Helping Negative People

For the past few months, I’ve had many different conversations with people who have either gone through or are currently going through some form of “separation” in their lives.

This can be in the form of a marriage break-up, or a relationship break-up between couples, a break-up between friends or even family members.

It may even be in the form of a work relationship ending.

Even though the circumstances are different in every case, there seems to be a lot of “separation” happening right now.

It is as if there is a call from the Universe or the spirit world, guiding people who are positive and uplifting to separate themselves from their “negatron” friends, family members or co-workers.

I have noticed this all around me.

Why the Separation

I believe this separation is being orchestrated by our Higher Selves at a spiritual level.

I believe our Higher Selves are basically saying “Enough is enough, time to focus on ourselves.”

For years, and maybe even decades a lot of us who are positive and uplifting have been desperately trying to uplift and help others to “see the light”.

As of 2012, however, it is as if there is a call to now simply “let go and let be”.

Meaning, it is time for us to now focus on accelerating our own growth and development by getting around other positive / uplifting people, instead of trying to “rescue the negatrons”.

Playing the “rescue the negatron” game was fun and entertaining for us, but it is now time for us to play a new game moving forward.

The new game is called “Let’s see just how far we can take things in the positive direction when we’re not being held back by negatrons.”

As one small example of this, for the past 3 months or so I have started to completely delete and eradicate any negative comments or feedback on my Blog.

Meaning, if anyone leaves a stupid, negative comment that serves absolutely no purpose other than to just spread fear or negativity, I instantly nuke it off my Blog.

In the past I would usually approve positive or negative comments on my Blog, if for nothing more than the fact that negative comments often stir up controversy and conversations.

Now I just nuke them.

Same thing with emails. If I receive negative emails from people, I nuke the emails and unsubscribe them from my email list.

I simply do not want anything to do with negative people anymore. They can go “play” somewhere else.

I have been doing the same thing in my life as well.

I am not letting negative people “be” negative around me. I call people out on that right away nowadays and if they don’t want to change, I simply don’t put myself in their presence.
How to Help Negative People

Many positive people who have friends or family members or significant others who are “negatrons” have asked me how they can help those people best.

The advice I now give them is to simply leave those people alone and to let them experience the instant manifestations of their negative energies.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

Firstly, I believe that we all manifest our realities through our thoughts (conscious and subconscious), beliefs (conscious and subconscious), actions (conscious and habitual) and the energy that we “put out” into the world.

People who have a positive / empowering / uplifting energy around all of these things produce positive / empowering / uplifting results in their lives.

People who have a negative / dis-empowering / depressing energy around all of these things produce negative / dis-empowering / depressing results in their lives.

The challenge that we run into as positive / uplifting people is that we are constantly trying to “fix” things for negative people so as to prevent them from experiencing the results of their negativity.

The problem with this is that by doing this we are stopping them from learning the truth behind how the Universe really works.

For example, imagine that you have a really negative person who is a friend of yours…

…and imagine that they come over to your house and they start talking about how crappy their car is. Imagine they spend 30 minutes talking about how much they hate their car, how they think it’s a piece of crap, how the workmanship is crappy, and how they wish they never bought it etc.

Now imagine that 15mins after that, they get in that car to drive home and 10mins later that car breaks down on them.

That type of “instant karma” might — not always, but just might — help them to form the correlation between what they are thinking, saying and projecting and the reality that they create.

They just might put the two and two together and think to themselves “Hmmm… I said my car was a piece of crap, and 10mins later it broke down…interesting.”

Most likely they won’t realize this at first, but when they create enough of these types of events, they might just put two and two together and come to the conclusion that they are in fact MANIFESTING their own REALITY!

Now let’s take another – more likely scenario.

Your friend comes over and starts talking about how crappy their car is. They are being super negative and doing nothing but just complaining about the car.

Since you are a positive / uplifting person, you then start telling them stuff like “Oh come on, it’s not that bad. It’s not the best car in the world, but it’s been pretty reliable.”

You go through this dance of negative / positive / negative / positive and after a while, your friend leaves to go home.

This time around, on their way back home, however, the car does NOT break down. The car is fine.

Your positive energy has essentially “saved” them from having to experience the negative results of their negative energy.

In fact because your energy is so positive, their negativity didn’t cause their car to break down for another 3 weeks, when one day they are driving home from a supermarket, thinking about something totally different and then BAM – their car breaks down.

By this time, however, they have totally forgotten about the 30 minute “hate fest” of negative energy they sent towards their cars.

And so they don’t learn their lesson.

In such a situation, when you have a negative person who has surrounded themselves with at least a few positive people, these negative type people tend to end up living in a world they believe to be random / chaotic.

Sometimes they are very negative, and they instantly manifest their worst fears.

Sometimes they are very negative, and they don’t manifest their worst fears.

Sometimes they are very negative, and really positive things manifest in their lives.

The reason this happens is because the positive / empowering people in their lives are neutralizing and often times even reversing the flow of their “instant karma” with their positive energy.

This is not in the highest good of the “negatrons”.

Negative people will never learn the truth about manifesting their own reality as long as positive / uplifting people keep “rescuing” them behind the scenes.

Metaphorically speaking, we have to let the negatrons touch the stove and get burned just a little bit – so that they learn not to touch the stove.

Every seemingly “negative” situation in these people’s lives carries with it a lesson and a seed of personal empowerment. When we “rescue” people from such situations we are actually hurting them by not allowing them to learn the lesson themselves, and we steal the seed of energy that was there meant for them.

As positive / uplifting people, we must learn that the best – and most likely the ONLY way – we can really influence the “negatrons” is through the clarity of our own example.

The best way to help someone who is drowning in debt, is to become financially independent yourself.

The best way to help someone from disease and sickness, is to become healthy and fit yourself.

The best way to help anyone with anything is to simply BE an example of the energy that they need to BE in order to solve their challenges.
Help Seekers

What I’m describing above does NOT apply to those people who come to you asking for help, who are seeking a solution to their problems, and who are willing to change.

Meaning, if someone is unhealthy and you are a healer and they come to you seeking healing, there is nothing wrong with helping them with that.

Or if someone comes to you seeking financial advice or business advice or any other type of advice and you are wanting to help them with that area of life, there is nothing wrong with that.

That is not what I am referring to above.

What I’m referring to are the negative / dis-empowering people in your life who are NOT asking you for help, but who are instead just wanting to be in your presence to spew their negativity.

These types of people are NOT looking to change, or grow or to empower themselves. They are just looking to BE negative and to get away with it.

If however you have someone coming to you for help and they are ready for change and willing to change, then of course you can help them!

One of the best ways to separate the type of people who are “negatrons” and who just want to be “negatrons” from those types of people who genuinely want to and are willing to change is to ask them what they are willing to GIVE UP for the advice / help they are seeking.

Are they willing to pay for your advice / help?

Are they willing to exchange a service for your help?

Are they willing to take your advice and read books, listen to audios, or invest in other forms of empowering themselves?

Are they willing to change their thoughts, beliefs, habits to make a change in their lives?

Are they willing to invest time, energy and/or money into their transformation?

If they are not willing to do any of the above, then you’ve simply got a “negatron” on your hands who WANTS to be a “negatron” because most likely they haven’t yet experienced the repercussions of their negativity in full force yet.

They have most likely been “rescued” by you or someone else over and over and over again so they’re perfectly “happy” being “negatrons” and continuing to spew their negative energy everywhere they go with no consequences.

The best way you can help such people is to stop “rescuing” them right now.

Let the Universe be their teacher.

Let them touch the hot stove and learn for themselves.

That is the best way to help them.

I know it’s not easy to watch people “suffer” the consequences of their negativity, but honestly that is the only way they will learn.

By “rescuing” them, you are simply prolonging their suffering while at the same time using them as an excuse for avoiding your own path of new growth and experiences.

Abundance Goal Setting

Personal Development History

As I’ve been advancing in the one-of-a-kind Lifestyle Awareness training that I get access to as a member, I have started to notice huge differences between the training that I’m getting access to and everything else that I have seen out there on the same topic.

I’m no “newb” to personal development. At last count I have spent well over $56k on over 1,000 personal development books, courses, seminars and trainings over the past 16 years. That is prior to joining the .

In all that time, I have never seen anything that matches the quality of training that I get access to as a member.

Over the past few months, however, I’ve had some “discussions” with people who are also in the Personal Development space who have been debating with me whether or not the training is “that good”, or whether it’s worth the price etc.

All of these people have never listened to any training put out by GIN, but they claim to “know” that it’s nothing new. Their opinion is that all the training in is all the same stuff you can get anywhere else, on the Internet etc.

These people simply “Don’t Know What They Don’t Know”. They have NO CLUE what kind of training we get access to as members, but somehow they claim to “KNOW” for sure, that it can’t be that good.

Meanwhile, with a rare exception in a few cases, their lives are a complete train-wreck.

The are unhappy, usually financially broke or going through huge turmoils, emotionally bankrupt and overall just tired and miserable.

At the same time though, they are completely ADDICTED to either ONE or MULTIPLE personal development “Gurus” and the theories that they present.

They want to debate theories with me, as to what sounds good to them, and what makes logical sense. When they ask me what teaches and I give them a few simple examples, they argue that there is no way that those teachings could be true.

Their “proof” that the teachings are false, is something they read in some book somewhere, or their own logical mind telling them “It can’t be that way.”

Most of these people have no clue that they are riddled with failure habits. The biggest one of them all being the “Oh I already *know* that” habit.

For example, they say “Oh, I already know all about the Law of Attraction and how to use it.”


If that’s the case, then WHY ARE YOU BROKE? Why is your life in shambles?!

The truth is that they have NO CLUE about the Law of Attraction. Yes, they may know ABOUT the Law of Attraction, and they might know a lot of theories on the subject, but they don’t *know* the Law of Attraction.

Shit, I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for 11 years. I’ve manifested everything from a plum pudding to a $400k boost in my income in one year using it. I’ve even written and published a book on the Law of Attraction.

Yet, even after all that, I still realize every day that what I know about the Law of Attraction is NOTHING. I’ve barely scratched the surface of understanding how it works and how to make it work in my life.

However, by being TEACHABLE I’m now learning some amazing things about how to manifest amazing things in my life. I don’t presume to make idiotic statements like “Oh I already *know* everything about the law of attraction.”
The Ultimate Test

The ultimate test for being a student of personal development is simply this… CAN YOU PRODUCE THE RESULTS YOU WANT?

If not, then you don’t know shit… KEEP LEARNING!

Do the THEORIES that you are learning about in the books that you are reading actually PRODUCE RESULTS in your life? If not, then they are crap!

It doesn’t matter how nice the theories sound. It doesn’t matter how LOGICAL they sound, or how “EVERYONE” agrees with you… if the THEORY doesn’t produce results, then it’s crap. Either the theory is wrong, or you’re missing something, or you’re doing something wrong. Either way, you’ve got to keep looking, and keep staying coachable in the process.

For example, I remember once reading somewhere that THE ONLY way to “unlock” your intuitive/psychic abilities is to stop eating meat for at least 30 days.

I read this really interesting theory about how the energy of the animals that you are eating, when you eat meat, is preventing you from opening up your intuitive abilities and anyone who goes vegetarian for even just 30 days would experience a massive boost in their intuitive abilities.

So I tried it out. For 30 days (actually longer) I didn’t eat any meat products at all. So what happened then? Did my intuitive abilities improve? Nope. No difference. None at all.

I went back to eating meat and found other ways to improve my intuitive abilities that actually worked. It was an interesting theory, but for me it didn’t produce ANY RESULTS so I just dropped it.

That’s the ultimate test.

This is exactly why I *love* the training that the produces. Everyone I share it with starts to produce tangible results in their lives, as if by magic.

One friend of mine who I shared the set with has already experienced huge differences in her personal life, in her husband’s life and in their businesses.

I had a conversation with another friend of mine just this past Friday. She just became a member very recently, and last Friday we were having a conversation on the phone, during which she decided to put some energy and focus on trying to manifest some extra money using the teachings. This morning she called me, excited because she had already manifested $4,000.

Another friend of mine wanted to manifest a new car because her old one was completely falling apart. This weekend she just got a new car.

Another friend of mine wanted to manifest a new job as the one he had he didn’t like. He is a pilot and wanted to get into float plane flying, and just this past week he manifested a new job where he will have the opportunity to fly float planes.

I have DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of real-life testimonials from regular people who I introduced to the training as well as the , and all of them have been manifesting REAL TANGIBLE RESULTS in their lives.

A lot of these people have already heard about the Law of Attraction. They have read books on it. They studied with various “gurus” but their results were CRAP. At best they were able to manifest a few things here and there sporadically, but now they are manifesting amazing things all the time.

Ask yourself… Are the THEORIES that you have been taught in the world of Personal Development actually PRODUCING RESULTS for you in your life?

Are they?

Or are they just theories that sound good, and “make sense” and everyone around you agrees with them, but they don’t produce results???

RESULTS. That is the only test that matters.

Are you getting the results you want in your life, RIGHT NOW?


Creating Manifestations in your Life

This is a question I have asked myself many times over the last 15 years and it’s something that a lot of my coaching students and friends have directly and indirectly asked me about as well.

A lot of people today use words and phrases like “I manifested this” or “I attracted this” or “I created this”, or even more often “I didn’t manifest this” or “I didn’t attract this” or “I didn’t create this!”.

But what do such phrases actually mean?

Well, what I’ve realized recently is that while a lot of people use language where they talk about “manifesting” or “attracting” or “creating” things, events or situations in their lives – a lot of times this language means totally different things to different people.

From my observations, people tend to go through five levels of understanding / meaning when it comes to “manifesting”.

Level 1 – The Newtonian Perspective

People who view the world through a Level 1 lens or perspective see the universe as an objective, separate entity that exists “out there”, separate from them or anyone else.

In this Level 1 perspective, the universe is a collection of galaxies, stars and planetary systems all separate from one another.

Every human on the planet, every animal, plant, and object is viewed as completely separate entities.

When people who are at this level of thinking talk about “manifesting things”, they refer to a set of action steps that they have taken – or that someone else has taken at their request – which produce a specific result in their lives.

From their perspective, they see “manifesting” as the result of taking action towards a goal or outcome they desire.

For example, if someone at this level says “I manifested a new car!”, what they really mean is that they went out there and took more action, and made more money and then they went to a car dealership and they purchased a new car.

People who view the world from this perspective live by a mantra of “Just do it!” or “Take more action!” They do not believe that anything “out there” happens, or manifests for anyone, unless a person physically does something by taking physical action to accomplish that thing.

People at this level typically don’t waste their time with things like meditation, or visualization, because they view time as a limited resource and things like meditation or visualization just waste time that could be better spent taking more action.

When people at this level say that they “manifested something” or “attracted something” what they really mean is that they went out there, took action and they accomplished a goal they desired by taking physical action based on a logical sequence of events that took them from point A to point B.

People at this level of thinking do not believe it is possible to manifest anything just by thinking about it. They believe that unless a person actually takes physical action towards something, nothing will happen.

People at this level see the world through the five senses, and do not believe in anything that cannot be proven through the current paradigms used in science.

We could say that for people at this level, the traditional Newtonian scientific method is their religion.

Level 2 – 6th Sense Introduction

The next level of thinking some people evolve to is almost identical to the 1st Level I just described, but with a small twist of the 6th Sense.

What do I mean by this?

Well, people at this second level of thinking believe in the exact same things as people at the 1st level, but they also make room for a small amount of “unexplained phenomenon” – such as the 6th sense.

The reason this usually happens is because once in a while when a person is trying to manifest something from the 1st Level perspective (of taking action) – there are times when it appears as if certain things end up manifesting without any effort on their part in the physical universe.

For example, a person might put together a dream board and they might put a picture of a certain thing that they want to manifest in their lives on that dream board. Several days later someone who they haven’t shared this desire with may visit them and give them that exact object as a gift, even though the person didn’t tell anyone about wanting this specific item.

When this happens once or twice, people at Level 1 thinking tend to just dismiss it as a co-incidence, but when these types of events happen more than once or when the probability of co-incidence is just too great to have happened – people tend to start to evolve to the 2nd level of thinking where they start factoring in a little bit of “unexplained phenomenon” into the equation.

For example, people might start to believe that the human mind has some form of psychic ability where once in a while – from time to time – we can actually pickup on the thoughts that another person is thinking subconsciously.

This then accounts for all the situations where we want to manifest something (using Level 1 techniques of taking action), an then we are pleasantly surprised by an event where someone “mysteriously” gives us what we want even though we didn’t tell them that we wanted that thing etc.

For example I might be watching TV and see a commercial for cinnamon buns, and I might think to myself “Man, I haven’t had cinnamon buns for a long time. I’d love to have one.“ I may think that, but I might not say anything to anyone about it.

Later on that night, a friend might pop by for a visit and they bring cinnamon buns over and when I ask them about why they felt compelled to bring over cinnamon buns, they might just say “I don’t know…I was at the store and I thought you might want cinnamon buns so I got them.”

People at this level of thinking still believe that the universe is made up of “objects”, all separate from each other – floating through space. However, they start to see these weird patterns where things sometimes manifest in their lives just by them thinking about them, so they start to believe that perhaps human beings might have some kind of “psychic connection” to one another and that explains why sometimes we can manifest things without doing anything or telling anyone about those things.

In most cases though, people at Level 2 thinking still focus 99% of their efforts on manifesting things through physical action as in Level 1. Once in a while they experience a “miracle” where something manifests without action, but they rationalize that by thinking that another person must have “read their mind” somehow and knew what they wanted.

At this Level of thinking – however – everything is still manifested through ACTION, it just may be that the action steps required to manifest may be completed by someone else who picked up on your desire through some sort of 6th sense.

People at Level 2 still believe very much in a religion of Science – but they may believe that there are some things (ie. 6th sense) that science hasn’t yet explained, and attribute any “miracles” they perceive in their lives as just something we haven’t yet scientifically proven (at least with conventional, high-school level of science).

Level 3 – Mass Consciousness Rules All

The next level of thinking happens when people start to see examples of things manifesting in their lives that were NOT created through physical action taken by them – OR – by other people “reading their minds”.

For example, imagine if you wanted to manifest a new car because you hated your current car and you sat down and visualized owning a brand new car and then 15 minutes later a bolt of lightning hit a tree outside of your house and the tree cracked in half and fell on top of your existing car.

And imagine that the insurance company wrote off the car and gave you enough money for it for you to be able to purchase a brand new car.

Well, in such a situation you couldn’t attribute this weird event to a person reading your mind (your desire to want a new car) and then somehow manifesting that scenario by taking action on your behalf – because it was a bolt of lightning that caused the situation to happen, not a person.

This may not be the best example, but essentially at this third level of understanding “manifestation”, people start to awaken to the idea that somehow just by thinking about things or desiring things, we are able to actually affect inanimate objects as well – not just other people.

It’s almost as if it’s not just other human beings “listening” to our desires through some sort of “6th sense” – it’s more like the entire universe appears to be listening to our thoughts and desires.

That doesn’t mean that the entire universe re-arranges itself to give us what we want, instantly with no effort – but from time to time we experience events that simply can’t be explained by any other theory except that somehow “The Universe” heard our desire.

Some people may call “The Universe” by a name like God, or some other force outside of themselves, but regardless what label they give this force, people at this level believe that there is something greater than themselves that is “listening” or “controlling” things behind the scenes and it has power over everything in the Universe.

Scientists tend to use the name “consciousness” to refer to this force, because they don’t like using words like “God” or “The Universe” since they have religious connotations.

At this third level of thinking, people start to think that there is a form of “mass consciousness” that connects all beings together, and all particles and events in the universe and whatever this “mass consciousness” is – it is alive and listening.

When people try to manifest something at this level, what they believe is happening is that they are placing an “order” into “mass consciousness” and hoping that this mass consciousness will respond by manifesting what they want.

Some people believe it is actually the 7 billion or so people on this planet that make up the mass consciousness in a sort of “hive mind”, and the sum of all the desires of this “hive mind” is what manifests as our reality.

Meaning, it’s almost like a democratic voting system where I place my “vote” into the hive mind by asking for what I want at an energetic level – and assuming that the collective mind of the other 7 billion people aligns with my desires then I will get what I want.

However, if the collective hive mind is not in alignment with my personal desires then I will not manifest what I want in my life – except possibly by force or independent physical action.

At this level of thinking, people tend to focus on trying to change the world, or to change the thinking of the world — to more closely match their thinking. By doing this, they hope to accomplish getting their personal desires met.

One difference between Level 3 thinking versus Level 2 thinking is that at Level 3, we are no longer bound by the so called “laws of physics”.

At Level 3, the belief starts to be that YES there are law of physics such as gravity for example, that we are bound and limited by —- HOWEVER, those rules are only in effect because the mass consciousness hive mind believes them to be true.

The idea is that the concept of gravity is a useful and beneficial BELIEF for the 7 billion people on this planet, so we’re not just going to break gravity by individually wanting to manifest that.

However, if we could somehow convince all 7 billion people on this planet that we can defy gravity – then we would manifest a reality where gravity doesn’t even exist anymore. In this way, NO rule of physics is greater than the beliefs of Mass Consciousness.

In fact, every rule of physics, is simply a construct of mass consciousness – and at this level of thinking – people believe that they are a PART of mass consciousness, but typically their thinking is that they are just a small fraction of it and in “effect” by the overall thinking of the hive mind.

This is why people at this level tend to pick missions in life and spend a lot of time and energy trying to change the world, change the thinking of the world, and are always focusing on fixing all that is broken “out there”.

When they want to manifest something in life, their thinking usually points them towards “How do I align my desires with the whole world?” and they tend to ask for things in life that they think will make the world a better place for everyone. Their thinking is “I will get what I want in life, as long as what I want is for the benefit of everyone else as well.”

The things they tend to manifest in their lives tend to reflect that idea. They find it very easy to manifest stuff that is good for everyone, but any desires they have which they perceive to be a bit “selfish” – they tend to have a lot of trouble manifesting.

Level 4 – The Mirror

At Level 4, people start to realize that changing the entire world – or “hive mind of mass consciousness” is very exhausting work!

They start to think…man, it’s so hard to change other people! Nobody wants to change! So how can I manifest my dreams and desires if I need to change the whole world first?! There has to be an easier way.

And typically they start to look in the mirror.

They start to look at themselves.

Instead of trying to go “out there” and change the planet, change the government, change the people, change all this “stuff out there” – they start to really focus on just changing themselves.

They start to ask themselves – “Well, what do *I* really want? Forget the world, and the planet, and all this stuff going on out there… Forget trying to make everyone ‘out there’ happy… What do *I* want? What would make ME happy?”

And at this point, they start to make small but important changes in themselves.

When they realize that they constantly manifest relationships with people who treat them like crap, they start looking inside and asking themselves “Why am I manifesting this? Why do I treat myself like crap?” or “Where in my life am I treating myself like crap?”

And what they very quickly start to realize is that there is nobody “out there”. There is no “mass consciousness” that is “out there” affecting them. They start to realize that as soon as they change themselves, seemingly the entire world “out there” changes automatically.

The world “out there” essentially becomes a mirror. If I look in the mirror and I see myself standing there – without a hat on – and I want the person in the mirror to be wearing a hat, what do I have to do?

Well, that’s simple… I just have to put a hat on myself – and the person in the mirror will automatically be wearing a hat!

So, people at this 4th level of manifesting reality start to really go INSIDE for answers.

When they want to manifest a new car, for example, they go INSIDE for that. They start looking for internal conflicts, or limiting beliefs INSIDE themselves that are holding them back from having a new car.

They work on their own energy, their own conscious and subconscious beliefs, their vibration, the alignment of their Chakras, their physical vitality, the foods they put INSIDE their body, etc. as things to focus on when wanting to manifest what they want.

At this level people start to realize that the more they change their INNER landscape, the more the reality OUT THERE seems to change instantly and effortlessly.

Taking physical action “out there” is completely pointless without proper INNER alignment first.

This is a very powerful level of awareness and many people manifest amazing things at this level.

Level 5 – I am

At Level 4 people realize that everything boils down to “INNER WORK”.

You want to manifest a new car? Focus on your beliefs, your vibration, your energy levels, your thoughts, your alignment with your higher self, your physical vitality, your mind etc. If you get those things all aligned, then things “OUT THERE” will take care of themselves, almost as if by magic – and usually with very little or no physical effort (action) required on your part.

However, the challenge with Level 4 thinking is that even though you’ve stopped looking “out there” (Level 1,2,3) as the path towards getting what you want, and replaced it with “in here” as the limitation holding you back – you are still limiting yourself.

Meaning, for example, a person at Level 4 might think “I will manifest the car I want as soon as I can get past my limiting beliefs.” or “I will manifest the car I want as soon as I change my vibration to attract/manifest the car I want.”

Essentially, the “gatekeepers” between where you are now and where you want to be (ie. driving your new car) is your limiting beliefs, or your higher self, or your mind, or your subconscious, or your vibration, or your energy levels, or the clogged Chakras you have, or something like that.

At Level 4, people become “Inner Warriors”. They develop an ever increasing repertoire of “Inner Tools” that work on their body, mind, spirit, conscious and subconscious mind etc.

All of this “Inner Work” is wonderful and typically produces a lot of amazing results for people.

However, after a while people start to realize that all these “inner gatekeepers” are all the same – or at the very least they are very similar.

And at Level 5, people start to realize that even the gatekeepers themselves are our own constructs.

Meaning, at Level 4, if I want to manifest a new car – I might think to myself “Okay, to get this car I have to get rid of this limiting belief called X which is holding me back from manifesting the car.”

So in such an example, there is ME, the “INNER GATEKEEPER” (which happens to be a limiting belief I labeled as X in this example), and then there is the NEW CAR — 3 separate entities in my Level 4 mind.

At level 4 thinking, I think that in order for ME to get the NEW CAR I must first overcome the limiting belief.

So I might employ a “limiting belief change” modality such as affirmations or PSYCH-K or EFT or some other “tool” I have in my toolbox to try to overcome that belief. And of course this might work really well!

However, at Level 5 we start to realize that ME and THE GATEKEEPER and the NEW CAR are all actually ONE.

So instead of creating a gatekeeper like “limiting beliefs” – for example – or “vibrational misalignment” – which keeps ME from having what I want, which is the NEW CAR, I may instead choose to just not even play that game.

I may choose to just manifest the car without the need for creating and then overcoming a limitation.

I am not saying this is easy to do – or that people at Level 5 can do it at will, all the time in every situation.

What I am saying though is that in certain situations, people at Level 5 just manifest stuff virtually INSTANTLY without having to overcome anything “out there” or “in here”. They just create a desire for something and somehow it just manifests for them, virtually instantly, and virtually effortlessly.


I have observed that people tend to fall into these five levels of thinking when it comes to “manifesting” things in their lives.

Often times people will use the same language, but they will mean totally different things when talking about manifesting.

People at Level 1 for example tend to focus their time and energy on taking physical action steps when trying to manifest things, while people at Level 4 for example will spend a lot more time working on themselves.

That doesn’t mean that people at Level 4 always use Level 4 thinking when trying to manifest. In fact, the majority of people think at different levels at different times and for different things.

For example, one person might use Level 4 thinking when working on their health, but may resort to Level 1 thinking/strategies/perspectives when trying to manifest a new car.

Just because a person understand the possibility of Level 4 thinking doesn’t mean they always apply that way of thinking all the time.

Often times people at Level 4 will work on themselves in certain areas of their life, and in other areas they will focus more on trying to fix the problem “out there”.

For example, they might try to resolve financial issues by working on themselves on the inside (Level 4 thinking) – but when it comes to relationships, they might focus all their energy trying to change the people “out there” ( Level 1-3 thinking).

I think it’s interesting to consider these different levels of thinking when talking to people about “manifesting” things in life, and to also consider how we are approaching situations in our own lives when wanting to manifest something.

What level of thinking do you typically default to when trying to manifest something in your life?

Personally I think I spend the majority of my time at Level 3 and Level 4. More recently a lot more time at Level 4 than 3, and once in a while I jump into Level 5 thinking from time to time but I haven’t spent a lot of time there yet.


Removing Negativity from Your Life

The world as we know it right now will end in 2012.

A new world will be born.

Humanity is about to go through a massive shift.

One of the energies that is accelerating that change is the awakening that many good people are going through right now in respect to “Dreamstealers”.

What Are Dreamstealers?

Dreamstealers are the people in your life who have these qualities about them:

  • They fail to take responsibility for anything in their own lives. Instead they always have someone to blame – from the Government, to the Rich, to everyone else.
  • They always see the negative in every situation, and hide under the guise of “Just being realistic.”
  • They are the first ones to point out everything that could possibly go wrong.
  • They destroy your dreams, and hide under the guise of “I do it because I love you and I don’t want you to be disappointed.”
  • They are often unhappy and miserable with their own lives, yet at the same time they believe their way of doing things is the only/right way.

Almost all of us have people in our lives who exhibit these qualities – be it friends, co-workers, acquaintances or family members.
The 2012 Shift

Up until 2011, most of us tolerated Dreamstealer abuse and negativity because in a lot of cases it was just easier that way.

A lot of us even felt sorry for these people, especially in the case of friends and family members.

However, in 2012 and moving forward, that is no longer good enough.

Almost all of the good people I have spoken to in the last three weeks have begun expressing this energy of “I’m not going to let them steal my dreams anymore. I’m done.”

I believe this is a global phenomenon. We’re all awakening to this right now.

The Lightworker Rescue Mission Ends

Up until now, many good people were under the wrong impression that it was somehow their job to “rescue” these dreamstealers from their own negativity.

We would listen and allow these negatrons to spew their negativity, thinking that “It’s OK, I can handle it. I’ll show them the positive side as soon as they’re done.”

We would let them “vent” and then offer a positive perspective/spin on what they just expressed to us, in hopes of “showing them the light” and helping them to feel better.

The challenge is that they don’t want to see the light.

What they do want is to temporarily feel better – (which is good) – but the way that they go about this is by STEALING your light instead of by connecting to their own.

You can’t help a Dreamstealer by giving them your light. That is a short-term solution which leaves you drained and them only temporarily feeling better.

By letting them “feed” off of your positive energy, you’re in effect giving them their “fix” instead of allowing them to find their own inner light.

This is not in alignment with the highest good.

The Secret Weapon of Dreamstealers

However destructive this challenge of letting Dreamstealers “feed” off of your light energy is, it actually pales in comparison with the bigger challenge that this situation creates.

The bigger challenge that this situation creates is that it robs the world of the CREATIONS that good people are supposed to be creating.

You see, it takes a lot of light energy to bring an idea/creation into this world.

It takes a lot of energy to raise our own vibrations to allow us to create and manifest something new and amazing at a level higher than we have ever created.

Ideas and inspirations are like infants. They must be protected and shielded from the outside environment, just like you would protect an infant.

A lot of good people I know have amazing ideas and aspirations.

They have great aspirations for starting and building businesses, or transforming their lives in some way.

The challenge is that most good people I know have not been aware of the secret “weapon” that Dreamstealers have, which kills and destroys their ideas and aspirations.

Many good people believe that if they invest X number of hours into a project, or new business of some sort and 99% of that time is spent feeding positive energy towards the project, then it doesn’t really matter what happens the other 1% of the time.

Most good people BELIEVE in their positive beliefs. They believe that their new business idea or new project is the right thing to do. They are convinced that they are right and no Dreamstealer will ever be able to convince them otherwise.

This is why most good people haven’t really cared about the negative opinions of a few co-workers, friends or family members they are exposed to from time to time.

Their thinking is “I know what I’m doing is right, those negative people can’t convince me otherwise.”

And they are right. Dreamstealers, in almost all cases, CAN’T convince you that they are right and you are wrong.

The challenge, however, is that they don’t have to!

You see, the secret weapon of a Dreamstealer is NOT to convince you that you are wrong and they are right.

They know they don’t need to do that. All they need to do to completely throw you off track is to introduce DOUBT and FEAR – even in small amounts.

Often times that is all that it takes to destroy your dream.

You see doubts and fears paralyze people.

If I was a Dreamstealer I wouldn’t need to convince you that your dream/idea/inspiration is WRONG. All I would have to do is introduce REASONABLE DOUBT that your ideas is RIGHT.

All it takes is a little tiny bit of REASONABLE DOUBT and your idea goes POOF!

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you are currently working at a job you hate. You know it’s not the right job for you and you have decided that it’s time to leave.

Sure enough, you manifest a business opportunity which you are very excited about. This opportunity feels right, it aligns with your highest values and you are super excited to start building this business.

Deep down you KNOW that this business opportunity is better for you than the job you’re at.

So you start taking the necessary steps to build this business and to hopefully, one day be able to quit your job and do the business full time.

Now you come across a Dreamstealer who gives you their “opinion” of what they think of your business idea.

They themselves have never actually owned a business, operated one, or had any success with a business in their lives.

So basically they’re talking out of their asses when giving you this advice – but nevertheless that doesn’t stop them from telling you ALL about how your business idea is flawed.

After one hour of listening to their negative garbage, you’ve had enough.

You excuse yourself and go do something else. You brush yourself off and keep trucking on.

Over time, however, your excitement about your business starts to dissipate.

You start to wonder if maybe there was some truth in what they were saying.

Is it really the right time to start a new business?

With the economy the way it is?

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if you lose your job because your boss finds out you’re starting a business?

What if this happens or that, or some other thing?

You see…what’s happened is that the Dreamstealer has INFECTED you with DOUBT.

They didn’t CONVINCE you that your idea was bad or that your business venture was not right for you…. they didn’t have to.

All they did is they just created a little, tiny, itsy-bitsy DOUBT.

And that’s all it takes to destroy most ideas at their infancy stage.

Let me ask you this… if you fed an infant baby healthy breast milk from the mother several times a day, every day for 3 months… and then just once fed it poison, what would happen to that infant?

I think the answer is pretty self evident, right?

Would it matter if you tried to then go back and feed it healthy food again?

No, once the infant is poisoned, it’s poisoned!

This is exactly what DOUBT and FEAR create in our lives.

The bad news is that the Dreamstealers in your life have most likely been responsible for poisoning thousands, if not tens of thousands of possible ideas and inspirations in your life.

The good news is that if you STOP allowing them to do this in 2012 and onwards – your life is going to transform so quickly, you’ll be absolutely amazed.

Our Addiction to Dreamstealers

This post is not about blaming the Dreamstealers, however.

You see, it’s not really their fault.

They are what they are.

Dreamstealers are like cigarettes. They poison your body, but it is YOUR choice whether your smoke them or not.

You can’t blame cigarettes for being cigarettes. They’re just pieces of dried up tobacco wrapped in paper.

It is our addiction to cigarettes that’s destructive, not cigarettes themselves.

It’s the same thing with Dreamstealers.

Most good people are addicted to being around Dreamstealers.

The reason for this is because when we begin to pursue our dreams and aspirations, we inevitably end up hitting the outer edges of our comfort zone.

Meaning, we have an inspiration and we get excited about.

We start to pursue it and everything is going great. But sooner or later, in order for us to bring those aspirations into fruition, it means that we have to go past our comfort zone and GROW in some way, shape or form.

This is where most of us self-sabotage ourselves, by picking up the phone and calling a Dreamstealer or by meeting up with them in person.

Instead of facing our fears of going beyond our comfort zone, it’s much easier for us to distract ourselves by getting around someone negative.

We get around them, and listen to them spew their poison.

When the conversation is over, we have allowed them to poison our aspirations.

However, another part of us justifies this by thinking “It’s good I called them, because they were totally having a bad day (yet again). I’m sure I made them feel better.”

And the destructive cycle continues.

You get to stay safe inside your comfort zone with your new aspiration now being suffocated and killed by the doubts injected into your consciousness by the Dreamstealer, and the Dreamstealer gets their “fix” of positivity for the day.
Shielding Yourself from Doubt / Fear and Negativity

2012 is all about letting go of this addiction.

It’s about surrounding yourself with positive, inspiring and encouraging people who will help you to GROW your dreams and aspirations, and will support your growth even if it means you having to get a little bit out of your comfort zone.

It’s about letting go of your co-dependencies on Dreamstealers who are just looking for their positivity fix. It’s time to let them discover their own light inside, not to offer up a piece of your own.

It’s time to fully embrace your dreams and inspirations and let your light shine.


Previous Failures Could Be Holding You Back

One of the terms that I often hear being used in my training is the concept of “failure habits”.

Failure habits are habitual ways of thinking or acting that virtually guarantee we will fail at whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish in life.

One “failure habit” that I have very recently become increasingly aware of is the habit of creating “failure stories”.

What are failure stories?

Failure stories are little stories that we create in our minds to rationally justify why we failed to accomplish something we wanted to accomplish in our lives.

Almost all of us create failure stories in our minds unconsciously without even realizing it.

It’s very difficult to even realize that we have these stories running through our minds. It’s actually a lot easier to spot them in other people than it is in yourself unless you really look for them.

So what do failure stories look / sound like? How do we become aware of them?

Well, the first step is to start noticing them in other people. It’s really easy to do that as most people spend their entire lives walking around telling people about their failure stories.

Here’s some of the types of examples I’ve heard before:

“I tried doing that business, but at that time in my life I was way too busy with too many things and just didn’t have the time to really focus on it so it didn’t work out.”
“I’ve tried losing weight, but I’ve got a genetic thyroid issue that makes it almost impossible to lose weight.”
“I’ve actually made good money before, but I self sabotaged myself because of the lack mentality I grew up with when I was younger.”
“My business idea was good, but it didn’t work out because the economy was bad.”
“I tried making money online, but I got in too late.”
“I could make so much money online but I’m not a marketer.”
“The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me because of my beliefs. I tried it, and I know it works for others, but because of my beliefs it doesn’t work for me.”
“The cake didn’t turn out because my stove is old.”


The next time you’re talking to someone, just listen to how often people tell you their failure stories.

Whenever someone tells you how something didn’t work out for them – whether it be a relationship, a job, a business venture, whatever – they always have a failure story that explains and justifies WHY it didn’t work out.

Look for the keywords “tried” and “but” and “because”. As in “I tried doing that, but it didn’t work because of this and also that.”

Once you start listening for it you’ll be amazed at how often people walk around talking like this.

Once you become aware of just how often people all around us use failure stories in their day to day conversations, you will also probably start to notice yourself doing the same thing.

I know I have.

What’s Wrong With Failure Stories?

The biggest challenge with failure stories is that they simply aren’t true.

The reason we tell ourselves why we failed to accomplish something is almost NEVER the real reason why we failed.

There is a real reason, but it’s almost NEVER the one we tell ourselves.

How do I know this?

Well, think about this. Consider something in your life that you’ve been successful at.

For example, lets say that you are successful at playing an instrument – like let’s say the guitar.

Now, think about all the people out there who tried to play the guitar and failed.

You know the ones.

Well what do they say to you when they see you playing guitar?

“Oh, man you’re really good at guitar. I tried playing guitar once, but my fingers are too small.”
“I tried learning guitar but my fingers are too big.”
“I tried playing guitar but I don’t have the time to practice for hours and hours every day.”

Think about what you’ve been successful at…

Have you been successful at keeping your body fit and healthy?

Have you been successful at reading personal development books?

Have you been successful at raising a family?

Have you been successful at training your dog?

Have you been successful at playing an instrument?

Have you been successful at using the Law of Attraction?

Whatever it is that you’re successful at, when you talk to people who are not successful at that one thing, don’t they tell you the most ridiculous failure stories?

“Oh I can’t train my dog, he’s too old.”
“Oh I can’t stay fit, I don’t have time to spend 4h/day at a gym.”
“I can’t play an instrument, I’m not talented.”
“I can’t be fit, it’s not in my genes.”

Aren’t most of the failure stories that OTHER people tell us about why they’re not successful complete bullshit?

Isn’t the REAL reason why they didn’t succeed at what they wanted to succeed at something totally different?

Just start listening to people tell their stories and you’ll know what I mean.

How do they know that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them because of their beliefs? What if it’s something else?

How do they know that the real reason they can’t play guitar is because their fingers are too small, or too big? What if it’s something else?

How do they know that the real reason they don’t read books is because they’re not good at reading? What if it’s something else?

Once you start seeing just how ridiculous most people’s failure stories are, it’s time to turn the mirror on yourself.

Why are you not successful at _______________ ?

Get a piece of paper out and write down something you wanted to become successful at in your life and then write down all the reasons why you think it didn’t work for you.

I did this last night with one really, really big goal in my life that I haven’t yet achieved.

I made a list of possible reasons that I have not been successful at this yet.

I ended up writing down about 7 or 8 possible reasons.

Telling the Truth

The next step is to tell the truth.

And I believe this next step is a very profound step.

What is the truth?

The truth is simply this…

… maybe, just maybe, we don’t yet know why we failed to accomplish something.

Admitting the fact that we don’t KNOW why we failed is a huge step in success. For example, we could change the statements above to:

“I tried doing that business and it didn’t work out for me, but I don’t yet know why it didn’t work out.”
“I’ve tried losing weight but I don’t yet know why I haven’t lost it.”
“I’ve actually made good money before and I feel like I sabotaged myself, but I don’t yet know why.”
“My business idea was good, but it didn’t work out, but I don’t yet know why.”
“I tried making money online, but I haven’t yet, and I don’t yet know why.”
“I feel like I could make a lot of money online but I don’t yet know why I haven’t so far.”
“The Law of Attraction doesn’t appear to work for me, but I don’t know why yet.”
“The cake didn’t turn and I don’t yet know why.”

Just admitting that we don’t yet know why we failed is a huge step forward.

By opening up the “I don’t know what I don’t know” door, it allows the Universe to help you become aware WHY things actually didn’t work out.

Otherwise, you’re clinging onto a lie that doesn’t help you.

Failure Stories Rob You Blind

As a coach and mentor, I very often have people come to me asking me for advice on a specific challenge they’re having in their lives.

The challenge is that almost always, they also have a preexisting failure story attached to that challenge.

For example, they will say “Yeah Mark, I can’t seem to grow the traffic to my Blog because I don’t have an email list, what do you suggest?”

or “Yeah Mark, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me because I just don’t believe in it, so what do I do?”

They present the main challenge (no traffic, LoA not working) but then they throw in these assumptions of what THEY think the reason is.

The thing is that 99.9999999999% of the time, the reason that they THINK is causing them failure is NOT the real reason.

The biggest challenge then becomes getting them to actually LET GO of the preexisting “failure story” that they already convinced themselves of, so that they can see the ACTUAL solution to their problem.

In almost all cases, it’s actually harder to get people to let go of their failure story then it is to get them to implement the real solution!

Imagine if someone came to you and said “I can’t tie my shoelaces because I’m not left-handed.”

Assuming you are right-handed yourself, and you know how to tie your shoe laces, what would you say to them?

You would probably say “Wait. What do you mean? You don’t need to be left-handed to tie your show laces. I can teach you how to tie your shoe laces even if you’re right handed.”

Now imagine that they then say “No, both my parents were left-handed and so is my brother and they all knew how to tie their shoe laces very easily. My brother learned it in 5 minutes. I tried but it doesn’t work for me because I’m right handed. That’s why I always buy shoes with no laces.”

You might say “Wait, that’s not true. There are billions of people on this planet that are right handed, including me, and we can tie our shoe laces. Let me show you…”

And imagine them saying “No, that can’t be right. I already know that I’ll never be able to tie my shoe laces because I’m not left-handed. Thanks anyways.”

Wouldn’t that drive you nuts? 🙂

Do you realize that there is a VERY high chance that somewhere in your life right now you are doing the exact same thing to someone else?

You’re very likely using your fictional, made-up “failure story” as an excuse not to be able to do something, and when someone tries to help you solve that problem you’re denying their help because you are convinced that your failure story is true.

How to Stop Failure Stories from Causing More Failure

The first step to stopping failure stories from becoming a failure habit in your life is to become aware of them.

Write down something you want to accomplish or wanted to accomplish in your life on a piece of paper.

Then, write down a list of possible reasons that pop into your head which would explain why you failed.

Those “reasons” are your failure stories.

It doesn’t matter how reasonable and logical and true they sound – they are just stories. They may or may not be the REAL reason why you didn’t succeed.

Next, below all of those reasons write down “THE REAL REASON:”

And below that write down these words…

“The truth is that I don’t know why I failed to accomplish this yet, and I’m open to learning the truth.”

This truth statement will set you free.

Admitting that you don’t know is a HUGE step forward.

Only once we admit that we don’t know can we manifest the truth to come into our lives and to enlighten us.

We must first empty our cup of lies in order to fill it up with truth.

Next, seek the advice of people who are already successful at accomplishing what it is that you want to accomplish.

Ask them for advice and REALLY LISTEN.

Don’t assume you already know the reason why you failed. Ask them to tell you why THEY think you failed.

Chances are that their opinion – having already accomplished what you want to accomplish – will be a lot closer to the real truth than any of your failure stories.


Manifesting Dinner Discounts

Last night my wife and I wanted to go out for dinner.

I wanted to play a little game to see if I could keep the dinner cost for both of us including tip to the $50 cash I had in my wallet, while at the same time going out to the Restaurant.

When my wife and I go to the Restaurant we usually order their classic dinners which come with a salad and the steak/meal itself – which cost around $33-$36/each.

So obviously the math on a $50 “budget” wasn’t going to work.

However, we still wanted to go to the Restaurant as we haven’t been there for a long time.

I then remembered that a while back my sister gave me a $25 gift card to the Restaurant, so that raised our budget to $75.

However even with a $75 budget, the math still doesn’t work out once you include drinks, taxes and tip.

But it didn’t matter. We got in the car and went out for our dinner.

When we got there, we were seated instantly. No lineup, no wait. (This is the Restaurant on a Friday night. The place was busy, but zero wait time for us. 🙂 )

Anyway, we got seated in a lovely booth and just started talking.

After about 10-15 minutes or so my wife and I realized that we haven’t had anyone serve us yet.

This is HIGHLY unusual for the Restaurant, especially that one.

My wife asked me “Do you think we aren’t supposed to eat here tonight?” and I replied “No. That’s not it… I don’t think they see us. I think we’re invisible to them for some reason.”

I wasn’t kidding. We were seated right smack in the middle of the busiest cross-road of the restaurant layout. We had waiters and waitresses walk by us non-stop but nobody could see us.

It was like we weren’t even there.

Even the service manager walked by our booth multiple times and didn’t see us either.

We waited a bit longer just to see what would happen.

A few minutes later the situation became almost humorous.

We finally had to wait for the service manager to walk by and had to grab him as he walked by to show him that we were there.

He was rather startled and apologized that we weren’t served yet.

We didn’t make a big deal of it, more just laughed about it, and he immediately took our order, apologizing again.

He offered a round of drinks on him, but we politely declined as we don’t drink alcohol.

We ordered our dinners and they were delivered very quickly and we quite enjoyed them.

At the end of the meal, the waitress asked us if we wanted dessert and once again we politely declined as we were both way too full to eat any dessert.

Finally, they brought out our bill.

I took a look at the bill and they gave us a 20% discount on all of our food and drinks. With the taxes and tip, guess how much our bill was EXACTLY?