Goal Setting

The Goal of Setting Goals

There is a simple and very effective way to develop your confidence in achieving goals.

It’s a simple concept, but it goes against what you’ll typically hear from other “gurus” out there when it comes to setting and achieving goals.

Typically when setting goals, we are taught to think big and set big goals.

For example, let’s say that you started a new part-time business and you’re sitting down to get clear on your goals.

Let’s say that you currently have zero clients and you decide to set a goal to get ten new clients this month.

Let’s assume that getting ten new clients is a fairly large undertaking and really you would be pretty impressed with yourself if you got just five or even three new clients this month, but you set a goal of ten to stretch yourself.

This is usually what most “gurus” will teach you. They will say that if you think you can get 3-5 new clients this month, it’s better to go for 10 and maybe you’ll end up getting 6 or 8 but that will still be better than going for 3-5.

I used to think this way as well.

However, with my new training I have come to realize that it is much more effective to set goals that make it easy to win.

For example, if I believe that I can get 3-5 new customers in my new business this month, what I would do is set a goal to get just ONE.

Yes, I realize this goes against what most “gurus” out there teach – since they all recommend setting large goals and targets, but that is NOT the most effective method to use.

It is actually much better to set an easily attainable goal of simply just getting just ONE new customer in your business, and NOT putting a deadline on it at all.

If it takes you a month, or a year, or 5 minutes to get that first customer, it doesn’t matter.

Your first goal is simply to just get ONE customer.

If you are starting a new Blog, your goal could be simply to just write ONE blog post, or to get ONE comment, etc.

See, if you set a goal to get just ONE new customer, once you get that customer you have now achieved ONE goal. When you do this, your confidence will go up. When you confidence goes up, it makes it easier for you to achieve your next goal.

Once you achieve your goal of getting just ONE customer, you set a goal to just get ONE MORE. That’s it. Your goal is NOT to get 10 or 5 or even 3 more customers. It’s simply to just get ONE MORE.

Once you get ONE MORE, you have now achieved 2 goals in a row. Your confidence will go up, and it will make it easier for you to achieve your next goal.

By doing this, on your path towards getting those 10 new customers, you will be “Winning” ten times in a row.

You will win/achieve your goal of getting the 1st customer – and your confidence will go up.

You will win/achieve your goal of getting the 2nd customer – and your confidence will go up.

You will win/achieve your goal of getting the 3rd customer – and your confidence will go up.

You will win/achieve your goal of getting the 4th customer – and your confidence will go up.


By the time you get your 10th customer, your confidence will be WAY higher than if you simply set a goal to get 10 customers in the first place.

Secondly, if you DID set your goal of getting 10 customers and set a deadline for the end of the month, and then you ended up only getting 8 customers at the end of the month it may seem like that is a better situation to be in as compared to choosing a lower goal, but it is not.

The reason for this is that if you set a goal to get 10 customers, and you only get 8, your subconscious mind will LOWER you self-confidence automatically.

You are better off setting a goal to get 1 customer, and then 1 more , and then one more, and ending the month with only 3 new customers, than setting a goal of getting 10 customers and getting 8.

Eight new customers may seem like a better situation to be in than just three new customers, but the difference is in what happens the following month.

By setting the goal/bar too high and then not achieving your goal, your confidence WILL go down, and it becomes increasingly more and more difficult to keep achieving goals.

Instead it is infinitely more beneficial to set small, easily achievable goals and then blast through them.

I’ve been following this advice since becoming a member of the and it’s been really helping me out.

Abundance Goal Setting

Personal Development History

As I’ve been advancing in the one-of-a-kind Lifestyle Awareness training that I get access to as a member, I have started to notice huge differences between the training that I’m getting access to and everything else that I have seen out there on the same topic.

I’m no “newb” to personal development. At last count I have spent well over $56k on over 1,000 personal development books, courses, seminars and trainings over the past 16 years. That is prior to joining the .

In all that time, I have never seen anything that matches the quality of training that I get access to as a member.

Over the past few months, however, I’ve had some “discussions” with people who are also in the Personal Development space who have been debating with me whether or not the training is “that good”, or whether it’s worth the price etc.

All of these people have never listened to any training put out by GIN, but they claim to “know” that it’s nothing new. Their opinion is that all the training in is all the same stuff you can get anywhere else, on the Internet etc.

These people simply “Don’t Know What They Don’t Know”. They have NO CLUE what kind of training we get access to as members, but somehow they claim to “KNOW” for sure, that it can’t be that good.

Meanwhile, with a rare exception in a few cases, their lives are a complete train-wreck.

The are unhappy, usually financially broke or going through huge turmoils, emotionally bankrupt and overall just tired and miserable.

At the same time though, they are completely ADDICTED to either ONE or MULTIPLE personal development “Gurus” and the theories that they present.

They want to debate theories with me, as to what sounds good to them, and what makes logical sense. When they ask me what teaches and I give them a few simple examples, they argue that there is no way that those teachings could be true.

Their “proof” that the teachings are false, is something they read in some book somewhere, or their own logical mind telling them “It can’t be that way.”

Most of these people have no clue that they are riddled with failure habits. The biggest one of them all being the “Oh I already *know* that” habit.

For example, they say “Oh, I already know all about the Law of Attraction and how to use it.”


If that’s the case, then WHY ARE YOU BROKE? Why is your life in shambles?!

The truth is that they have NO CLUE about the Law of Attraction. Yes, they may know ABOUT the Law of Attraction, and they might know a lot of theories on the subject, but they don’t *know* the Law of Attraction.

Shit, I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for 11 years. I’ve manifested everything from a plum pudding to a $400k boost in my income in one year using it. I’ve even written and published a book on the Law of Attraction.

Yet, even after all that, I still realize every day that what I know about the Law of Attraction is NOTHING. I’ve barely scratched the surface of understanding how it works and how to make it work in my life.

However, by being TEACHABLE I’m now learning some amazing things about how to manifest amazing things in my life. I don’t presume to make idiotic statements like “Oh I already *know* everything about the law of attraction.”
The Ultimate Test

The ultimate test for being a student of personal development is simply this… CAN YOU PRODUCE THE RESULTS YOU WANT?

If not, then you don’t know shit… KEEP LEARNING!

Do the THEORIES that you are learning about in the books that you are reading actually PRODUCE RESULTS in your life? If not, then they are crap!

It doesn’t matter how nice the theories sound. It doesn’t matter how LOGICAL they sound, or how “EVERYONE” agrees with you… if the THEORY doesn’t produce results, then it’s crap. Either the theory is wrong, or you’re missing something, or you’re doing something wrong. Either way, you’ve got to keep looking, and keep staying coachable in the process.

For example, I remember once reading somewhere that THE ONLY way to “unlock” your intuitive/psychic abilities is to stop eating meat for at least 30 days.

I read this really interesting theory about how the energy of the animals that you are eating, when you eat meat, is preventing you from opening up your intuitive abilities and anyone who goes vegetarian for even just 30 days would experience a massive boost in their intuitive abilities.

So I tried it out. For 30 days (actually longer) I didn’t eat any meat products at all. So what happened then? Did my intuitive abilities improve? Nope. No difference. None at all.

I went back to eating meat and found other ways to improve my intuitive abilities that actually worked. It was an interesting theory, but for me it didn’t produce ANY RESULTS so I just dropped it.

That’s the ultimate test.

This is exactly why I *love* the training that the produces. Everyone I share it with starts to produce tangible results in their lives, as if by magic.

One friend of mine who I shared the set with has already experienced huge differences in her personal life, in her husband’s life and in their businesses.

I had a conversation with another friend of mine just this past Friday. She just became a member very recently, and last Friday we were having a conversation on the phone, during which she decided to put some energy and focus on trying to manifest some extra money using the teachings. This morning she called me, excited because she had already manifested $4,000.

Another friend of mine wanted to manifest a new car because her old one was completely falling apart. This weekend she just got a new car.

Another friend of mine wanted to manifest a new job as the one he had he didn’t like. He is a pilot and wanted to get into float plane flying, and just this past week he manifested a new job where he will have the opportunity to fly float planes.

I have DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of real-life testimonials from regular people who I introduced to the training as well as the , and all of them have been manifesting REAL TANGIBLE RESULTS in their lives.

A lot of these people have already heard about the Law of Attraction. They have read books on it. They studied with various “gurus” but their results were CRAP. At best they were able to manifest a few things here and there sporadically, but now they are manifesting amazing things all the time.

Ask yourself… Are the THEORIES that you have been taught in the world of Personal Development actually PRODUCING RESULTS for you in your life?

Are they?

Or are they just theories that sound good, and “make sense” and everyone around you agrees with them, but they don’t produce results???

RESULTS. That is the only test that matters.

Are you getting the results you want in your life, RIGHT NOW?

Goal Setting Health

Getting out of Rut

You may be stuck in a self-created, personal development “rut” and not even be aware of it.

Has your total yearly income increased by at least 10%-50% in the last few years?

Have your relationships gotten better in the last few years?

Has your health significantly improved in the last few years?

Are you happier and more positive now than you were a few years ago?

If not, than you may be stuck in a personal development rut, self-created by a set of mystical limiting beliefs you have been led to believe define reality.

As a personal development fanatic I have read well over 1,000 personal development books over the last 15 years. Up until about 9 months ago I thought that my life was progressing along nicely, but then I had a gut check and started asking myself some of these tougher questions I mentioned above.

Belief Mirroring Scam

One of the ways that the personal development books and seminars I was attending were actually hurting my progress, instead of helping me, was through the process of “belief mirroring”.

What is “belief mirroring”?

Basically the process of belief mirroring is to simply take the already existing beliefs of a person and then to mirror those beliefs back to them.

When it comes to personal development books, many books are nothing more that just mirrors. They essentially identify the very specific target market that they want to write for, and they then create a beliefs profile of their target market, and then a book is written which mirrors those beliefs right back at the person reading the book.

The end result is that the person reads the book, realizes that the author BELIEVES in the same BELIEFS that the reader does and a bond is created.

The reader thinks to himself “I love this book! It is amazing! I learned so much. This is a great author!”

However, in reality the reader hasn’t learned a thing. No new beliefs were created. No new cognition’s were discovered. No transformation happened.

All the book did is simply reflect back at the reader all the same beliefs that they already had.

Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself “This book just doesn’t resonate with me. I don’t know why, but I find it hard to read.”

If so, this may be a GOOD THING, not a bad thing.

You see, in order for transformation to happen. In order for us to evolve in our beliefs, we must find books that don’t just mirror our beliefs, but which EVOLVE them.

If a book doesn’t resonate with you, chances are that it is challenging your beliefs. This is a good thing. A good personal development book should challenge your beliefs – and not just mirror back the beliefs you already have.

That doesn’t mean that all personal development books that don’t resonate with you should be listened to either. It just means that your beliefs are being challenged. It is then up to you to see if the new set of beliefs will serve you better than your current set of beliefs.

The trick is to find books that challenge you, your thinking and your beliefs – and then to make decisions as to what information to accept from these books.

I find too many people only read books that “resonate” with them, and that keeps them stuck in their existing set of beliefs.

You are better off reading books that will challenge your thinking and your existing beliefs – if you are seeking to improve your life that is.

Challenge Your Own Beliefs

Take some of your most basic beliefs in a specific area of life and challenge them yourself.

If you are a medical doctor, or a surgeon and you absolutely believe that chiropractic medicine is a scam, and that all “those people” are charlatans, try to challenge that belief. Why not meet with a chiropractor and see their perspective and try their beliefs on for size for a bit to see how they see medicine, healing and what being a doctor is all about.

If you’re a chiropractor who believes that surgery and pharmaceuticals are a scam, why not challenge your beliefs? Why not take a surgeon to lunch and try to understand their set of beliefs. Maybe you’ll learn something.

If you believe that the stock market is a scam, why not challenge those beliefs a bit and see if you can learn something new.

If you believe that the real estate market is a scam, why not challenge that belief?

If you believe that vegetarians are crazy people, why not try to learn a bit about their beliefs? If you believe that people who eat meat are horrible people, why not try to understand their beliefs for a bit?

If you believe Hondas are the best car out there, and you hate Toyotas, why not take a Toyota for a test drive.

By putting yourself through the process of challenging your beliefs, you will learn an incredible amount about yourself and your beliefs.

I’m not saying all of your beliefs will change, or that ANY of them will change. In fact your existing beliefs may even get stronger. My point is that the exercise of challenging your own beliefs is a VERY useful personal development technique.

You’re Holding Yourself Back

You are holding yourself back from whatever you want to achieve in life.

If you are not happy with your health, it is YOU who is holding yourself back. It is not the medical system, or your doctor, or your genes, or your parents, or your insurance company, or your disease, or any other external “thing” out there. It is you.

If you are not happy with your income or the size of your bank account, it is YOU who is holding you back. It is not all the rich people out there, the banks, the governments, the insurance companies, the scammers or anything or anyone else out there. YOU are holding yourself from complete financial abundance.

YOU are holding yourself back from having the best relationships in your life.

It is all YOU.

All of your current conscious and subconscious beliefs and programs that are running through your mind are manifesting the reality you are currently experiencing. YOU are ultimately in control over those beliefs and programs, even if you’re not even currently aware that they exist.

Are YOU Willing to Accept Change?

Are you honestly happy with your progress in the last 2-5 years?

If not, then YOU have to change something in order to experience a different reality.

The only way your life is going to change is if YOU decide to let go of at least some of your existing, limiting beliefs and programs running in your mind.

It is impossible for your reality to shift and transform and change if your beliefs, programs and energetic vibration remain the same.

Something has to change in order for something to change.

Reading books that reflect your limiting beliefs right back to you feels comfortable and safe, but it kills your progress.

Hanging out with people who reflect our limiting beliefs right back to you feels comfortable and safe, but it kills your progress.

Watching TV shows and movies and visiting website on the Internet that simply reflect all your existing limiting beliefs right back to you feels comfortable and safe, but it kills your progress.

Are you ready for change?

Goal Setting Productivity

Making This Year a Success

2011 was one of the most successful years of my life – and by no accident.

It was engineered to be so by following a proven success formula I discovered in 2010.

As a fanatical student of personal development for over 17 years now, I’ve learned and tested a lot of different approaches to achieving success but nothing has been as effective for me as the success formula I’ve been following for the last year or so.

In 2012, I plan on continuing to utilize this proven success formula and I’ll gladly share it with the rest of you – in case any of you have an interest in implementing it in your lives as well.

Where the Proven Success Formula Comes From

As I mentioned above, as a student of personal development for over 17 years, I am no stranger to theoretical “success formulas” that many personal development book authors, speakers and gurus teach.

There are thousands of different formulas out there – developed by well meaning authors, speakers and gurus who try to encapsulate the essence of success into a simple formula that their students can follow.

Some of these formulas make perfect, logical sense, and sound like they *should* work when applied in real life – but then end up producing no long-term results.

Some of these formulas look good in theory and on paper, but then we quickly discover that it is impossible for the anyone to ever apply them — and we also discover that the person who created the theoretical formula is not and has never actually followed the formula themselves either.

For 15 years or so I tried out various different success formulas out there with varying degrees of success, until I discovered a fundamental flaw in my thinking.

The flaw in my thinking was that I was looking for a success formula that made sense to me and that fit in with my current beliefs and habits.

Many people make this mistake.

Instead, what I now realize is that the best success formula to follow is a PROVEN Success Formula that will actually produce results, NOT a theoretical one that sounds good and makes sense to your current level of understanding and that fits in with your current beliefs and habits.

It doesn’t matter if a success formula make sense to you – all that matter is that it is a Proven Success Formula and that it produces results.

It doesn’t matter if a success formula fits in with your current beliefs – all that matters is that it is a Proven Success Formula and that it produces results.

It doesn’t matter if a success formula fits in with your current habits (of thinking and acting) – all that matters is that it is a Proven Success Formula and that it produces results.

Back in 2011, I learned the Success Formula for success that I have been using since and it has been an amazing experience to see how it has been transforming my life.

I learned this formula as part of my training and decided to give it a try in my life to see how it compares to other strategies I’ve followed in the past.

The results have been amazing to me and things are just getting better as I implement the formula more and more in my life.

There are five main components to the Formula for Success and I’ll share them with you right now.

#1 – Reading the Right Books

The first component that a person must do in order to achieve success is to always be reading the right books.

All leaders are readers.

Reading develops very specific neural pathways in the brain that help you to attract success.

When I first started reading personal development books over 17 years ago, I was NOT a reader. I got through high school reading the absolute minimum number of books that I could.

I did not enjoy reading. It just wasn’t really my thing.

But then one day I picked up a personal development book that I really enjoyed and it really helped me out in my life.

So then I picked up another and started reading that. Then another, and another and I slowly built up a habit of reading books.

Now, 17 years later I’ve read well over 1,000 personal development books.

The Success Formula states that in order for us to achieve success we must be reading the right books.

If you look at any ultra successful people in life, who have achieved great things – they are all readers.

For example, here’s a picture of the Skywalker Ranch Library that George Lucas built.

Study any person that has achieved great success – whether that be George Lucas, Bruce Lee, Will Smith, Oprah, President Obama or Mike Tyson – and you will discover that they all have one thing in common… they were all well read prior to their success.

If you want to achieve success in your life, start reading the right books.

What are the right books to read?

I’ll get to that later on in the post, but for now just realize that reading the right books is the first component to the Proven Success Formula.

#2 – Listening to Audios

The next component to achieving success is listening to inspirational audio based training courses.

For centuries, successful people attended regular lectures where they listened to the right people teaching them success principles.

These lectures were typically put on by affluent people, for affluent people. The average middle income person did not have access to this type of training.

Today, success lectures can be recorded and distributed through digital formats such as CDs, MP3s etc.

Listening to audio training is different than reading books, because it develops different neural pathways in the brain.

Both are needed.

Some people enjoy listening to audios (such as audio books) and prefer to listen to audios rather than read.

Both are needed.

Successful people listen to audios in addition to reading. They don’t do one or the other – they do both.

What kind of audios should we be listening to? I’ll get to that later on in the post as well, but for now lets talk about the next component in the Success Formula.

#3 – Attending Events

Successful people attend live events that are specifically designed to help them achieve success.

These events are designed to do three things:

Help You Learn from Other Successful People
Help You Build Relationships with Other Successful People
Help You Participate in Giving and Receiving Recognition

Attending events that focus on one – or ideally all three – of these areas of focus, is imperative to success.

Successful people attend events (such as training seminars) where they learn from other successful people, in a live environment.

There is a form of “energy transfer” that happens when you are present live, in a room with another successful person – that just doesn’t happen when reading books and/or listening to audios by that same person.

For years and years I thought that reading books on a specific topic was the same thing as going to a live seminar.

For example, when I first wanted to learn about I purchased the book. It was an interesting book to read, but honestly I didn’t really understand how worked by reading the book.

The book was great for providing the fundamental theory behind the modality, but it didn’t really teach me how to do it properly.

I also purchased the CD Audio program. That was great to listen to and I learned a lot more about from there as well.

However, it was not until I attended the live event – the Seminar – that I learned how to do properly. By being in the same room with and experiencing his energy and actually DOING and PRACTICING live, in person, in the same room as him with the other students – only then did I actually learn what is all about.

Successful people attend live training seminars and events. They learn from people one-on-one, or in group settings at live events.

Secondly, these events are also designed to help people get around other successful people, and to build relationships with them. More on this shortly.

Thirdly, successful people also attend events where they participate in GIVING and RECEIVING recognition.

Think about the Oscars, or the Academy Awards. These are televised recognition events that most of us are familiar with, but there are millions of other recognition based events all around the world that successful people attend that most middle-income people don’t even know about.

Attending events where you participate in giving and receiving recognition to other people is a success habit.

It is incredibly important to participate and attend events where you can recognize other successful people for their achievements and to also be recognized for your achievements as well.

Most middle income people only experience this type of thing during their graduation ceremonies in high school, or college / university, and when they attend a wedding.

Those are typically the only things that most people get recognized for – getting educated and getting married.

Successful people are always attending events where they give and receive recognition for achieving success in their lives. For reaching various milestones in their lives. This is a HUGE key to success.

Giving recognition to others who have achieved success builds certain neural pathways in your brain and attracts success into your life. When you recognize others for their successes, it becomes easier for you to achieve success as well.

Now, you may be asking — where do I find events like this?

There are many places where you can find teaching seminars that teach a variety of different topics. As I mentioned before, when I wanted to learn I didn’t just purchase the $10 book and the $50 audio. I also attended the $500 live seminar where I learned the technology in person from the creator himself.

As far as building relationships and participating in recognition, successful people are virtually all members of success clubs and organizations where they meet other successful people, build relationships with them and participate in giving and receiving recognition.

Not everyone can afford to join some of these success clubs as most of them are specifically designed to keep out “poor people” by having initiation fees of $25,000 or $50,000 or even millions of dollars just to join the club.

If you have the money to join, the benefits of being part of these clubs far outweighs the costs of getting in, however most people typically don’t have that kind of money prior to achieving success.

There are some clubs you can join that put together events where you can meet other successful people and build relationships, which don’t cost $25,000 to join — so don’t let that discourage you.

There are also events which you can attend that will allow you to give and receive recognition, without being part of a country club for wealthy people.

Ideally though, what you want to do is to become part of an organization or club that puts together regular events (at least quarterly, and ideally monthly) where you can do all three things at the same time during these events — learn success principles for other successful people, meet and build relationships with other successful people, and participate in giving and receiving recognition.

Some clubs and organizations put together such events on a regular bases and the events are specifically engineered and planned to provide these three benefits at the same time.

I’ll cover how I was able to participate in such events myself shortly, but first let’s talk about the next component to the formula.

#4 – Build Relationships with Other Successful People

The next component to the Proven Success Formula is building relationships with other successful, like-minded people.

Most people develop their circle of friends and acquaintances based on the friends their parents introduced them to, or by the friends they made in school or at work.

Successful people don’t just build relationships with the people their parents introduced them to or with people they happened to sit next to in school or at work.

Successful people consciously develop relationships, and build friendships with other successful, like-minded people who they seek out and meet at the events I referred to in the previous section.

The reality is that most of your friends that you met growing up or that you went to school with or that you work with might not be interested in success. They might not be into the same things that you are into. You have to go beyond the circle of friends you currently have and get around other successful people.

This is another reason why it’s so important to attend events. That is usually where you will meet other like-minded people and develop relationships with them.

There is an old saying that says that your income will be average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Well, if your five best friends that you spend the most time with are broke, in debt, sick and miserable, then what do you think your chances are of achieving success? You must build relationships with successful people.

And finally, the last component to the Success Formula is…

#5 – Participate in Recognition

I’ve already mentioned a little bit of this earlier, but this is a HUGE component to being successful.

Successful people are constantly participating in events where they GIVE and RECEIVE recognition to and from others for their achievements.

Most middle-income and poor people NEVER participate in recognition of any kind. The only time they ever get recognized for anything is when they screw something up at work, and their boss yells at them — or when they screw something up at home, and their spouse points out what they did wrong.

Successful people are part of organizations or clubs that make it easy for them to participate in recognition.

When you attend an event where you recognize other people for achieving success, it attracts more success into your life.

You engage a part of yourself that also wants to be recognized, and so you end up becoming more successful so that you can be recognized for your accomplishments.

This is why you see Hollywood actors attending the Oscars and recognizing their colleagues for their achievements during the year.

By giving recognition to their colleagues they also attract more success in their lives. All successful people do this in their field of endeavor, it’s just that most of us don’t ever see this outside of the Oscars because 99.9999% of these types of events are not televised.

Unsuccessful people don’t attend these types of events and they don’t even realize that such events exist.

Ask any wealthy person and they will tell you that they are always attending recognition events where they are either going to recognize someone for their achievements, or they are being recognized themselves (or both).

This is a regular thing that they do. It’s normal.

For unsuccessful people this is a rare thing that happens. As I mentioned before, the only experience most unsuccessful people have with such events is when they graduate from highschool, college/university, and/or if they get married. That is the only time in their lives when they hear “congratulations”.

The Secret to Making the Success Formula Work

The Proven Success Formula works virtually 100% of the time for anyone that applies it.

Also, virtually anyone that has built success in their lives is following this formula.

The only challenge with this formula is that for the average person it is not very easy to implement it in their lives.

Firstly, when it comes to reading books – one of the secrets is that you must know which are the right books to read. Successful people are part of clubs or organizations or have mentors who guide them towards reading the right books to help them achieve success in the shortest amount of time possible.

Secondly, when it comes to listening to audios – you must have access to the right types of training audios. They must be put together by people who have actually achieved success in their area of expertise, and not by “gurus” who simply put out audio content that sounds good and makes logical sense, but that is all theory and that is unproven.

You must listen to people who have achieved success in the area that you are wanting to learn about, and who have been in the position that you are in right now.

If, for example, you are broke and want to be a multi-millionaire – then you must listen to audios that are put together by someone who started out broke and who then became a multi-millionaire. You won’t learn much about being a multi-millionaire by listening to audios put together by guru’s who make money selling audio courses on success, but who never achieved their goal of being a multi-millionaire prior to becoming a “guru”.

If you want to learn about Acupuncture, or Homeopathic Medicine, then you need to learn from people who are experts in those fields with real experience under their belt — not just theory.

Thirdly, when it comes to attending events, building relationships with like-minded successful people and participating in recognition, you have to be a part of some kind of organization that puts together these types of carefully engineered events.

It’s not really something that you can do yourself, by yourself.

So how do you make it easy to apply this formula?

Goal Setting Health

Eating Healthy & Gaining Wealth

Yesterday I sat down to think about my goals to lose weight, get fit and healthy.

One of the things I was thinking about is all the different diets and programs I’ve worked on for the past 10 years, and I noticed a really interesting pattern.

While listening to my training a few weeks ago, Kevin Trudeau was talking about how manifesting abundance in our lives starts directly with our DNA.

Our DNA either vibrates with the energy of “abundance” or “lack”.

The elite wealthy class in the world are essentially born and raised with a vibration of “abundance” which is why it is so easy for them to attract wealth.

In the past, people believed that DNA (genetics / blood) was something that we were born with and that couldn’t be changed.

One of the greatest secrets discovered by Napoleon Hill while doing his commissioned study of the wealthiest people at the turn of the century was that ultra-wealthy people had different thinking compared to poor people.

That is why his classic book “Think and Grow Rich” is titled “THINK and Grow Rich” and not “WORK HARD and Grow Rich” or “BE SMART and Grow Rich” etc.

Napoleon Hill also discovered, however, that the vibrational frequency of our DNA is not static.

He discovered that by changing our thoughts and beliefs we can actually affect the vibrational frequency of our DNA and thus “re-program” it for abundance at will.

This discovery was removed from his books (including Think and Grow Rich) prior to publishing as people like Henry Ford thought it was too powerful of a “secret” to share with the general public.

After all, if people knew this and consciously applied themselves to changing their DNA “vibration” from vibrating with “lack” to “abundance”, who would work in his factories?

Even today, most people still believe that DNA is something that is static and unchangeable. Most people live with the false belief that they are “victims” of their DNA/Genetics, when in fact science itself has proven that this is not the case.

The work of Dr. John Henderson in particular has demonstrated that our DNA is constantly in a state of change and is dependent on our beliefs.

Change your beliefs – and your DNA changes. This is science, not New Age theory.

Cellular Abundance and Our Ability to Manifest

Kevin Trudeau further talks about how the foods we eat, the water we drink and the drugs we take affect the vibrational frequency of our DNA.

Essentially, the healthier our cells and our DNA, the more powerful it is at manifesting our desires.

The more you cleanse your body of impurities and the more you feed it healthy, nutritionally abundant food and water, the more your body becomes a magnet for abundance in your life.

I started thinking about this last night while looking back over the last 10 years of personal experimentation with diets, nutrition, working out, running, getting fit, etc.

I wanted to see if there was a correlation between me improving my state of health, and any improvements in my ability to manifest what I wanted.

What I realized is that there was a huge correlation between the two.

For example, I have been wanting to purchase a larger home on acreage in a quiet, beautiful setting ever since I graduated from high school. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a 3-5 acre lot where I could “spread out” and not have next door neighbors 10 feet away from me.

However, purchasing a property like this was not on my “radar” at all in January 2007. It just wasn’t financially feasible yet at that time, even though I had set that as a dream goal for a long time.

In January 2007, however, I started an exercise plan where I decided to run on my treadmill for 30 days straight for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Nothing huge, but it was a start to getting fit.

Around the same time I also applied to Academy here to take their Nutrition diploma courses.

Before I even finished my 30 Days of running on the treadmill every day for 30 minutes, I manifested an opportunity to purchase the 5-acre property that I live on today.

In fact, one of the reasons I ended up stopping my exercise regime after the 30 days is because my whole life turned upside down as I had to pack everything (including my gym equipment), move to my new place, and then spend several months renovating my old place preparing it for sale, while at the same time building a new fence around a smaller portion of my 5-acre property.

Anyone who has ever put up a fence around an 800 foot perimeter of a property that’s not on level ground that was largely uncleared of trees and brushes will understand that this is no easy task on the body.

Building the fence replaced my work out routine.

But since building a fence is not something that is easy to build a habit around, after the fence was built I stopped working out.

Another example happened in November 2007.

In November 2007 I took my Blogging “career” more seriously and wanted to find a way to be able to replace the income from my 10+ year long corporate job with an online income from home.

I made very small progress in December, January and February but it wasn’t until April 2008 that circumstances took a huge, quantum leap towards getting me out of my job and working on my own.

So what happened between February and April 2008?

Well, in March 2008 I started another nutritional improvement plan. I was following the pH Miracle diet program and working on reducing my weight.

I was following the plan, when in early April 2008 everything turned upside down again. I put in my notice to train my replacement at my corporate job so that I could formally quit as of Dec 31, 2008.

I had exactly 9 months to replace my 6-figure income from my corporate job with my Blogging / Affiliate Marketing business. I stopped focusing on health/nutrition and I started focusing on that instead. After all, just one year earlier I had purchased a 5-acre property which relied on my 6-figure income to pay the mortgage.

In February 2009 I started doing the P90X program, and within 58 days of starting I also manifested several major business changes to my affiliate business that required my immediate attention. I couldn’t “afford” to spend 2h/day working out like I did for the previous 58 days on the P90X program.

At the end of September 2009 I once again started another health improvement program. Within about 30 days of starting that I had manifested several major life changes and had my main Google Adwords account banned for promoting affiliate offers (along with about 100,000 other affiliate marketers around the world).

Once again I had to re-invent my business model and evolve to the next level as my income went from around $9,000/m down to $0/m overnight when Google banned my account. Of course this turned out to be a huge blessing later on as it forced me to explore totally different business models of making money which are way more aligned my True Self. However, once again, I had to put my “health program” plans aside to focus on re-building my income as quickly as possible.

In March 2010 I started my first weight loss challenge, which ended. At the end of this challenge I didn’t manifest any major changes, but I did go through some major shifts in perspective around the same time when I took my in May and my income did go up around that time as well.

In October 2010 I did a weight loss challenge, which ended. During that period of time I manifested a major advancement in one of my businesses that once again improved my income but caused my schedule to be ultra busy for a few months starting in January 2011.

In April 2011 I did the 21 Day Challenge – which manifested in me winning a $5,000 fitness package.

In May 2011 I started my second Weight Loss Challenge, which ended. Once again, by the time the challenge was over I had manifested becoming aware of the I once again manifested massive (financially positive) changes in one of my businesses, and I started my businesses around the same time.

It took me until February 2012 to get caught up with at least some of the changes in my businesses before I could start focusing on my health again.

Seeing the Pattern

These summarized examples don’t do the actual events that transpired justice. It would take a 20,000 word Blog post to go into enough detail to describe the things I’ve manifested each and every time I started a new “get healthier” program.

Also, I’m only referencing back to 2007, but I’ve looked through my journals and this pattern has been around in my life for over 10 years.

It seems that every time I improve the health of my body, my ability to manifest my desires and to attract new levels of abundance skyrockets!

This is exactly in line with what Kevin Trudeau teaches.

I realize now that in order to manifest abundance in our external world, we must first take care of the abundance felt by each and every cell in our body.

In the last three days I have been bathing the cells of my body with clean, healthy, pH balanced water, and an abundance of ultra-healthy nutrients found in my shakes and cleansers.

Compared to the crap I’ve been eating for the past few months, I am now feeding my body and each and every cell a full spectrum of abundant nutrients and clean water.

I believe that as my body cleanses the toxins and impurities currently stored in my fat cells and vital organs, each and every cell of my body will start to vibrate with an energy of “abundance” at a much higher level than they are right now.

I also believe that this will once again mean that my “Manifesting Abilities” will skyrocket.

Chances are that this will mean that within a short period of time I will once again manifest an even bigger and more abundant life externally, as my cells begin to vibrate with more abundance internally.

Changing the Pattern

Now that I am aware of the pattern, I’m hoping that this time around – when I manifest the next “big change” in my life – whatever that may be, I will be able to stick to my plan of eating healthier and cleaner throughout the change, realizing that my health and diet are a huge part of the reason why I manifested that “big change” in my life in the first place.

If I am right about this, then I’m almost scared to even imagine what kind of abundance I could manifest in my external world if I continued to eat clean and healthy and stay fit for a longer period of time than just a few weeks prior to going back to eating crap like I have in the past.

I’m really curious to see what happens next.

What About Reverse Abundance

One other thing I’ll mention here that I was thinking about.

If feeding our cells an abundant supply of healthy nutrients and clean, pH balanced water helps us to attract and manifest abundance in our external world – what happens if we do the opposite?

What if, for example, we feed our body things which are poisons such as pharmaceutical drugs, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pesticides or even alcohol and recreational drugs?

What does that do to our ability to manifest?

Well, by doing that we end up manifesting lack in all it’s many manifestations – such as financial lack, disease, relationship issues etc.

If you are feeding your body poisons, your cells will vibrate with lack, and you will manifest lack.

It’s often not easy to see this pattern, but if you have been manifesting a bunch of “crap luck” lately or just general “lack” in your life – take a look at how the cells in your body are doing. Are you bathing them in an abundance of nutrients or are you flooding your body with pills, artificial sweeteners, stimulants and nutritionally dead foods?

Goal Setting

Harvesting a successful year

I’ve spent a lot of time lately having conversations with people about dreams, goals and desires.

Ever since I got my hands on the training course which teaches us how to manifest our desires, my ability to manifest my desires has taken a quantum leap forward.

Every day I now wake up in the morning with the thought “I wonder what I’ll create / manifest today?” and I’m excited to jump out of bed to see what happens.

It’s like Christmas morning every day now.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have challenges in my life that need overcoming, or that my life is an image of what the general public would consider as “perfect”, or anything like that.

But what it does mean is that I spend a LOT more of my time throughout every single day FEELING GOOD than I did before discovering the program.

I go to bed feeling good, and I wake up in the morning feeling good.

The amount of synchronicities that I’ve noticed manifesting in my life has also shot through the roof.

There’s just no words to describe how things have changed for me in the last few months since discovering that program, and especially since becoming a Member and going through the Success program.

I Don’t Know What I Want

Since manifesting our desires has been such a focal point for me over the last few months and since I’ve spoken to so many people about this recently, I’ve noticed a common theme emerging with the people I talk to.

I have come to realize that a LOT of people – myself included – are virtually CLUELESS about what we really want.

See, most of us spend much more energy and time and effort on trying to figure out and implement “the secret formula” for manifesting our desires, than we do actually getting clear on what we really want.

In fact, most people I talk to seem to have no clue what they want.

When I ask people what they want, they don’t know.

Most people seem to be too busy WORKING towards HAVING what it is that they want, to actually figure out what it is that they want in the first place.

Meaning, a typical conversation might go something like this:

Jerry: “What do you want from your life?”

Person: “I don’t know. I haven’t had time to figure it out yet.”

Jerry: “Why don’t you have time? What are you doing?”

Person: “I’m busy working.”

Jerry: “Working towards what?”

Person: “I don’t know. As I’ve told you… I’m too busy working to figure that out.”

This may sound like a ridiculous conversation, but it’s true.

Virtually ever person I talk to is too busy “working” or “surviving” to figure out what they want.

I’m no exception. Until recently, my “vision” of what I want from life has been extremely blurry.

The True Reason Why We Don’t Know What We Want

So why is that?

Why is it that we all live our daily lives, waking up, doing our thing, and going to sleep every night, without any real clue as to what we want from our lives?

Is it because we’re too busy to sit down and figure out what we want?


I believe there is a different reason.

I don’t think the problem is a lack of time.

I believe the real problem why most of us don’t know what we want is because we don’t think we can get it.

Meaning, I believe that as we get older, we slowly start to ask less and less from life because we don’t want to be disappointing.

Ask a typical 19-year old what their dream car might be and they’ll say something like a “Ferrari” or a “Porsche” or a “Lamborghini” or at least a top of the line “BMW” or “Mercedes” or something like that. At the very least it will be a car worth over $100,000.

Ask a 40-year old man with 3 kids, two jobs and 9 credit cards what their dream car is and they’ll either say “The old Toyota I currently own, I just wish it was paid off”, or they’ll just say “I don’t know.”

Does that 40-year old man really DREAM about owning that old Toyota for the rest of his life? Is that really his true desire? Is that the best possible dream car he would want to own?

Probably not.

What’s more likely is that the 40-year old man has stopped dreaming.

Why? Why do we stop dreaming?

I think most people stop dreaming because life beats the crap out of them.

For most people, as they get older, their belief in the statement “I can manifest my dreams and desires.” diminishes.

Meaning, they believe that statement LESS at age 40 than they did at at 19.

To me that’s a shame.

And like I said… Until recently, I didn’t even realize that this was happening to me as well.

I remember my huge dreams and desires from when I was 19 years old and even though I have been able to manifest a lot of cool stuff in my life, I haven’t really been expanding my dreams over the last 10-15 years.

If anything, they’ve been shrinking – until now.

Dare to Dream Again

I would have to say that probably one of the most exciting things that becoming a member has done for me is that it inspired me to start dreaming really big dreams again.

The reason this has been happening is because my belief level in being able to manifest ANYTHING I truly have a burning desire for has skyrocketed in the last few months.

That’s not to say that I didn’t believe I could manifest my desires before.

The difference is in how easy it has become!

Why has it become easy?

For two reasons…

(1) Connecting to the Right Energy

By becoming a Member I have connected to an extremely powerful energy / morphic field of wealth and success.

How does this make it easier for me to manifest my desires in life?

Well, the best way I can describe what does for me is in this way…

… every day as I go through my day, there are thoughts, people and “facts” that show up which make it logically “impossible” to manifest those things that I want to manifest.

For example, if I wanted to manifest the interest rate on my credit card being reduced from 22% to 0% – several things might happen…

… the thought “That’s probably not very likely to happen. Why would a credit card company want to reduce my interest from 22% to 0%?” might enter my mind. Thinking this thought is like slinging black dirt onto the energy field of my desire.

… a person might say to me “Credit card companies never reduce interest rates to 0%. Unless it’s one of those deals where you transfer your balance from one card to theirs and even then it’s only temporary… but outside of that, reducing your interest rate to 0% is impossible.” Once again, this is like slinging black dirt onto the energy field of my desire.

Ten or twenty different thoughts might enter my mind at some point during the day, trying to convince me that the thing I desire is probably not “possible”. It might not be my own thoughts that do this. It might be someone in my life saying something to me, or something I see on TV, or read on the Internet.

The point is that whenever we desire something in our lives, there are “reasons” that show up which try to convince us that we can’t have what we want.

(Reasons, by the way are just thought-forms which use the limited human capacity of “reasoning” to try to convince us that if something is not “reasonable” it is impossible to manifest. In fact though, unreasonable things manifest all the time.)

So if I use the analogy that limited beliefs, and negative thought forms, and “reasonable thinking” and people and resources and the media and the economy and any other “thing” out there which tells us that we can’t have what we want is like DIRT that is being flung onto our desires…

… then being a member and listening to training is like having a hot shower.

I set a desire for what I want.

I use the techniques taught in training to communicate to the Universe what it is that I want.

Then “DIRT” usually shows up – in the form of “thought forms” , people, “facts” and that DIRT tries to convince me that what I want is not possible.

I then connect to energy and their training and I allow that energy to literally wash away that dirt.

Depending on the magnitude of the thing I’m trying to manifest, more “DIRT” might show up.

I connect to energy again and their training and I allow it to wash the dirt some more.

And then things manifest in my life in the easiest, fastest, most amazing ways possible.

When this happens, things like getting credit card interest rates reduced from 22% to 0% become possible. Even when your mind thinks “No way, that’s impossible.”

(2) Letting Go of the How

The second huge reason why manifesting has become so much easier for me lately is because I have let go of the “how”.

Meaning, I no longer try to figure out HOW I’m going to manifest something.

I now leave that up to the Universe. It’s not my job to figure out the how.

It may be my job to IMPLEMENT the HOW, once it shows up, but it’s not my job to figure out the how.

The more I’ve been letting go of the “How”, the faster and easier it has become for me to manifest things.

In fact THE most difficult thing for most of us to do is to LET GO of the HOW.

If you want to get out of debt, decide that you want to get out of debt. Set that as an intention you want to manifest. Don’t worry HOW you will accomplish this.

If you want to lower your credit card interest rates, decide that is what you want. Don’t worry HOW it will happen.

If you want to manifest a new car, decide that is what you want. Don’t worry HOW that will happen.

Delegate “How” your desires will be manifested to the Universe and you’ll be blown away as to how quickly you start manifesting things.

The more you try to control the how, the less powerful you are.
What Are your Dreams for 2012?

In 2012 and beyond I dare you to dream big again.

Put away your skepticism.

Let go of the past. Let go of any disappointments. Let go of any failures. Let go of all the DIRT that stopped you before.

Start to dream again. Dream something big.

Don’t say you “Don’t Know” what you want. You know what you want. You’ve just been too scared to admit to yourself that you want it.

If you truly could have anything and everything you ever wanted, what would you want?

What kind of house would you live in?

What kind of car would you drive?

What kind of plane would you fly in?

What kind of relationships would you have?

What kind of friends would you have?

What kind of events would you attend throughout the year?

What kind of vacations would you take?

What would be your ideal “job”?

How much money would you make?

What kind of clothes would you wear?

What would your body look like?

Would you want your own business?

What kind of business would you want?

Allow yourself to dream big.

Your dream life depends on it.

Goal Setting

Solving Your Own Problem

We all have problems in our lives.

However, we all seem to have different types of problems.

For example, I know some people who always seem to have relationship problems, while others are always having health problems and others still are having money problems.

There is no shortage of different types of problems out there, and we all seem to have our own unique set of them.

What’s really interesting though is that most people seem to be able to solve problems in one area of their lives, while being completely incapable of doing the same in another area.

For example, some people have no problem at all keeping their weight down and staying fit, but they have relationship problems or money problems or car problems.

Other people have no money problems, but they are severely obese, or they have relationship problems.

What is it about these certain areas of our lives that we have such challenges with?

Why are we able to solve problems in one area of our lives, while being totally clueless in another?

I believe a big part of the issue has to do with our values and a detailed understanding of the problem itself.

Let me ‘splain.

How to Solve the Weight Loss Problem

Let’s say that you’ve got most of your life in order, but you have a “weight loss” problem.

How do people usually define such a problem?

They typically say “I need to lose weight” or “I’ve got a weight issue” or something along those lines.

They define the problem by the result it produces in their lives.

For example, when I was originally thinking about my personal “weight loss” problem, I thought that being “overweight” was the problem.

However, being “overweight” is not the problem… it is the RESULT of the problem.

You can’t solve the “being overweight” problem as it’s an EFFECT, not the cause of that effect.

The problem (cause) of the issue is something different – such as for example not enough movement/exercise in my life, and/or eating an unhealthy diet.

But even those aren’t the real problems.

Not enough exercise is an effect as well. What causes that effect?

That’s what we have to get to the bottom of if we are to solve the overall problem of being overweight.

See, the thing is that you can’t put “Lose Weight” as an item on your daily “TO DO” list.

Losing weight is not something we can DO. It is something that happens as a result of other, much smaller actions that we take.

For example, follow this train of thought.

Let’s say that part of the problem of me being overweight is due to the fact that I don’t eat enough healthy, nutritious meals.

So we would say that the problem is that “I need to eat healthier foods.”

But that’s not something we can put on a “TO DO” list either. It’s too large and ambiguous.

What kind of foods do I need to eat more of?

Well, lets say that I need to eat more fruit.

What kind of fruit?

Let’s say that I need to eat more apples instead of chocolate bars, as an example.

Can we put “Eat an apple every day.” on a “TO DO” list?

Yes we can, so we’re getting very close now.

But why don’t I eat apples right now? Well, one thing I know about apples is that I like to eat certain types of apples, and they have to be of a certain temperature.

What I mean by that is that there are certain types of apples that I like more than others. So if I have a certain type of apple in my house, and I don’t like that type of apple, chances are I won’t eat them.

Also, my wife likes to keep fruit in the fridge. I hate eating cold fruit, so 99.9999% of the time if I see apples in the fridge I will not eat them because I don’t like cold apples.

So if I wanted to eat more apples what would I need to do?

Go to the store and buy apples that I like eating.
Store them outside of the fridge in a fruit basket/bowl where they are easily accessible to me.
Better yet, have a spot in my office for a fruit basket where I can keep fruit easily accessible.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

A problem like “being overweight” is not really “A” problem. It is a result of about 10,000 problems we have in our lives in the “health & fitness” category of our lives. You can’t solve “being overweight”. It’s too large of an issue. You have to break it down into smaller chunks and solve them one at a time.

The challenge is that if we don’t value “Health and Fitness” as a category of our lives where we put a lot of energy, then we will be too lazy to break the “issue” down into smaller enough chunks for them to be able to be solved.

How to Solve Money Problems

There’s no such thing as a “money problem”. Money problems are a result of a lot of other problems which all combine to produce one big problem called being broke and in debt.

You can’t solve the “money problem” by itself. You can’t put “fix money problem” on your TO DO list and then just fix it.

You have to break things down and see what the REAL underlying problem really is.

Here are some “TODO” items that you could potentially put on your list of things to do which could help with your money problems:

purchase a book on budgeting
read first chapter of book on budgeting
have a conversation with spouse about budget
put stuff in garage on Craig’s List and sell it
call credit card company and negotiate lower rate

See, all these action steps can be taken one at a time and they are simple enough that we can either DO them or NOT DO them.

They are things that can be done and completed as a single event in time.

Solving the “money problem” is not something that can be checked off your “TO DO” list. Even if you won the lottery today, you would still have the “money problem” – it would just be a different money problem.

You may have a problem with taxes, or with finding the right investment adviser to invest that money with you, or you may have the problem of trying to figure out your estate planning etc.

Either way, the “money problem” is never done, completed, finished, just like the “health and fitness” problem is never done, completed, finished.

You can’t “complete” health and fitness.

You can’t say “Ok, check, I’ve finished being healthy and fit, now I’m done for the rest of my life.”

Same thing with money. You can never SOLVE the “money problem”. It’s unsolvable.

You can “renegotiate mortgage with bank”, or “open up a savings account” or “complete taxes” etc. Those are single action steps that can be completed.
How to Make Money Online

Lately I’ve been thinking about how to drastically increase the amount of money I make online.

As in how do I grow my income into the seven figures.

That’s when I realized that “making money online” is NOT a problem that can be solved.

There’s no such thing as having a “making money online” problem.

It’s not something I can just “do” and check off my TO DO list.

I started to really break things down and ask myself, what exact specific steps do I need to take next to increase my online income?

Do I need to create more products?

Do I need to find ways to build more traffic?

Do I need to connect with more JV partners?

Do I need to create more content?


And then of course within each of those problems we can break things down into smaller action steps as well.

Until we break down a problem into single, actionable pieces that we can DO or NOT DO, then we’ll never solve the overall problem itself.
The Secret to Solving All Problems

The secret to solving all problems in life lies in our ability to identify the root causes of the overall problem itself.

The more clarity we can bring to identifying the actual “sticking point” we are getting stuck on, the higher the chances of solving the problem itself.

I dare you to try an experiment right now.

Take ANY problem area you have in your life right now.

Then, break it down into smaller problems, drilling down to a single action step within that overall problem which you can either DO or NOT DO.

For example, right now one problem I have is growing my online income to seven figures. That’s an overall problem.

Now, if I quickly break down just one sub problem within that set down to it’s smallest root cause I could have something like this:

need to produce more quality content on a more consistent basis (still too big)
need to create more videos (still too big)
need to create my next video (still too big)
need to clean up my desk before making next video (still too big)
need to take my dishes upstairs (BINGO)

See, an action step like “take dishes upstairs” is an ACTIONABLE item that I can either DO or NOT DO.

Try it right now… take ANY big problem you want to desperately solve in your life.

Now break it down, further and further and further until you have just one single action step which you can either DO or NOT DO.

Now write down that action step on a piece of paper.

Now here’s the real “secret”…

Now that you’ve broken down your big problem into a small, tiny action step you can either DO or NOT DO, and you’ve written it down on a piece of paper… how motivated are you to do that action step and cross it off as “done”?

Which do you think is easier for me to take action on:

(a) Make a six figure income online.

(b) Take my dishes upstairs.


Now what if you broke down ALL your “problems” into small, tiny, actionable steps you could either DO or NOT DO.

If you can do that… if you can break down your problems into actionable action steps you can either DO or NOT DO, then you will be about 95% of the way towards solving that particular problem.

The secret is in the ability to break down your problems, not in solving them. Solving is easy once you know what you’re solving.

Details are the “secret”.

Try it.

Goal Setting

The Three Types of Bodies

True health requires all three parts of our body to be balanced, healthy and energized – our physical body, our mental body, and our spiritual/energy body.

We can’t delude ourselves into thinking that we’re really taking care of our health if all we’re doing is focusing on only one part of our body and ignoring the rest.

The Physical Body

We’re all familiar with our physical bodies. There’s no denying the fact that while we are here on earth we occupy these physical bodies of ours.

Taking care of our physical bodies can take many forms, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising or relaxing and resting. Billions of dollars every year are spent on finding ways to improve the health of our physical bodies.

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, millions of people are going to be flocking to sign up at their local gym to meet their New Years resolutions for 2011. This is all great news, and I think it’s totally awesome that more and more people are starting to take their health and fitness seriously and at least making an attempt to make an improvement.

However, even a perfect diet coupled with a perfect fitness plan isn’t enough to truly keep us healthy as that only takes care of one part of our body.

The Mental Body

When people don’t take care of their physical bodies and then they have a heart attack or develop some kind of cancer, it’s easy for us to jump to the conclusion that they just didn’t take care of themselves.

But what about all the people out there who eat super healthy, exercise every day and then die of the exact same diseases? You know the ones that look like they could pose for a magazine cover one day and are going in for chemo therapy the next because they developed cancer.

What do we usually blame for that situation? Genes? It must be hereditary, right?

Wrong. In case you haven’t heard the latest research, people like Bruce Lipton have shown that there is no such thing as a “cancer” gene or a “heart attack” gene that turns itself on at a certain age. Genes don’t possess the power to turn themselves on or off. They only way they can be triggered is due to the perceptions of our environment at the cellular level.

Meaning, our entire body is a thinking body. Our whole body is a “mental body” with every cell in our body being an intelligent “thinking” cell.

Our perceptions are controlled by our beliefs. Our perceptions control our genes. Therefore, our beliefs control our genes. That is what today’s science is showing us.

What does that mean?

That means that it is no longer good enough to just take care of your physical body. You’ve got to take care of the “mental” health of your body as well.

If you’re chronically depressed, you’re not healthy, regardless how good your physical body looks or the diet you’re on.

If you’re chronically frustrated, you’re not healthy.

If you’re chronically stressed, you’re not healthy.

If 90% of the thoughts running through your “mental body” are negative, you’re not healthy.

We must take our “mental body” health seriously if we expect to live a healthy life.

Eating the perfect diet, and exercising daily is great, but if you’re feeding your mind a daily dose of “mental poison” in the form of watching the news, or listening to the negative blabbing of your “friend” who’s been depressed since they were born and calls you daily to fill you in on the intricate details of how their miserable day has been going – I’m sorry, but you’re not going to stay healthy for long.

We must take care of our “mental body” just as we take care of our physical bodies. Reading an inspiring, energizing book is like eating a healthy, energizing meal. Watching the (bad) news is like putting a little bit of rat poison in your food and justifying it by saying “but it’s just a little bit of poison!”

The Spiritual / Energy Body

The Spiritual / Energy Body is another part of our body what most of us ignore.

The fact is that if your spirit left your body right now, your heart would stop beating and that would be the end of it – regardless how good your diet is or the fact that you’ve got a six-pack. Positive thinking wouldn’t be much help either.

I have to admit that up until a few years ago I was pretty ignorant about the spiritual / energy body myself. I mean I always knew it existed, but I never knew much about it.

My level of awareness of this more “subtle” and often ignored part of our body has been growing in the last year or so after getting my Reiki training, my training and especially in the last few weeks since doing some energy healing here.

So far I’ve had three really eye-opening healings with an energy healer named and I’ve also experimented with some other forms of energy healing work with my friend while I’ve been out here.

I know nothing I can write on my Blog will ever convince a skeptic that this stuff is real, but I will say this – this stuff is real.

Expanding Your Paradigm

No-body can call themselves healthy if they aren’t maintaining the health of all three of their bodies – their physical body, their mental body and their spiritual/energy body.

I see people who are taking care of their diet and fitness program but who are mentally miserable and who are too closed minded to even try out energy healing. That’s not living in health, that’s living in ignorance.

On the other hand I also see some people who are energy healer junkies, who don’t take care of their physical or mental bodies. You can’t treat your physical and mental bodies like crap, feeding them daily doses of poison and then expecting your Reiki healer to “fix” you. That’s not living in health either.

You also can’t live just for the “mental body” and ignore the physical and spiritual/energy bodies. That’s not healthy either.

We must expand our paradigm of health to include all three bodies. It’s the only way to truly be healthy.

I’m not saying that I’m doing that right now. I’m far from perfect myself. But I am working on all three now because I know that all three have to be working in harmony to experience and maintain the state we call “health”.

There is no other way.

We all have our favorite “body” we prefer to expand energy towards. Mine used to be my “mental body”. For 15 years now I’ve been conditioning my mental body to be a lean, mean, positive thinking machine. I’ve had periods of time when I’ve read more books in a few weeks than most people do in a lifetime. I’ve got a library of hundreds and hundreds of books, DVD’s, seminars, audio programs etc.

If there was a body-building competition for the “mental body” I’d be putting on a pair of speedo’s and lubing it up with some tanning oil right now.

I’m not talking about knowledge or book smarts here. What I’m saying is that my “mental body” is pretty fit because I’ve continued to challange it and develop it’s strength for over 15 years now, whereas most people stop learning after leaving school.

My spiritual / energy body is fairly strong as well, but as I am learning right now there is so much more room for growth in this area for me.

For example, in my last few healings I’ve had healing in the area between my heart and throat chakra and I couldn’t believe how it affected my lungs and my ability to breathe. I never thought I had any problems breathing, but after my last healing I felt like my lung capacity tripled. After the healing it felt as if all my life I’ve been breathing with just one third of my lungs and wasn’t even aware of it.

If your energy body isn’t operating at full capacity, there is no way your physical body can. The scary thing is that there is no way to know what your full potential is unless you heal the energy body and see what changes.

A couple weeks back I stated that my highest value is Health (Diet, Fitness, Environment). I’m amending that now.

My new highest value is now Health (Energy, Diet/Fitness, Environment).

I’m adding in the word “Energy” into my definition of Health as a Value of mine because I want to focus on my “Spiritual / Energy Body” as well as my “Physical Body”. Out of the three bodies, I would definitely say that my “Physical Body” is the unhealthiest, so I will be working on that one a lot, but after what I experienced during my energy healings I also want to focus on my energy body as well because without it being in balance / health I know there is no way for the physical body to stay healthy anyway.

I’m not talking about them feeling as good as they feel when I don’t have the flu. I’m talking about them feeling way better even with the remnants of this flu still hanging around than they have ever felt in my life even when I’m not sick.

I can’t even imagine how great they’re going to feel when my physical body fully kicks this flu.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting Tips

For this year I’m not setting any specific goals.

Instead I’m going to focus on living my life according to my new values, but there is one New Year’s resolution I want to set for myself.

It’s not a specific goal or target for any one area of my life, but rather a way of being.

What I want to foster is the state of being open to new possibilities.

What does that mean?

Well, essentially it’s about being open to new possibilities for how reality works.

Think about how a child sees the world. They are curious and always open to new possibilities, not set in their ways of thinking. Children don’t discount the “impossible”.

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~Lewis Carroll

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is it possible to make a million dollars in one day as an Internet Marketer?

Is it possible that there is a single cure for all disease in the world, including the so called “incurable” ones like AIDS or Cancer?

Is it possible for a person to become invisible through meditation?

Is it possible for us to connect to parallel universes?

Is it possible to make a $100k / month as an affiliate marketer with a simple one-page website?

Is it possible to make $500k / month as a Blogger?

Is it possible to build a muscular body with just 10 minutes of exercise per day?

Is it possible to heal a broken limb spontaneously?

There are just some examples of what I mean. I’m not saying any of these are possible or impossible. I’m just using them as examples of the type of stuff I’d like to re-explore in my life.

For example, if I ask myself “Is it possible for us to connect to parallel universes?” and let’s just say that my logical mind says “No, it’s not possible.” then I want to explore that in more depth and ask myself “How do I know that? When did I decide this? What proof do I have that it is impossible?”

Or when I think about the possibility of making $500k/month as a Blogger, I want to explore the possibilities of that in more depth.

There really is no single specific direction I want to go with this. I want to simply just keep a much more open mind this year to new possibilities.

One of the reasons I’m doing this is because in the last few years especially my mind has really been opened and stretched as far as what I believe to be possible, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement here.

Meaning, I’m still mostly very skeptical about “impossible things” and it takes a lot of convincing and personal experimentation for me to be convinced that something is real.

For example when I first heard about muscle testing, I honestly thought it was total BS. I found it insulting to my intelligence that it could work. When I first read “Power vs Force” I thought it was a ridiculous concept so I tossed the book aside and labeled it as “quackery” in my mind.

Then one day I went to see a Naturopath who used muscle testing as a way of determining food allergies. I didn’t know he did this when I set the appointment. In fact, I didn’t know he was going to do muscle testing until I was sitting in his room and he just started doing it.

What happened next blew my mind. He told me to hold my arm up and hold it strong as he pushed down on my arm while testing different types of foods for allergies. My mind was determined to not fall for this “quackery”. I held my arm strong, determined he would not be able to push it down.

Then, after a few “strong” responses my arm went “weak” during one test. This totally blew my mind. It’s as if someone else was in control of my body. I felt a “shift” in my arm muscles and my arm went weak.

Previous to this moment, my mind justified muscle testing as simply the practitioner pushing down on the arm harder when trying to get a “weak” response. Once I actually experienced it, I knew that wasn’t the case.

That was my first experience with muscle testing being something that actually works. During my drive home from the naturopath that day my mind was totally blown.

Today, I totally accept muscle testing as something that works and I use it almost on a daily basis when I do my balances.

What if I have muscle testing a chance right away instead of labeling it as “quackery” for years and years until I “accidentally” ran into it in that naturopath’s office one day?

What if I accepted energy healing earlier in my life?

What if I accepted Law of Attraction earlier in my life?

What if I accepted psychic abilities earlier in my life?

This is my New Year’s Resolution for 2011 – to be open to and test out a lot more things that my mind might typically prematurely label as “impossible”.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon reason and just accept every crazy claim out there as true, but it just means I’m going to be more open minded to give things a chance before dismissing them and trust my intuition to guide me along the way.

Goal Setting

Establishing Your Beliefs

After you read 100 or so personal development books, you start to see certain patterns. After you read 1,000+ personal development books the patterns are completely obvious. You’d have to be blind not to see them.

One of those patterns that I realized somewhere along the way in reading through over a thousand personal development books is that there is a construct within our minds which is responsible for controlling and shaping every area of our lives.

We all want to fight for our freedoms and if our governments tried to take away even 1% of the freedoms we already have, there would be huge protests in the streets over it.

At the same time though, this mental construct we are all born with in our minds controls every detail of our lives and most of us aren’t even aware of it’s existence.

The mental construct I’m referring to is BELIEFS.

What Are Beliefs?

In elementary schools I remember learning about the seven wonders of the world.

What I don’t remember seeing on that list of “wonders” is human beings, animals, plants and any other forms of life. All the wonders in the world put together pale in comparison to the wonder of a single human body and the human brain/mind.

I think the list of wonders needs to be amended and the first three wonders on the list should be (1) Life, (2) Human Body, (3) Human Mind.

The fourth wonder on that list should be (4) Beliefs.

Beliefs control everything we see in our lives, yet almost all of us live our lives completely unaware of their existence.

We may hear about them from time to time in some book we read or some personal development guru talking about them, but for most of us they are just one of those things that we ignore.

This, ironically enough, is due to the fact that we have a belief that our beliefs are not something that’s important for us to take a look at. 🙂

Let me share something with you that might shine a little bit of a light on that limiting belief.

If there is just one thing you learn about and master in personal development in your entire life that would have a huge impact on EVERYTHING you experience – it would be Beliefs.

So what are beliefs exactly?
Beliefs Are Thought Constructs

Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that we keep thinking to ourselves until they evolve from “concepts” to “facts” in our minds.

For example, let’s take a belief like this:

“I am a professional blogger.”

The first time I thought that exact thought to myself, it was simply a concept – neither true, nor false.

As soon as I thought about the concept though, my mind began to classify that thought as either “true” or “false”.

Interestingly enough, in order to determine the validity of that statement, my mind had to access other beliefs I already had in order to determine whether that statement is true or not.

Meaning, it had to first determine “What is a professional blogger?”, and then it had to compare the criteria for the definition of what a professional blogger is to who my beliefs believe I am to determine a “truth scale” for that statement.

In this way, every belief we have is actually based on other beliefs we have previously constructed. Nothing is actually ever based on “facts”, everything is based on beliefs.

We label our most closely held beliefs as “facts” but really they are just beliefs. They are all just “made up”. Every day, millions of mental constructs some of us label as “facts” are proven to be false.

Even the mental concept of “facts” is a made up concept. The “fact” that facts exist is just a belief. LOL. 🙂

The first step to really grasp the power behind beliefs and how they shape our lives is to stop believing them to be facts. Beliefs are just beliefs – they are made up.

When people first hear this, it sometimes makes them angry. How dare someone say that there is no such thing as “facts”?

I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as a belief that we hold that facts exist. I know that belief exists. Our legal system is based on it, amongst many other things. However, in the end it’s still just a belief.

The simple truth is that without our belief in facts, facts don’t exist in and of themselves. We have to believe in them first, in order for them to exist.

All they are is just mental constructs.

I’ll say it again. Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts – mental constructs – which we keep thinking to ourselves until we gather enough “evidence” (through our belief in other beliefs) to establish them as “facts” in our minds.

Beliefs Are Self Reinforcing Filters

What’s really interesting about Beliefs is that once they are established, they act as self reinforcing filters to further strengthen them to seem like “facts” in our lives.

What does this mean?

Well, in order to understand what this means we must first realize that one of the most important functions of our human brain is to act as a filter. If we were to make a computer program that mimicked the functions of our human brain, 99.9999% of the code within that program would be code design to do just one thing – FILTER information.

See, most of us are under the illusion that our brains are conscious decision making devices. Our brains do make decisions, but 99.99999% of the decisions we make are through the process of subconscious filtering.

Our conscious brain can only process 7-10 bits of information per second. Whereas our subconscious brain is said to be able to process up to 40 million bits of information per second.

What does that mean?

Well, what that means is that our conscious mind – the one you are reading this with right now is only responsible for processing about 0.00000025% of the decisions that you make every single day.

Most of us live under the illusion that it is our conscious mind that is in control, because that is the part of our mind that we are aware of, and even at 10bits of information per second that still gives us the ability to make about 500,000 conscious decisions every day during our waking hours, but the truth is that there is about 2-4 trillion subconscious decisions that our subconscious mind makes every day that we are not even aware of.

Do you remember making 2 trillion decision yesterday? Do you remember even making 10 decisions yesterday? How about 1? 🙂

If we were to even attempt to process that bandwidth of information with our conscious mind, our brains would melt and we’d pass out in less than a second.

Therefore, what the brain does is that it constantly filters out any information that is not important according to our beliefs.

The brain essentially only relays the absolute most important information to your conscious mind for it to make a decision on. Everything single other decision is made by the subconscious mind.

So what do I mean by the fact that beliefs are self-reinforcing filters?

Well, how this works is that as soon as we form a belief about something, our subconscious mind filters out (deletes) any information which contradicts that which we already believe.

Meaning, when a new piece of information arrives through our senses, if that information does NOT align with that which we already believe – we simply filter it out. We delete it from our perceptions.

The reason we do this is because our mind does not have the ability to re-evaluate our existing beliefs every time we perceive something that does not align with our beliefs. As a survival mechanism we DELETE that which does not align with what we already believe to be true.

I cannot stress enough the profound nature of this realization.

What this means is that through your beliefs your mind creates this little “fantasy” world you live in, which you believe to exist and be “true”, and anything that you perceive through your senses which SUPPORTS that illusion/fantasy is accepted into your conscious and subconscious mind, and anything that CHALLENGES that illusion/fantasy is simply DELETED!

What’s more is that we all totally believe that OUR version of “reality” is the right one, because our own beliefs simply filter out that which doesn’t align with that which we already believe.
How Beliefs Control and Shape Our Lives

Beliefs control our lives by acting as “gatekeepers” to new perceptions.

For example, imagine for a second that you believe this statement:

“The economy is bad right now and it is difficult to make money.”

That is a belief. If you believe that belief, your mind will essentially filter out everything that doesn’t align with that statement.

So for example, let’s say that you are having a conversation with a friend at your house with the TV turned on in the background. On the TV, a news cast comes on and says that the economy is showing signs of a recovery.

Let’s walk through what happens.

Your ears hear the sound waves from that TV because you are within hearing distance. The ears transfer the audio signals to your brain which translates the meaning of the words into a concept. That concept is “Economy is recovering.”

Your mind then takes that concept and has to decide “Is this important information for the conscious mind to hear?”

The way it does that is to first compare it to your pre-existing beliefs. Now, lets say that you have a belief that says “The economy is bad right now and it is difficult to make money.”

Well, those two beliefs clash. So what your mind can do at this point is one of two things…. (1) Point out the fact that it has perceived new information that goes against one of your existing beliefs, or (2) Just filter out/delete the information and ignore it.

What the mind does in 99.999% of situations is #2. It deletes that which doesn’t align with our existing beliefs.

So how does this affect our lives?

Well, it affects our lives because we never really see the world and our environment as it really is. We see that which we want to see. We see that which aligns with our beliefs. What’s worse is that we keep reinforcing that which we believe to be true, and as we get older the “stubbornness” of our beliefs becomes stronger and stronger.

That is why two people in the exact same situation will perceive totally different things. One person will see opportunity in the same situation as someone else sees disaster. They are both right. They are both just seeing/perceiving that which aligns with their beliefs.

Think about it this way. Imagine there are two twin brothers named Bob and Bill.

Bob believes the following:

“The world is a friendly place.”
“Opportunities to make money are everywhere.”
“I deserve abundance in my life.”
“I am in charge of my own life.”
“My decisions shape my destiny.”

Bill believes the following:

“The world is a chaotic, random place. You never know what will happen next.”
“The world just keeps getting worse and worse.”
“I don’t deserve any of the stuff I have in my life. Someone will soon take it all away.”
“I’m totally out of control.”
“Nothing I do will ever change anything.”

Based on these beliefs, can you see how the two brothers will live TOTALLY different lives? I would be willing to bet that a guy like Bob with those beliefs could start with nothing and live a successful life because he would embrace all the opportunities that life showers us all with every day.

And a guy like Bill could be given every opportunity, break and leg-up in life and still end up living a miserable life.

The fact is that the two of them could have the same DNA, the same levels of intellect, talent, ability, etc. and could have been raised by the exact same parents in the same home, but with beliefs that are that different they will live totally different lives.

Speaking of DNA…

Beliefs and Biology

In his book “The Biology of Belief”, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., explains how our beliefs actually and literally control the biology of our bodies including our DNA.

I know it may sound like science fiction to those who haven’t heard about this science yet, but our beliefs can and do affect the very fabric of our body. Our beliefs actually have the ability to change our DNA.

Bruce Lipton teaches that it is not our genetic predisposition to certain diseases that determines whether or not we will manifest them in our bodies, but actually our beliefs that control this determination.

Meaning, there is no such thing as a “Cancer Gene” that controls whether or not we develop Cancer. There is no “Baldness Gene” that controls whether or not we go bald. Genes themselves have no control to turn themselves on/off. They are turned on/off based on our beliefs.

Think of genes like a light switch. We have mistakenly assumed that light switches turn on the lights. Light switches don’t turn on/off the lights. The person flicking the light switch turns on/off the lights.

That is a huge distinction. Keep in mind, however, that there are billions if not trillions of dollars being made out there right now by companies that try to lock us into the limiting belief that we have no control over those light switches. It is in their best interest to keep us “in the dark”, thinking that our genes control our health, and also the limiting belief that our DNA is something that is static that we are born with and which never changes throughout our lives.

Neither of those limiting beliefs are true. “The Biology of Belief” explains in detail.

The Awareness Trap

The biggest challenge with the way that our belief system works is that it is self-reinforcing. If our mind worked in such a way where anything that challenged our beliefs was brought to the surface for “re-evaluation”, then slowly over time our beliefs would balance themselves out. They would represent a fairly accurate model of reality.

However, due to the self-reinforcing nature of our beliefs, we not only form false/limiting beliefs, but we are also completely unaware of their existence! Even if we become aware of them, the next challenge we run into is that we are so invested in our beliefs due to the millions of decisions that we already made according to those beliefs, that we refuse to look at any kind of “new information” that might challenge those beliefs.

The only way to avoid this trap, is to address it consciously. Our subconscious mind won’t just automatically fix our limiting beliefs by itself. We must consciously decide to do that first, and only then will we be able to change our beliefs.

The only other way in which our beliefs can be affected (outside of our own conscious choice to change them) is when we come in contact with other people who don’t have the same beliefs that we do. When we interact with other human beings, their minds don’t function within the same limiting beliefs that we do so their perceptions are different.

This is why getting around successful people is so important.

If you want to become a professional Blogger, become friends with or hire a professional Blogger mentor. They will instantly be able to see things that you don’t see yourself.

If you want to improve your fitness levels, get around people who are into fitness or hire a fitness mentor. Their beliefs will perceive opportunities for you and challenge the decisions you’re currently making unconsciously without even being aware of it.

If you want to be wealthy, get around wealthy people.

Another Alternative

Besides getting around people who already have a set of beliefs which allow them to accomplish the things that you would like to accomplish in life, there is one other way to get rid of your limiting beliefs.

For my regular Blog readers, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this before. The only belief clearing/balancing system that I know which accurately identifies the exact limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve/accomplish/be in life, and also helps you to balance out those beliefs quickly and effectively.

When you get around people who are already successful in the area of your life which you want to be successful in, just by hanging around with them they will point out your limiting beliefs / mis-perceptions. For example, often times when I get around people who have a lack-mentality around money, I can instantly spot the limiting beliefs they believe in which they aren’t even aware of. I can do this because I used to have the exact same limiting beliefs when I almost went bankrupt.

Those limiting beliefs stand out to me like a sore thumb. I can instantly tell what people believe to be true, and when I challenge those beliefs it’s really interesting to see how people react. In almost all cases they start of by defending their beliefs, and then after a while they realize that they don’t even consciously believe in those beliefs – so they wonder why they believed them unconsciously in the first place.

This is an awesome way to discover and eliminate limiting beliefs, but it is also a very slow and “manual” way of accomplishing this. What if you can’t get around people who are doing what you want to do? Or what if you’re trying to accomplish something that many people haven’t done before?

That is where I think shines bright. It allows you to identify the exact limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and then to balance them out. A process that may have previously taken months or years or even decades to accomplish, can now be done with PSYCH-K in a matter of minutes.

Of course just by studying beliefs, becoming aware of them, asking yourself the right questions, and getting around people with more empowered beliefs can be a huge positive factor in your life. I’m not saying that this is the only way to affect beliefs. I had a lot of success re-wiring my personal beliefs for 15 years prior to discovering them, so I know it can be done. I’m just saying that this is a much faster way to go. I wish I heard about it 15 years ago. 🙂

The bottom line is this.

Your limiting beliefs are not going to fix themselves. By default they will simply just “harden” themselves and become a stronger ( and more limiting ) force in your life.

To change your limiting beliefs you must do so consciously. You have to decide to identify and change those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

If you don’t, you’ll always be held back by them because the subconscious mind is programmed to “strengthen” our beliefs ( limiting or not ) and not to “determine the legitimacy” of them.

Only our conscious mind can decide to question the legitimacy of our beliefs.

Nobody else will do this for you.

By whatever method, you must decided to change your limiting beliefs.

Or not.

It’s your decision.