Goal Setting

Building Abundance in Your Life

I also talked about how nothing in this world will ever be enough for us if we seek abundance from it.

So what does this mean though?

Does this mean we should stop trying to live a better life? Should we stop trying to build wealth? Should we shed ourselves of all our material possessions? Should we stop trying to improve our health?

Should we just wait for some higher power to make our lives better?

No, absolutely not!

I’m all for living the largest life that you possibly can.

In order to do that though, you need to tap into the true source of abundance and that is not anything you’ll find in this physical reality.

What does that mean?

Well, this Blog post is a prime example. As I type these words, the source of them is not coming from anything you’ll find in this physical reality. Meaning, this sentence I am writing right now does not yet exist in physical reality until I write it. Now it exists, but just a few moments ago it didn’t exist until I typed it out.

Every word on this Blog comes from my consciousness which goes beyond this physical world. By Blogging I am transforming “Consciousness Energy” into something “tangible” in this physical reality. As soon as I transform the ideas and concepts in my mind into a Blog post, I give birth to a new construct in this physical reality which can now bring value to those people who read it.

In this way, Blogging is like alchemy. I am transforming concepts and ideas which come to me from Source energy into tangible physical constructs in this physical reality and by doing so I create something of value for others to read.

As more and more people find value in these constructs, my Blog gets more traffic and I make more money. Here’s what this looks like:

Source Energy -> Ideas / Concepts Given to Me -> Blog Post Written -> Value Created -> $$$

Do you see what I mean?

The source of everything I write on this Blog post comes from Source Energy. That is the real source of my abundance.

Even if I made just $1 per Blog post I write, if I wanted to make $10,000 all I would have to do is write 10,000 blog posts. How would I do that? By writing those things that come to me from Source Energy.

Let’s use another example.

Let’s use an artist who paints pictures. How do these artists make money?

Well, they go to the store and they buy a canvas, some paint brushes and some paints. Let’s say that all those supplies add up to $20. If that is the “value” of those supplies, then how is it that some artists can sell paintings for $100,000 or more? Where does that “value” come from?

If an artist takes $20 worth of supplies and goes into his studio and then five hours later walks out with a painting worth $100,000, where did that extra $99,980 worth of value come from?

It didn’t come from anywhere in this physical reality! It came directly from Source Energy.
True Sources of Abundance

True sources of abundance come from Source Energy.

They are free for us to use.

They are infinite in nature.

They can never be “used up”.

In fact, the more we use them, the more we have.

Think about those qualifies for a minute. Can you think of anything in this physical reality that has those qualities? Does money have these qualities? No, money is not free. It is not infinite. It can be used up.

What about real estate? Nope, it’s not free, it’s not infinite.

What about a stock portfolio? Nope.

What about a business? Nope, it’s neither free, nor infinite.

So what kind of things do exhibit these kinds of qualities?

Here’s one example: Ideas.

Ideas come to us from Source Energy. They are free. They are infinite. They can never be used up. If you give someone an idea, you don’t lose it yourself.

For example, here’s an idea for hanging doors I had which I used to easily hang a door.

When hanging a door there are usually two or three hinges that hold a door up and which screw into the door frame. When trying to hang a door, you have to align the door in such a way that it aligns with the hinges.

Since doors usually “hang” slightly above ground so as not to drag on the floor when we open and close them, in order to hang a door you have to hold it up about half an inch above ground. This usually means you need a second person to hold the door for you while you hang it, but even then it’s not easy to hold it exactly level.

So while hanging this door I had the idea to take some books and put them under the door. All you need is a book that’s thicker than the gap required under the door. You stick the book under the door, and you see how the hinges align. If the door is too high, you simply open the book up to the desired page which allows you regulate the height of the door.

Meaning, if the book you have is twice as thick as you need it to be, simply open up the book half way and place the door on top of it. If it’s still too high, only use one quarter of the thickness of the book.

In this way you can use a book (or books) to raise the door to any height you want. Once the hinges are screwed in, you just pull the book out.

There, I just shared an idea with you which I had for hanging doors. If you ever need to hang a door, you can use it if you wish.

Now, by sharing this idea with you, I transferred the concept of it from my consciousness to your consciousness. However, during that transfer did I lose the idea? No, the idea duplicates itself every time I share it with someone.

In fact, it could be that thousands of people might learn this idea from reading this Blog post. They might then share it with thousands of other people as well. However, regardless how many times this idea is shared, it doesn’t diminish in value for me.

Meaning, just because thousands of people now can use this idea to hang a door, it doesn’t make the idea any less valuable to me when I hang a door, right?

Do you see how ideas exhibit the abundance qualities I described above?

Well, what else has these qualities?

How about love?

When I express love towards something or someone, does that love get used up? Is there any less love in Source Energy after I use some of it? No! The supply is infinite.

How about inspiration?

When I inspire someone to take care of their health, or to make money online, does the process of sharing that inspiration with someone decrease the amount of inspiration I have? No, in fact the more people I inspire the more I get inspired myself.
Transforming True Abundance into Physical World “Abundance”

As I said before, nothing in this physical world is truly abundant. However, since our human lives are finite in nature themselves we can live lives which approximate abundance within the limits of physical reality.

For example, no amount of money in your bank account will ever be infinite. However, within the scope of our human lives and needs, there is an amount of money which we could accumulate which would be more than enough for us to live the lives we want and so it would approximate an infinite supply.

For example, if we had 50 million dollars as an example, that might be enough for us to never worry about money ever again. It’s not technically infinite, and it is possible to spend that kind of money if we don’t manage it properly, but for most people that would be an amount of money that would approximate total financial abundance.

How do we do this though? How do we “make” 50 million dollars?

Well, we don’t. You can’t really “make” 50 million dollars, unless you’re the US mint or something.

What we have to do is we have to transform value from a truly abundant source (Source Energy) into something valuable in this physical reality, and exchange it for 50 million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg transformed an idea he had for Facebook, into a multi-billion dollar company.

Bill Gates did it with Microsoft.

Creating abundance in this physical world requires the ability to make something out of nothing. To take something worth “x” and transform it into something worth “10x” or “1,000x” or “1,000,000x” or more.

Remember, ideas are just one type of Source Energy. Not everyone in this world transforms idea energy into abundance.

For example, nurses take care of people in hospitals. They don’t necessary tap into idea energy as their source of abundance. They might tap into compassion, love, and healing energy as a way of transforming Source Energy into value in this physical world.

When a nurse expresses compassion towards a patient, the amount of compassion available in Source Energy doesn’t get used up. It’s infinite.

Fitness trainers tap into the Source Energies of ideas, compassion, inspiration and discipline to help their clients. When a fitness trainer inspires someone to transform their body, they are transforming the Source Energy of inspiration into value for the client.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do, the true source of all the abundance in your life comes from Source Energy. The trick is to become aware of that, so that we feel connected to this true abundance.

When we feel connected to Source Energy and the infinite abundance that it provides, our consciousness begins to vibrate at a totally different frequency compared to when we are focused on the lack we see in this physical world. When that happens, we begin to attract and manifest abundance in this physical world as well.

This physical world acts like a mirror for what’s going on in our consciousness. If you have poverty consciousness, you will live a poverty reality.

If you have an abundance consciousness, you will live an abundance reality.

Sometimes people ask me “How can I feel abundant when I’m broke, in debt and constantly stressed out about my finances? It’s easy for people to say that we need to feel abundant, but that’s because they have money. I don’t have money, so how am I supposed to feel abundant?”

The truth is that those people who now have money, once were in the same spot you were in. They don’t feel abundant because they have money – they have money because they feel abundant.

I’ll repeat that again – they don’t feel abundant because they have money, they have money because they feel abundant.

Feeling abundant comes first. Money comes second.

How do you feel abundant if you have no money? Awaken to all the abundance that you do have in your life even without money or any physical possessions.

Do you have the sense of sight? How much money is that worth?

Do you have the ability to speak? How much is that worth?

Look around your life and see what you already have, instead of focusing on what you lack. Do you have the ability to form ideas? How much is that worth?

Do you have the ability to learn new things? How much is that worth?

Do you have someone who loves you? How much is that worth?

Do you have the ability to love someone? How much is that worth?

Awaken to the fact that we are all born with billions of dollars worth of “gifts”, and have a direct connection to billions of dollars worth of Source Energy every single day.

Feel the abundance of that fact.

When you can do that, your vibration will shift, and you will begin to attract abundance in this physical world as well.

And you deserve it. All of it.

The toys, the money, the houses, the vacations, the healthy body, the friends, the lovers and all the wonderful thing we can have in this world. However, none of those things will ever make you feel as abundant as your connection to Source Energy.

That is not what they were designed for. They are just reflections, or trophies to celebrate a milestone.

Think of them like having a black belt in a marital art. Anyone can walk into a martial arts supply store and buy a black belt. But wearing that black belt isn’t going to make you feel safe if you didn’t earn it right?

When we say “I want a black belt in a martial art”, really what we are saying is that we want the knowledge and experience that comes with earning a black belt, and not the black belt itself.

We want to be able to defend ourselves or to learn the physical discipline required to earn a black belt. It’s not the block black belt we want, it’s the meaning behind it that we want.

If you earned a black belt in a martial art, and then someone broke into your house and stole your black belt, would you be any less of a black belt than you were before?

No, because the black belt is not really the source of your power. It’s just a symbol, a trophy.

Don’t confuse physical world symbols / trophies for the energy they represent.

Money is just a symbol. It’s a trophy. It’s not the real source of financial abundance. The real source of financial abundance is Source Energy.

The more you learn to connect to that as your source of power, the more money will flow into your life as well.

Take the gifts that Source Energy is giving you for free, and transform them into tangible value for others.

That is the way to experience abundance in this physical world.