Goal Setting

Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Beliefs

Let me explain with an example.

Just over a week ago I went in to see my dentist. I’ve had a loose crown on a tooth for about a year now and I’ve been procrastinating going in to see the dentist because I knew it would require an extraction.

It’s a tooth that I originally had problems with 15 years ago and which I managed to be able to save for 15 years, but which now needed to be extracted and replaced with an implant or bridge.

Finally last week I decided to go in and see the dentist and finally get it pulled.

After getting the tooth pulled, the dentist prescribed me an antibiotic to treat the small infection that has begun to take place around the gum surrounding the tooth and a pain killer to deal with the pain from the extraction.

Ok, so what does my visit to the dentist have to do with beliefs?

Well, here’s the thing… I am a believer in alternative medicine and I believe in energy healing.

So when the dentist gave me the prescription for the antibiotics, I had to ask myself whether or not I should take them or if I should just use energy healing to deal with the situation. After all, I am a Reiki practitioner and have done healing work on myself, my friends and family members.

While on my way home from the dentist I had to decide whether or not to get the prescription filled or not. For anyone who has taken antibiotics before, you probably know that you’re not supposed to start a run of antibiotics if you don’t plan to finish it as that can cause problems with the infection. So I had to decide whether or not to take them. It’s my body so it was my choice.

I thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to get the prescription filled.

Why would I do that? If I believe in Reiki and energy healing, why would I get my antibiotic prescription filled?

Well, the reason is that I have not yet had the necessity or opportunity to work on my subconscious beliefs relating to Reiki and how well it works for healing a tooth/gum infection. So I couldn’t say with 100% certainty that I believed that me using Reiki healing would deal with the infection.

My subconscious beliefs were not yet ready to trust in Reiki as an alternative to antibiotics. So, acting according to my ACTUAL subconscious beliefs, I filled the prescription and took the antibiotics.

This is what I mean by acting in accordance to your actual beliefs.

Do I want to believe that I can just use my Reiki healing as an alternative to antibiotics in a situation like this? Yes, of course. Why would I want to take antibiotics unnecessarily? But the truth is that deep down in my subconscious I don’t yet believe it to be so with certainty.

So, I chose to go with a method of solving the problem (the infection) that I *do* believe in – antibiotics. I’ve had an infection like this in the past, actually much worse, and antibiotics worked for me so I already have a belief that they work.

Now, the second part of the prescription was for a strong pain killer that I could take if the pain got too unbearable after the freezing wore off. I also filled that prescription but decided to “play” a little with the situation.

Instead of taking the prescribed pain killer, I took Advil instead, just because I had no idea how bad it would hurt after the freezing wore off. Considering this was a molar and there was a big hole in my jaw where the tooth used to be and lots of blood, and swelling, it was a safe bet that there would be some pain.

So, I took an Advil, and I decided to play around with Reiki as a way of relieving the pain. I have had many instances where I have used Reiki to relieve pain, so I already had some beliefs around that reality.

When I went to bed that night, I did a self-Reiki healing session focusing on my jaw, and neck area. I could definitely feel the Reiki energy flowing through my hands, and after a while it slowly dissipated and I fell asleep.

I had a glass of water and an Advil on standby just in case I woke up in the middle of the night in pain, but that never happened.

I woke up in the morning and saw that my jaw was healing really nicely. There was still some swelling, so I took an Advil for the swelling but around lunch time I wanted to experiment and see if I could go completely without any pain killers moving forward. So I stopped taking Advil and I never touched the stronger pain killers the dentist prescribed.

When I went to see the dentist a few days ago she confirmed that the jaw was healing up really nicely.

So now, I have an even stronger level of belief in Reiki as (1) a form of energy healing that aids in recovery / healing and (2) a form of energy healing that naturally alleviates pain.

Those are my beliefs as of right now. I’m aware of that and so I act according to them.

The mistake I see people making relating to beliefs is that they try to act according to beliefs they WISH they had, instead of the beliefs that they DO have.

Meaning, we have to be really honest with ourselves. Just because you have taken Reiki courses, it doesn’t mean that you fully believe in it yet as a solution to ALL forms of medical problems.

If you break your leg, for example, and you don’t really believe that Reiki can heal that – the for heaven’s sake GO TO A HOSPITAL! Don’t sit there in pain thinking that you are somehow betraying some kind of “Reiki Code” by going to a hospital.

Another example I sometimes see is people who have zero belief in making money online, who just decide to quit their jobs and then they call me for advice as to how they will pay for rent the following week.

If you don’t truly believe you can make money online yet, work on THAT BELIEF first. Don’t pretend you believe it’s possible, and start acting according to some set of beliefs you WISH you had. That is a recipe for disaster!

Take action based on your true beliefs.

Take action based on your true beliefs.

One more thing…

Take action based on your true beliefs.

Are you trying to take action based on beliefs you don’t yet believe in? If so, I’m sorry but you’re being an idiot.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the next thing…
Play With Expanding Your Beliefs

Now, even though I advocate taking action according to your true beliefs, there is a second thing I highly recommend you do…

Play with expanding your beliefs!

Last week I realized that I did not yet believe that my personal Reiki healing abilities were at the level where I could fully 100% trust them to treat a tooth infection. So I took the antibiotic treatment, but it got me thinking about working on those beliefs.

As “luck” would have it, about three days after my tooth extraction I woke up with a case of what I believe to have been pink-eye. Pink-eye is an inflammation of the membrane covering the whites of the eyes as well as the inside of the eye lids.

I’ve had pink-eye before and it’s a nasty thing that really sucks. It’s usually caused by a virus which means that antibiotics don’t work against it but I have had eye drops prescribed for it before and I know they work.

Due to the success of the my “anti-pain” efforts with Reiki I wondered if my beliefs were strong enough to use Reiki to deal with my case of pink-eye. I did a quick belief test to see if my subconscious mind believed Reiki could deal with the problem and I got a yes.

However, I also got the intuitive message to add in two extra “alternative” treatment options on top of the Reiki. One was to use make-up remover pads to “wash” my eye lids, which is something I learned from my optometrist 20 years ago when I first got pink-eye. He recommended I keep a box of these individually wrapped make-up remover pads at home that you rip open and they are pre-soaked in a mild soap solution that you can use to clean the eye lid around the eye.

They’re designed for women to remove make-up from their eyes, but he told me they work wonders in keeping the eye-lids clean, especially the area where your eyelashes grow.

So before going to bed that night, I washed my eyes using those make-up remover pads. Then, I also put a warm tea-bag over each eye – which is something I learned from my parents growing up in Poland. And then, I also did a Reiki healing session focusing on my eyes.

When I woke up the next morning, there was almost no evidence of pink-eye. My eyes were a little bit red still, but about 95% better. For anyone who has had pink-eye before, it doesn’t go away that fast. It’s a nasty thing that just gets worse until you go in and get some form of anti-viral eye drops or whatever they use to treat it.

Did I actually have pink-eye? I don’t know. I believe I did. I can’t really prove it, but I don’t need to. All I was interested in was in expanding my beliefs around my self-healing Reiki abilities and that is what I did. My belief levels around Reiki continue to expand all the time.

However, I don’t try to use it to the exclusion of other treatments that I already believe in. I use it on top of those treatments.

I did the same thing with making money online. I proved to myself that I could make a full time income working from home first while I still worked full time, and then I quit my job once I already believed it was possible.

Acting Within Your Beliefs

When I used to work within the corporate sector with some very successful people who weren’t exactly people who would label themselves as “Lightworkers”, one thing I noticed that they did very successfully is that they believed in their model of reality.

If they didn’t believe in the Law of Attraction for example, they acted in accordance to their beliefs, and they saw success. From my current perspective, it took a lot of unnecessary effort on their part to do accomplish things that way, but they still accomplished things.

In the Lightworker community I constantly see people who try to live outside of the frame of their true beliefs, and they accomplish nothing!

When I first learned about Muscle Testing for example, I thought it was complete hogwash, so I didn’t use it in my life.

When I went to my basic training course last year I had one agenda – to either prove to myself that muscle testing works to the point that I believe it 100% or drop it as a modality altogether.

There is a balance we learned that claims to cause your arms to move by themselves during the process of balancing out a belief statement. To be totally honest, this seemed totally ridiculous to me when I first heard about it. How can your arms move by themselves. It makes no sense.

When it came time to experience the process, I stood there with my eyes closed and my arms out to my sides and waited for something to happen. Then… nothing happened.

I was standing there for what seemed like an eternity. I felt stupid standing there in front of my partner, eyes closed, with my arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross, especially since by this time they had begun to shake from the fact that they were held up for so long.

I began to feel guilty as well since I was the first to go and there may not have been enough time for my partner to try the technique herself. My Ego wanted me to give up and just not say anything or just pretend that the technique worked.

That’s when I had one of those defining moments in life where you make a decision that changes everything. Instead of giving up I decided that I will stand there, and not care if I look like a buffoon even if it takes 10 hours for the technique to work. I would either stand there until this supposed technique actually worked and made my arms move by themselves, or my arms fell off, or the instructor came in the room and stopped me – in which case I would have packed up my stuff and went home – because there is no point in me learning a modality I don’t believe in.

So I stood there, eyes closed, arms outstretched and shaking and starting to sweat.

Then, something crazy happened. My arms moved by themselves. It was as if some invisible force took control over my arms and moved them together. It was beautiful. My conscious mind did not move my arms. I know that. I can’t prove it to anyone, but I know it for myself. THAT is why I believe in, because I’ve experienced it.

When I do muscle testing, I know it works because I actually believe in it. I don’t just pretend to believe in it. If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t use it.

I also believe in the Law of Attraction. Not because it sounds cool, or fun, but because I spent a lot of energy and time proving to myself that it works beyond a shadow of doubt.

If, however I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t use it. If I didn’t believe in I wouldn’t use it either.

I use it because I believe in it, not the other way around.

You know that saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”?

I live my life according to the belief that “I’ll see it when I believe it”.

Constantly work on expanding your beliefs, and be flexible in what you’re willing to believe, but take action and live life according to your current beliefs. Not the beliefs you wish you believed in.