temporary… but outside of that, reducing your interest rate to 0% is impossible.” Once again, this is like slinging black dirt onto the energy field of my desire.

Ten or twenty different thoughts might enter my mind at some point during the day, trying to convince me that the thing I desire is probably not “possible”. It might not be my own thoughts that do this. It might be someone in my life saying something to me, or something I see on TV, or read on the Internet.

The point is that whenever we desire something in our lives, there are “reasons” that show up which try to convince us that we can’t have what we want.

(Reasons, by the way are just thought-forms which use the limited human capacity of “reasoning” to try to convince us that if something is not “reasonable” it is impossible to manifest. In fact though, unreasonable things manifest all the time.)

So if I use the analogy that limited beliefs, and negative thought forms, and “reasonable thinking” and people and resources and the media and the economy and any other “thing” out there which tells us that we can’t have what we want is like DIRT that is being flung onto our desires…

… then being a member and listening to training is like having a hot shower.

I set a desire for what I want.

I use the techniques taught in training to communicate to the Universe what it is that I want.

Then “DIRT” usually shows up – in the form of “thought forms” , people, “facts” and that DIRT tries to convince me that what I want is not possible.

I then connect to energy and their training and I allow that energy to literally wash away that dirt.

Depending on the magnitude of the thing I’m trying to manifest, more “DIRT” might show up.

I connect to energy again and their training and I allow it to wash the dirt some more.

And then things manifest in my life in the easiest, fastest, most amazing ways possible.

When this happens, things like getting credit card interest rates reduced from 22% to 0% become possible. Even when your mind thinks “No way, that’s impossible.”

(2) Letting Go of the How

The second huge reason why manifesting has become so much easier for me lately is because I have let go of the “how”.

Meaning, I no longer try to figure out HOW I’m going to manifest something.

I now leave that up to the Universe. It’s not my job to figure out the how.

It may be my job to IMPLEMENT the HOW, once it shows up, but it’s not my job to figure out the how.

The more I’ve been letting go of the “How”, the faster and easier it has become for me to manifest things.

In fact THE most difficult thing for most of us to do is to LET GO of the HOW.

If you want to get out of debt, decide that you want to get out of debt. Set that as an intention you want to manifest. Don’t worry HOW you will accomplish this.

If you want to lower your credit card interest rates, decide that is what you want. Don’t worry HOW it will happen.

If you want to manifest a new car, decide that is what you want. Don’t worry HOW that will happen.

Delegate “How” your desires will be manifested to the Universe and you’ll be blown away as to how quickly you start manifesting things.

The more you try to control the how, the less powerful you are.
What Are your Dreams for 2012?

In 2012 and beyond I dare you to dream big again.

Put away your skepticism.

Let go of the past. Let go of any disappointments. Let go of any failures. Let go of all the DIRT that stopped you before.

Start to dream again. Dream something big.

Don’t say you “Don’t Know” what you want. You know what you want. You’ve just been too scared to admit to yourself that you want it.

If you truly could have anything and everything you ever wanted, what would you want?

What kind of house would you live in?

What kind of car would you drive?

What kind of plane would you fly in?

What kind of relationships would you have?

What kind of friends would you have?

What kind of events would you attend throughout the year?

What kind of vacations would you take?

What would be your ideal “job”?

How much money would you make?

What kind of clothes would you wear?

What would your body look like?

Would you want your own business?

What kind of business would you want?

Allow yourself to dream big.

Your dream life depends on it.