Mentoring How to Make Money Online

This morning an idea floated into my head and it’s been on my mind all day long.

This is not something that I came up with as a result of sitting down and deciding to dream up yet another project for me to work on. It is something that I feel came to me straight from intuition, which is why I’m taking action on it right now by writing this Blog post even though this is still very much in the brainstorming phase.

Here’s the main concept of the idea…

I want to personally mentor a group of people to make money online.

Now, mentoring people to make money online is not new to me, and I already offer that service at a rate of $95/session where you get to work with me one-on-one via telephone.

I have never had a single client who I worked personally with one-on-one tell me they were disappointed with a session. In fact everyone I’ve worked with has told me they got a lot of value from their one-on-one sessions with me so I know what I deliver is at least worth $95/hour to people.

However, there are two main downsides to working with people one-on-one.

I find myself constant repeating the same content to each new client, since 80% of the issues people need help with are the same core issues other clients have had. Even though the content may be new to my clients, it’s nothing new to me and frankly it really gets boring teaching the same basics over and over again to one person at a time. There is only so much time I have to devote to mentoring/teaching so working with people one-on-one doesn’t provide me with a lot of leverage.

In order to really build momentum and start producing results quickly, I need to connect with my mentoring clients minimum once per week and ideally twice per week. Any less than that, and they start losing momentum in between calls and get nowhere. It’s almost like working out with a personal trainer. If you only go once a month or twice a month, it’s very difficult to see results. So ideally, to build momentum and start producing results people really need to connect to my energy at least 1-2 times per week. The challenge with this for most people is that they can’t afford the cost of 4-8 sessions with me per month – which is approx $400-$800/m.

Now, I know that I could lower my prices – and I have in fact tried that in the past to help people out – but even if I charged just $25/session that would still require an investment of $200/month to work with me twice a week – and there is no way I could afford to do one-on-one mentoring at such a low rate as I would have to say no to projects where I make four to ten times that amount per hour in order to make room for the lower rate. Even though I really enjoy mentoring and helping people, it obviously makes no sense for me to do that as that would mean it would actually be costing me money to mentor people.

So, this morning I got the idea to create a group coaching environment where instead of working with people one-on-one, I can mentor people in a group environment by setting up a membership site that is affordable to everyone and which allows me to leverage the technology of being able to create content once and have multiple people gain value from it many times.

Think of it as kind of a hybrid between my free Blog here at and the one-on-one mentoring I do at $95/session.

What Makes This Unique

Now, so far you may be thinking that there is really nothing unique about this idea since there are many different online courses out there teaching how to make money online taught by guru’s who have made tens of millions of dollars.

I know because I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars buying their courses, and I can attest to the fact that many of them are great! I’ve implemented many of the ideas taught in those courses to help myself and my consulting clients to make a lot of money by leveraging the power of the Internet, so I know they work.

However, my goal here is not to try to “one-up” any of these gurus. That would be like me trying to “one-up” Michael Jordan in basketball. That is not my intention.

What I want to do is to build a community / membership site that works with the same types of awesome people I have been mentoring one-on-one, but in a group environment.

And here is the one thing I have come to realize / learn from working with people one-on-one.

99% of the questions and issues people get stuck on when trying to make money online are NOT taught by the top guru’s online.

Let me repeat that.

99% of what may be stopping you from making money online is NOT being taught by the top guru’s online.

I know that’s a bold statement. Trust me, I was just as surprised by this as anyone else. Let me explain what I mean.

See, when I first started doing mentoring I thought I’d be teaching these advanced strategies to people on what is the best way to SEO optimize a page or how to implement a proper link-bait strategy or some kind of advanced video editing tactic etc. You know, all the super cool stuff I’ve learned from the guru’s over the years after spending thousands of dollars on their courses and seminars.

What I realized though is that THOSE are not the problems REAL everyday normal people are having.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean.

In relation to making online videos, the Guru’s out there teach courses that will tell you what settings to use for encoding your H.264 videos and what bitrate to use for best video quality/speed combination.

What I discovered is that REAL normal, every day people aren’t getting stuck on steps like that.

You know what step real normal everyday people are getting stuck at?

Being completely scared shitless to the point of being paralyzed about the thought of turning on the camera and recording themselves!

Normal people have no problem buying a video camera, and all the equipment they might need, but then they just can’t press that record button. And if they do, when they watch themselves back, they want to run and throw up – not upload their video to YouTube!

That’s the honest truth. Fancy words like H.264, codecs, bitrates, and all that techno-jargon doesn’t matter! Whose are just technical details. What people need is a way of overcoming their camera shyness and learning to make their first video!

I was the same way at first. Watching back my first video was horrible! I felt embarrassed for myself just watching it, even though I was alone and nobody else saw it. I deleted it 3 seconds after watching it back just to alleviate the anxiety and embarrassment I felt.

Then, I discovered some “secret” strategies that helped me to overcome that, and to make videos and build a YouTube channel with a tonne of subscribers and today I have zero anxiety about making videos. I can just shoot a video and upload it and I feel no fear about it. And I’ve helped others do the same thing!

Of course there are the technical aspects of bitrates, and codecs, and editing tools and all that as well, and I want to teach that too, but all that stuff only matters when the real issues of fear, anxiety, etc. are dealt with.

That is just one example. Here’s another one.

The Guru’s out there will teach you a course that will give you 487 traffic generation strategies for your Blog.

You know what people do when you teach them 487 traffic generation strategies?


That’s right. They sit there with a puzzled look on their face, slightly cross-eyed, slightly drooling, in a trance-like state with the mental chatter of “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, what makes me think I can do this, I can’t do this!” running through their heads!

You know what I have found to work with “normal” people?

You don’t teach them 487 strategies. That’s like trying to drink from a fire hose at full blast.

You don’t even teach them ONE traffic generation strategy. That’s like trying to drink water from a garden hose on full blast.

You teach someone the FIRST THREE STEPS of one traffic generation strategy.

And then you open up your heart and intuitive senses and observe what mental and technical blocks come up for them before moving to the next step.

Making money online is NOT just about strategies and techniques. That’s only one third of the challenge.

Making money online is largely about the right mindset and heartset.

As a coach I know that my job is not just to teach you the strategies and techniques of making money online.

I also have to get your mindset right, and I’ve got to get you PASSIONATE and excited about making things happen. You’ve gotta wake up every morning and be pumped up to build your online business.

If your mind and heart have already given up on your online business, no technique any guru will ever teach you will work.

I don’t care if their system is “foolproof” and “push-button-easy”. It still won’t work.

The Three Part Approach

To make money online, we need to get three parts working together.

We need to have the right strategies in place to produce proper results. MOST of the strategies taught online today don’t work. They worked in 2004 or 2006, but they don’t work today. You need to know what works TODAY in order to succeed. The landscape is constantly changing so you need to know what works NOW.

Execution, which simply means taking action is also a big part of success. If you take the most brilliant strategy for making money online but you don’t take any action on it, you will NOT produce any results. That’s the bottom line.

The two-part Strategy + Execution = SUCCESS is what most guru’s online teach.

They teach you the strategy and then they say “Ok, now run along and take action and EXECUTE these strategies and you will see results.”

And when people don’t produce results the guru’s say “Well, it’s not my fault, the person didn’t take any action!!!!”

Well, that’s fine and dandy, and it’s a convenient excuse but the question I have is WHY don’t people take action?

I mean if I teach someone HOW to do something and they are capable of doing it, and doing that thing will help their online business, then WHY do 99% of people out there still not do it?

Well, the answer is MINDSET.

Why Mindset Matters

Tony Robbins says that 80% of success is psychology – methods only account for 20%. This is coming from a guy who has worked with hundreds of millions of people worldwide from high-school students to the US President and everything in between. He’s worked with people who are on welfare and those who make billions per year.

I completely agree with Tony Robbins on this point. That is why I believe that mindset is such a huge part of making money online. If you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t make money online.

How do you know you’ve got the right mindset? You know you’ve got the right mindset if you’re already making the kind of money online that you’d like to be making.

If you’re not – then you don’t have the right mindset.

You may THINK you have the right mindset – but you don’t. If you did, you’d already be producing results.

As part of building this membership site I want to teach a LOT of mindset related stuff.

This is where I believe I shine above almost all other guru’s out there. My research, studies and experience with personal development related topics is awesome.
Adding a Spiritual Element

Now comes the final piece to this puzzle.

I have never done this before, and I have to admit that when this concept first came to me this morning it scared the crap out of me.

It’s no secret that I’m a very spiritual person. By spiritual I don’t mean Religious.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience here on earth.

I believe in the Law of Attraction. I have written and published a book about it.

I believe in energy healing, and am a trained Reiki healer.

Even though I write about the topic of spirituality on this Blog from time to time, I largely keep those blog posts separate from my “make money online” related Blog posts.

The reason I did that in the past is because I didn’t really want to “color” the more left-brained strategies I teach on my Blog – such as how to build an email list – with my spiritual beliefs.

However, whenever I do that – hold back on adding in the spiritual side of things to my Blog posts – I always feel like I’m holding back a piece that may be the most important piece of the puzzle.

In the membership site I want to create, I will NOT be holding anything back.

You are going to be getting my WHOLE opinion on each topic – including my spiritual beliefs around the issue.

If that offends you, then this membership site is NOT for you.

What does this mean? Well, what this means is that if I’m teaching a technique for curing writer’s block for Bloggers I may give you a meditation exercise that I use for connecting to and opening up my throat Chakra – the Chakra responsible for communication.

It also means that in addition to teaching you the strategies and techniques for starting up your own YouTube channel, I may teach you some visualization exercises you can use to literally ATTRACT viewers to your videos using the Law of Attraction.

For those who don’t believe in such “spiritual” concepts, this stuff will sound like “hogwash” or “magical thinking”.

To me it’s a way of life. I LIVE this way of thinking every day now, so I can’t NOT be who I really am.

Here’s another example. Last week I bought a for my house to protect my house from low-level energies which may be attracted to me as a result of the Soul Realignment™ course I’m taking. As part of the course, I’m doing psychic Akashic Record readings and clearing work for clients and as taught by my teacher in the course, I have to take precautionary steps to protect my house and energy from some of the “nasties” that are out there.

The reason I bring that up is to give you an example of the types of stuff I believe in.

If me talking about such things annoys or insults your religious or atheistic beliefs, then this course will definitely not be for you because my “spiritual” beliefs in the Law of Attraction and Chakras and such things WILL be an integral part of the MINDSET part of my teachings in this course.

I’m not saying you have to believe in everything I believe in. But I’m just saying if that kind of stuff doesn’t resonate with you then you probably won’t like the “real” me in this course.

For those of you who are totally into that stuff, I think you’re going to absolutely LOVE this course. 🙂

How It Will Work

I haven’t worked out the details of exactly how this course will work yet.

As I mentioned earlier, I feel that this idea was “given” to me and I trust that there is a LOT more to come as to how to set it up.

Here’s what I do know.

I will be running the course as a membership site using Kajabi.

There will be a lot of videos and lessons teaching all aspects of making money online.

They will most likely be a community forum aspect to the site where people can ask questions, leave feedback etc.

Each lesson / video will allow you to leave comments, ask questions etc.

For my one-on-one mentoring sessions what I normally do is that I actually intuitively tune into the person’s energy who I am working with and I actually “read” (yes as in psychically) and mentor on the fly. Meaning, I have never had an agenda for ANY of my mentoring calls with any client until about 5 minutes before the call.

What I do is 5 minutes before a call I just do a meditation, tune in, and I literally get FLOODED with intuitive insight as to exactly which strategies would be best to teach the client on that call. All my mentoring clients love this as they are usually blown away by how I’m able to teach them solutions to the exact problems they have been having without even having to tell me what the issue is.

What I am going to attempt to do with this course is to try to do this on a group basis.

I know this sounds like it may be more challenging than working with someone one-on-one, but I’m feeling intuitively drawn to try things out this way.

I feel I will be supported in this challenge.

So, what this means is that I am going to create the content for this course on the fly, week by week, based on your feedback and my intuitive sense of what I feel the group needs most.

There will be no actual set linear curriculum.

As a subscriber to the course, you’re going to have to trust that what I teach next is what you need to learn. Of course I also plan on having many ways to send your feedback, questions and comments to help me create the type of content my subscribers want. But there will not be any set curriculum with a beginning and end to it to start with.

I trust things will just evolve as they should in a way that’s best for everyone.

I must admit that this idea seems like it is either the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever thought of, or the most BRILLIANT thing ever.

YOUR feedback to this Blog post will tell me which it is.

Would you like me to teach you how to make money online?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.


I haven’t figured out pricing yet.

I want to make this course really affordable for everyone though.

If you were to work with me one-on-one, having a mentoring session twice a week, you would have to invest around $800/month to learn how to make money online.

I believe that investment is worth every penny, however I know a lot of people don’t have that kind of money to invest.

So I don’t want to make this membership site cost anywhere near that amount.

I am thinking that I might build it out on a scaled price model.

Meaning, I think ultimately the “perfect” price for something like this will be around $97/month to access all the content.

However, what I might do is to build it out more along the lines of this:

First 10 people will get in at $9/month.

Next 15 people will get in at $19/month.

Next 25 people will get in at $29/month.

Next 25 people will get in at $39/month.


So the price will go up over time, rewarding those people who get in earlier. The reason for this is that obviously those who get in earlier will not see a lot of content to start with since I will be making this content on-the-fly each week.

As time goes on, there will be more and more content within the course and so the price will go up. Also, I really want to reward those people who join in on this program from Day 1 to support it and it will be their feedback and support that will help this project grow.

I am not sure about this pricing model yet, it is just something that popped into my head. What I do know is that I want to make it really affordable for people as I know that when people are just getting started with making money online a lot of them don’t have a lot of money to invest in the beginning.

So, what do you guys think?

Who would like me to teach them how to make money online?

Leave your questions and comments below, and sign up below to be the first to hear about the course when it comes out. That way if I do decide to do a scaled pricing model as I described above, you can get in at the lowest rate.


5 Things Learned from a Product Launch

About two weeks ago I woke up with a crazy idea for launching a new membership site.

Starting from scratch, from start to finish I completed the product launch in just 11 days.

In this post I want to share some of the things I learned during this 11 day launch process.

(1) Trust Your Intuition

The idea I came up with two weeks ago was to start a group mentoring site where I teach people how to make money online, with a twist.

The twist is that unlike all the other courses which teach how to make money online techniques and strategies, I wanted to create a course/membership club where I would cover not just the strategies of making money online but also the mindset of making money online.

More specifically, when referring to the “Mindset” side of things the intuitive idea that came to me was to include a “Spiritual” component to the training.

I have to admit that when the idea first came to me I was a bit scared of it. The reason for this is that I have always kept the “making money online” and the “spiritual development” sides of my Blog somewhat separate.

My thoughts on this is that those people who are looking for the more strategy / technique / technical sides of making money online, are probably not interested in spiritual topics and vice versa.

So when I got the idea to combine the two, I wasn’t sure if it was going to fly.

However, I decided to act on the intuitive idea and it FLEW!

When a new member joins my Club, I ask them to fill out a questionnaire which helps me to identify where they’re at in their online money making journey, and where they want to get to.

I have now begun receiving completed questionnaires from my members and so far all I am seeing is people praising me for putting together a mentorship site that will combine strategy + mindset and include the spiritual side of things in it as well.

The very thing I was worried might turn people OFF from considering the course has become my biggest selling point.

Lesson Learned: Trust your intuition, especially if it takes you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

(2) Follow a Formula

After deciding to do the launch, I decided to follow a proven formula for doing a launch, because frankly I had no clue what I was doing.

Luckily, two years ago I bought into Frank Kern’s “Mass Control” course and when it came time to do the launch I dusted it off and started to follow it.

The funny thing is that at the same time as I was doing my launch, Jeff Walker was doing his launch for “Product Launch Formula 3.0″, LOL.

If PLF3.0 came out a few weeks ago, I might have bought into the program and used it for my launch but it wasn’t even available for purchase until March 1st which was my launch date as well.

Honestly though I didn’t really feel like I needed PLF3.0 as I already had Frank Kern’s “Mass Control” and that was already “overkill” for what I was doing with my small launch.

What I did do though is I combined the absolute most basic steps from Mass Control, and the stuff I saw in other launches, and my intuition to come up with my launch plan.

What made it a lot easier to organize everything is Kajabi.

I’m not sure if I have said this before – but I just love Kajabi. It makes everything so much easier.

It’s not perfect. Now that I’ve done the launch I have found a few little glitches and details here and there that I think they can improve on, but overall it’s the best product of it’s kind that I have seen.

Lesson Learned: No need to re-invent the wheel. Follow a proven formula and system.

(3) Expect Doubts to Creep In

Doubts, doubts, doubts.

Those damn little buggers.

Right from the start I had doubts about launching this product / course. Here are some of my favorites that crept up along the way and how I squashed them.

“What if nobody joins?!”

This was probably the first one that popped up. What if nobody joins? I’ll look like a fool, with no students and feel like a failure. That would suck right?

Well, I squashed this one with a few logic loops to shut the Ego up. It went a little something like this…

“What if nobody joins? Well, if we don’t do the launch how many group mentoring students will we have? 0. OK, and if we do the launch and nobody joins how many group mentoring students will we have? 0. OK, so how much worse off will we be? Uhhh, no worse off? Right, so shut up and let me do the launch!”

As soon as my mind paused for a second to try to compute that logic I also hit it with “What if people do join though? “

Then this one crept in…

“OMG, what if like 1,000 people join and I’m totally overwhelmed!?”

First my silly mind was worried about nobody joining, and then it jumped straight into worrying about what will happen if a gazillion people join and it’s so overwhelming that we can’t handle it.

This one I attacked from two sides… I thought to myself…

“If 1,000 people join, the amount of work to produce the content will be on different than if just 1 person joins. It’s just like on my Blog, whether I have 1 subscriber or 10,000 subscribers, it’s still the same amount of work to produce the content. That’s the beauty of leveraging digital content. The ONLY possible challenge with having thousands of people joining is perhaps handling some customer support issues. It will not be a content production issue.”

So then, to make sure that is not an issue I thought to myself…

“If I get so many students that it gets overwhelming, I give myself permission to hire an assistant to help me with the workload. Since I’ll be able to afford an assistant with the money I’ll be making from subscription fees, this is a non-issue. Right? So shut up and let me do the launch.”

That shut my mind up about that one. 🙂

A while later it popped up this one…

“Wait, what if we only get 1 person joining and then we have to produce all this content for just ONE person.”

I have to admit, that one kind of stumped me for a bit because essentially this would mean that this ONE person in my mentoring course would be getting one-on-one coaching from me for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring me one-on-one and it may not make business sense for me to keep the “group” mentoring going with just one student.

After thinking about this one for a bit I came up with this solution…

“Well, if only ONE person decides to take the course then he or she is going to be getting AWESOME value for their money, basically getting one-on-one coaching at a fraction of the cost. This “worst case” scenario can be converted to a beneficial situation for everyone involved by (1) realizing that I’m still ‘on purpose’ with my goal to help people, (2) lighting a fire under my butt to market/sell my course to more than just one student, and (3) expose some kind of limiting beliefs I must have about doing group mentoring which must be creating such circumstances which I can then squash with PSYCH-K or other tools at my disposal.”

So in a way, I realized that there is no way for me to lose here. Regardless what happens, I will produce some kind of result. Whatever that result, I can learn from it.

And of course there is always this possibility “What if the product launch goes well and everything works out fine!” 🙂

Of course our silly little minds don’t want us to admit that possibility, even though it’s the most likely scenario. Turns out that is exactly what happened, BUT I just wanted to share that I – like every one else – have doubts that creep into my mind.

The trick is to move past your doubts, not let them stop you. Expect them to show up. Be OK with doubts. They’re normal. Just don’t let them stop you from achieving your goals. 🙂

Lesson Learned: Every inspired idea comes pre-packaged with some doubts. Don’t let them stop you from online success.

(4) Don’t Try to Be Perfect

If I had 6 months to properly plan this launch I probably would have made it “perfect”. Instead though I wanted to get it done fast… as in launching in just 11 days from initial concept to launch date.

To accomplish such a thing in such a short period of time, I had to lower my expectations for perfection.

I goofed up on a lot of things…

I encoded my first few videos at too high of a resolution so I had complaints from some people that the videos were taking too long for them to download. They worked fine for me, but I realize not everyone has the same speed Internet connection as I do.

Each of my videos has “mistakes” in them. None of them were perfect. I can point out half a dozen “goof-ups” in each video that 95% of people probably can’t see, but I totally see them.

My final sales video has a blatant typo in it that I only discovered after the program launched.

The day before launch I realized I wasn’t going to be able to move the course content in my other Kajabi Project into my project as Kajabi doesn’t yet have a way to transfer content between projects. So last minute I had to re-upload about 30 videos into my new project content area which takes a LONG time – as anyone who has ever uploaded HD video will understand.

My first video in the course has parts of me “cut” from the frame because I zoomed in too much on the camera, the cat starts MEOWing halfway through my video, and one of my light softeners came off and started dangling in the shot.

NOTHING I did in the product launch went perfectly. There were glitches, goof-ups and bumps along the way.

But you know what? My intention was genuine and that is all that people wanted from me.

Every step of the way I was emailing everyone who signed up for notifications during the launch and kept them up to date with everything that was going on – mistakes and everything. Most of them just laughed at my goof-ups and told me not to worry about them. ALL they want is good content. They don’t care if they hear my cat meowing once in a while.

And come launch day – they signed up.

Perhaps even more so because they saw that I’m not perfect either… nobody is… 😉

Lesson Learned: Don’t try to be perfect. Focus on what matters. If you did it perfectly, it means you waited way too long to do it.

(5) Product Launches Work

Prior to this I have never done a “product launch” before. Any products (eBooks etc.) that I have created in the past have always just been put up for sale with no product launch. Even in other businesses that I have ran, I have never used a product launch to launch a product.

The concept made sense to me, but I didn’t realize just how effective they are until now.

Even with this “little” product launch that I more or less whipped together as quickly as I possibly could, and even with all the mistakes and goof-ups I made along the way, by the weekend prior to launch I already had people emailing me saying stuff like “I’m dying to join the membership site!” and “I can’t wait to get started!” and “Will you release it already!?”

That kind of energy has a double benefit. Firstly it ignites peoples interest in your products/services and helps them to understand what they are going to be buying before buying the product.

Secondly though, it lights a huge fire under your butt to get the launch done and to produce content. It’s very exciting to see people excited about your product – as they should be – especially when you’ve put in so much effort and energy into it. It’s a very rewarding experience and it’s a lot of fun as well.

Now that I’ve actually done my first product launch and I realize the benefits of doing one for the time/energy investment required to do one – I will definitely be doing more in the future.

Although I’m no product launch guru by any means, I do also plan on teaching the exact specific strategy I used for the launch to my students as well – if they’re interested.

Lesson Learned: Small scale product launches work just as well as large scale ones. If done right, they can provide a lot of value to your members, and motivation for you to get the product completed on time.

Goal Setting

The Three Types of Bodies

True health requires all three parts of our body to be balanced, healthy and energized – our physical body, our mental body, and our spiritual/energy body.

We can’t delude ourselves into thinking that we’re really taking care of our health if all we’re doing is focusing on only one part of our body and ignoring the rest.

The Physical Body

We’re all familiar with our physical bodies. There’s no denying the fact that while we are here on earth we occupy these physical bodies of ours.

Taking care of our physical bodies can take many forms, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising or relaxing and resting. Billions of dollars every year are spent on finding ways to improve the health of our physical bodies.

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, millions of people are going to be flocking to sign up at their local gym to meet their New Years resolutions for 2011. This is all great news, and I think it’s totally awesome that more and more people are starting to take their health and fitness seriously and at least making an attempt to make an improvement.

However, even a perfect diet coupled with a perfect fitness plan isn’t enough to truly keep us healthy as that only takes care of one part of our body.

The Mental Body

When people don’t take care of their physical bodies and then they have a heart attack or develop some kind of cancer, it’s easy for us to jump to the conclusion that they just didn’t take care of themselves.

But what about all the people out there who eat super healthy, exercise every day and then die of the exact same diseases? You know the ones that look like they could pose for a magazine cover one day and are going in for chemo therapy the next because they developed cancer.

What do we usually blame for that situation? Genes? It must be hereditary, right?

Wrong. In case you haven’t heard the latest research, people like Bruce Lipton have shown that there is no such thing as a “cancer” gene or a “heart attack” gene that turns itself on at a certain age. Genes don’t possess the power to turn themselves on or off. They only way they can be triggered is due to the perceptions of our environment at the cellular level.

Meaning, our entire body is a thinking body. Our whole body is a “mental body” with every cell in our body being an intelligent “thinking” cell.

Our perceptions are controlled by our beliefs. Our perceptions control our genes. Therefore, our beliefs control our genes. That is what today’s science is showing us.

What does that mean?

That means that it is no longer good enough to just take care of your physical body. You’ve got to take care of the “mental” health of your body as well.

If you’re chronically depressed, you’re not healthy, regardless how good your physical body looks or the diet you’re on.

If you’re chronically frustrated, you’re not healthy.

If you’re chronically stressed, you’re not healthy.

If 90% of the thoughts running through your “mental body” are negative, you’re not healthy.

We must take our “mental body” health seriously if we expect to live a healthy life.

Eating the perfect diet, and exercising daily is great, but if you’re feeding your mind a daily dose of “mental poison” in the form of watching the news, or listening to the negative blabbing of your “friend” who’s been depressed since they were born and calls you daily to fill you in on the intricate details of how their miserable day has been going – I’m sorry, but you’re not going to stay healthy for long.

We must take care of our “mental body” just as we take care of our physical bodies. Reading an inspiring, energizing book is like eating a healthy, energizing meal. Watching the (bad) news is like putting a little bit of rat poison in your food and justifying it by saying “but it’s just a little bit of poison!”

The Spiritual / Energy Body

The Spiritual / Energy Body is another part of our body what most of us ignore.

The fact is that if your spirit left your body right now, your heart would stop beating and that would be the end of it – regardless how good your diet is or the fact that you’ve got a six-pack. Positive thinking wouldn’t be much help either.

I have to admit that up until a few years ago I was pretty ignorant about the spiritual / energy body myself. I mean I always knew it existed, but I never knew much about it.

My level of awareness of this more “subtle” and often ignored part of our body has been growing in the last year or so after getting my Reiki training, my training and especially in the last few weeks since doing some energy healing here.

So far I’ve had three really eye-opening healings with an energy healer named and I’ve also experimented with some other forms of energy healing work with my friend while I’ve been out here.

I know nothing I can write on my Blog will ever convince a skeptic that this stuff is real, but I will say this – this stuff is real.

Expanding Your Paradigm

No-body can call themselves healthy if they aren’t maintaining the health of all three of their bodies – their physical body, their mental body and their spiritual/energy body.

I see people who are taking care of their diet and fitness program but who are mentally miserable and who are too closed minded to even try out energy healing. That’s not living in health, that’s living in ignorance.

On the other hand I also see some people who are energy healer junkies, who don’t take care of their physical or mental bodies. You can’t treat your physical and mental bodies like crap, feeding them daily doses of poison and then expecting your Reiki healer to “fix” you. That’s not living in health either.

You also can’t live just for the “mental body” and ignore the physical and spiritual/energy bodies. That’s not healthy either.

We must expand our paradigm of health to include all three bodies. It’s the only way to truly be healthy.

I’m not saying that I’m doing that right now. I’m far from perfect myself. But I am working on all three now because I know that all three have to be working in harmony to experience and maintain the state we call “health”.

There is no other way.

We all have our favorite “body” we prefer to expand energy towards. Mine used to be my “mental body”. For 15 years now I’ve been conditioning my mental body to be a lean, mean, positive thinking machine. I’ve had periods of time when I’ve read more books in a few weeks than most people do in a lifetime. I’ve got a library of hundreds and hundreds of books, DVD’s, seminars, audio programs etc.

If there was a body-building competition for the “mental body” I’d be putting on a pair of speedo’s and lubing it up with some tanning oil right now.

I’m not talking about knowledge or book smarts here. What I’m saying is that my “mental body” is pretty fit because I’ve continued to challange it and develop it’s strength for over 15 years now, whereas most people stop learning after leaving school.

My spiritual / energy body is fairly strong as well, but as I am learning right now there is so much more room for growth in this area for me.

For example, in my last few healings I’ve had healing in the area between my heart and throat chakra and I couldn’t believe how it affected my lungs and my ability to breathe. I never thought I had any problems breathing, but after my last healing I felt like my lung capacity tripled. After the healing it felt as if all my life I’ve been breathing with just one third of my lungs and wasn’t even aware of it.

If your energy body isn’t operating at full capacity, there is no way your physical body can. The scary thing is that there is no way to know what your full potential is unless you heal the energy body and see what changes.

A couple weeks back I stated that my highest value is Health (Diet, Fitness, Environment). I’m amending that now.

My new highest value is now Health (Energy, Diet/Fitness, Environment).

I’m adding in the word “Energy” into my definition of Health as a Value of mine because I want to focus on my “Spiritual / Energy Body” as well as my “Physical Body”. Out of the three bodies, I would definitely say that my “Physical Body” is the unhealthiest, so I will be working on that one a lot, but after what I experienced during my energy healings I also want to focus on my energy body as well because without it being in balance / health I know there is no way for the physical body to stay healthy anyway.

I’m not talking about them feeling as good as they feel when I don’t have the flu. I’m talking about them feeling way better even with the remnants of this flu still hanging around than they have ever felt in my life even when I’m not sick.

I can’t even imagine how great they’re going to feel when my physical body fully kicks this flu.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting Tips

For this year I’m not setting any specific goals.

Instead I’m going to focus on living my life according to my new values, but there is one New Year’s resolution I want to set for myself.

It’s not a specific goal or target for any one area of my life, but rather a way of being.

What I want to foster is the state of being open to new possibilities.

What does that mean?

Well, essentially it’s about being open to new possibilities for how reality works.

Think about how a child sees the world. They are curious and always open to new possibilities, not set in their ways of thinking. Children don’t discount the “impossible”.

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~Lewis Carroll

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is it possible to make a million dollars in one day as an Internet Marketer?

Is it possible that there is a single cure for all disease in the world, including the so called “incurable” ones like AIDS or Cancer?

Is it possible for a person to become invisible through meditation?

Is it possible for us to connect to parallel universes?

Is it possible to make a $100k / month as an affiliate marketer with a simple one-page website?

Is it possible to make $500k / month as a Blogger?

Is it possible to build a muscular body with just 10 minutes of exercise per day?

Is it possible to heal a broken limb spontaneously?

There are just some examples of what I mean. I’m not saying any of these are possible or impossible. I’m just using them as examples of the type of stuff I’d like to re-explore in my life.

For example, if I ask myself “Is it possible for us to connect to parallel universes?” and let’s just say that my logical mind says “No, it’s not possible.” then I want to explore that in more depth and ask myself “How do I know that? When did I decide this? What proof do I have that it is impossible?”

Or when I think about the possibility of making $500k/month as a Blogger, I want to explore the possibilities of that in more depth.

There really is no single specific direction I want to go with this. I want to simply just keep a much more open mind this year to new possibilities.

One of the reasons I’m doing this is because in the last few years especially my mind has really been opened and stretched as far as what I believe to be possible, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement here.

Meaning, I’m still mostly very skeptical about “impossible things” and it takes a lot of convincing and personal experimentation for me to be convinced that something is real.

For example when I first heard about muscle testing, I honestly thought it was total BS. I found it insulting to my intelligence that it could work. When I first read “Power vs Force” I thought it was a ridiculous concept so I tossed the book aside and labeled it as “quackery” in my mind.

Then one day I went to see a Naturopath who used muscle testing as a way of determining food allergies. I didn’t know he did this when I set the appointment. In fact, I didn’t know he was going to do muscle testing until I was sitting in his room and he just started doing it.

What happened next blew my mind. He told me to hold my arm up and hold it strong as he pushed down on my arm while testing different types of foods for allergies. My mind was determined to not fall for this “quackery”. I held my arm strong, determined he would not be able to push it down.

Then, after a few “strong” responses my arm went “weak” during one test. This totally blew my mind. It’s as if someone else was in control of my body. I felt a “shift” in my arm muscles and my arm went weak.

Previous to this moment, my mind justified muscle testing as simply the practitioner pushing down on the arm harder when trying to get a “weak” response. Once I actually experienced it, I knew that wasn’t the case.

That was my first experience with muscle testing being something that actually works. During my drive home from the naturopath that day my mind was totally blown.

Today, I totally accept muscle testing as something that works and I use it almost on a daily basis when I do my balances.

What if I have muscle testing a chance right away instead of labeling it as “quackery” for years and years until I “accidentally” ran into it in that naturopath’s office one day?

What if I accepted energy healing earlier in my life?

What if I accepted Law of Attraction earlier in my life?

What if I accepted psychic abilities earlier in my life?

This is my New Year’s Resolution for 2011 – to be open to and test out a lot more things that my mind might typically prematurely label as “impossible”.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon reason and just accept every crazy claim out there as true, but it just means I’m going to be more open minded to give things a chance before dismissing them and trust my intuition to guide me along the way.

Goal Setting

Establishing Your Beliefs

After you read 100 or so personal development books, you start to see certain patterns. After you read 1,000+ personal development books the patterns are completely obvious. You’d have to be blind not to see them.

One of those patterns that I realized somewhere along the way in reading through over a thousand personal development books is that there is a construct within our minds which is responsible for controlling and shaping every area of our lives.

We all want to fight for our freedoms and if our governments tried to take away even 1% of the freedoms we already have, there would be huge protests in the streets over it.

At the same time though, this mental construct we are all born with in our minds controls every detail of our lives and most of us aren’t even aware of it’s existence.

The mental construct I’m referring to is BELIEFS.

What Are Beliefs?

In elementary schools I remember learning about the seven wonders of the world.

What I don’t remember seeing on that list of “wonders” is human beings, animals, plants and any other forms of life. All the wonders in the world put together pale in comparison to the wonder of a single human body and the human brain/mind.

I think the list of wonders needs to be amended and the first three wonders on the list should be (1) Life, (2) Human Body, (3) Human Mind.

The fourth wonder on that list should be (4) Beliefs.

Beliefs control everything we see in our lives, yet almost all of us live our lives completely unaware of their existence.

We may hear about them from time to time in some book we read or some personal development guru talking about them, but for most of us they are just one of those things that we ignore.

This, ironically enough, is due to the fact that we have a belief that our beliefs are not something that’s important for us to take a look at. 🙂

Let me share something with you that might shine a little bit of a light on that limiting belief.

If there is just one thing you learn about and master in personal development in your entire life that would have a huge impact on EVERYTHING you experience – it would be Beliefs.

So what are beliefs exactly?
Beliefs Are Thought Constructs

Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that we keep thinking to ourselves until they evolve from “concepts” to “facts” in our minds.

For example, let’s take a belief like this:

“I am a professional blogger.”

The first time I thought that exact thought to myself, it was simply a concept – neither true, nor false.

As soon as I thought about the concept though, my mind began to classify that thought as either “true” or “false”.

Interestingly enough, in order to determine the validity of that statement, my mind had to access other beliefs I already had in order to determine whether that statement is true or not.

Meaning, it had to first determine “What is a professional blogger?”, and then it had to compare the criteria for the definition of what a professional blogger is to who my beliefs believe I am to determine a “truth scale” for that statement.

In this way, every belief we have is actually based on other beliefs we have previously constructed. Nothing is actually ever based on “facts”, everything is based on beliefs.

We label our most closely held beliefs as “facts” but really they are just beliefs. They are all just “made up”. Every day, millions of mental constructs some of us label as “facts” are proven to be false.

Even the mental concept of “facts” is a made up concept. The “fact” that facts exist is just a belief. LOL. 🙂

The first step to really grasp the power behind beliefs and how they shape our lives is to stop believing them to be facts. Beliefs are just beliefs – they are made up.

When people first hear this, it sometimes makes them angry. How dare someone say that there is no such thing as “facts”?

I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as a belief that we hold that facts exist. I know that belief exists. Our legal system is based on it, amongst many other things. However, in the end it’s still just a belief.

The simple truth is that without our belief in facts, facts don’t exist in and of themselves. We have to believe in them first, in order for them to exist.

All they are is just mental constructs.

I’ll say it again. Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts – mental constructs – which we keep thinking to ourselves until we gather enough “evidence” (through our belief in other beliefs) to establish them as “facts” in our minds.

Beliefs Are Self Reinforcing Filters

What’s really interesting about Beliefs is that once they are established, they act as self reinforcing filters to further strengthen them to seem like “facts” in our lives.

What does this mean?

Well, in order to understand what this means we must first realize that one of the most important functions of our human brain is to act as a filter. If we were to make a computer program that mimicked the functions of our human brain, 99.9999% of the code within that program would be code design to do just one thing – FILTER information.

See, most of us are under the illusion that our brains are conscious decision making devices. Our brains do make decisions, but 99.99999% of the decisions we make are through the process of subconscious filtering.

Our conscious brain can only process 7-10 bits of information per second. Whereas our subconscious brain is said to be able to process up to 40 million bits of information per second.

What does that mean?

Well, what that means is that our conscious mind – the one you are reading this with right now is only responsible for processing about 0.00000025% of the decisions that you make every single day.

Most of us live under the illusion that it is our conscious mind that is in control, because that is the part of our mind that we are aware of, and even at 10bits of information per second that still gives us the ability to make about 500,000 conscious decisions every day during our waking hours, but the truth is that there is about 2-4 trillion subconscious decisions that our subconscious mind makes every day that we are not even aware of.

Do you remember making 2 trillion decision yesterday? Do you remember even making 10 decisions yesterday? How about 1? 🙂

If we were to even attempt to process that bandwidth of information with our conscious mind, our brains would melt and we’d pass out in less than a second.

Therefore, what the brain does is that it constantly filters out any information that is not important according to our beliefs.

The brain essentially only relays the absolute most important information to your conscious mind for it to make a decision on. Everything single other decision is made by the subconscious mind.

So what do I mean by the fact that beliefs are self-reinforcing filters?

Well, how this works is that as soon as we form a belief about something, our subconscious mind filters out (deletes) any information which contradicts that which we already believe.

Meaning, when a new piece of information arrives through our senses, if that information does NOT align with that which we already believe – we simply filter it out. We delete it from our perceptions.

The reason we do this is because our mind does not have the ability to re-evaluate our existing beliefs every time we perceive something that does not align with our beliefs. As a survival mechanism we DELETE that which does not align with what we already believe to be true.

I cannot stress enough the profound nature of this realization.

What this means is that through your beliefs your mind creates this little “fantasy” world you live in, which you believe to exist and be “true”, and anything that you perceive through your senses which SUPPORTS that illusion/fantasy is accepted into your conscious and subconscious mind, and anything that CHALLENGES that illusion/fantasy is simply DELETED!

What’s more is that we all totally believe that OUR version of “reality” is the right one, because our own beliefs simply filter out that which doesn’t align with that which we already believe.
How Beliefs Control and Shape Our Lives

Beliefs control our lives by acting as “gatekeepers” to new perceptions.

For example, imagine for a second that you believe this statement:

“The economy is bad right now and it is difficult to make money.”

That is a belief. If you believe that belief, your mind will essentially filter out everything that doesn’t align with that statement.

So for example, let’s say that you are having a conversation with a friend at your house with the TV turned on in the background. On the TV, a news cast comes on and says that the economy is showing signs of a recovery.

Let’s walk through what happens.

Your ears hear the sound waves from that TV because you are within hearing distance. The ears transfer the audio signals to your brain which translates the meaning of the words into a concept. That concept is “Economy is recovering.”

Your mind then takes that concept and has to decide “Is this important information for the conscious mind to hear?”

The way it does that is to first compare it to your pre-existing beliefs. Now, lets say that you have a belief that says “The economy is bad right now and it is difficult to make money.”

Well, those two beliefs clash. So what your mind can do at this point is one of two things…. (1) Point out the fact that it has perceived new information that goes against one of your existing beliefs, or (2) Just filter out/delete the information and ignore it.

What the mind does in 99.999% of situations is #2. It deletes that which doesn’t align with our existing beliefs.

So how does this affect our lives?

Well, it affects our lives because we never really see the world and our environment as it really is. We see that which we want to see. We see that which aligns with our beliefs. What’s worse is that we keep reinforcing that which we believe to be true, and as we get older the “stubbornness” of our beliefs becomes stronger and stronger.

That is why two people in the exact same situation will perceive totally different things. One person will see opportunity in the same situation as someone else sees disaster. They are both right. They are both just seeing/perceiving that which aligns with their beliefs.

Think about it this way. Imagine there are two twin brothers named Bob and Bill.

Bob believes the following:

“The world is a friendly place.”
“Opportunities to make money are everywhere.”
“I deserve abundance in my life.”
“I am in charge of my own life.”
“My decisions shape my destiny.”

Bill believes the following:

“The world is a chaotic, random place. You never know what will happen next.”
“The world just keeps getting worse and worse.”
“I don’t deserve any of the stuff I have in my life. Someone will soon take it all away.”
“I’m totally out of control.”
“Nothing I do will ever change anything.”

Based on these beliefs, can you see how the two brothers will live TOTALLY different lives? I would be willing to bet that a guy like Bob with those beliefs could start with nothing and live a successful life because he would embrace all the opportunities that life showers us all with every day.

And a guy like Bill could be given every opportunity, break and leg-up in life and still end up living a miserable life.

The fact is that the two of them could have the same DNA, the same levels of intellect, talent, ability, etc. and could have been raised by the exact same parents in the same home, but with beliefs that are that different they will live totally different lives.

Speaking of DNA…

Beliefs and Biology

In his book “The Biology of Belief”, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., explains how our beliefs actually and literally control the biology of our bodies including our DNA.

I know it may sound like science fiction to those who haven’t heard about this science yet, but our beliefs can and do affect the very fabric of our body. Our beliefs actually have the ability to change our DNA.

Bruce Lipton teaches that it is not our genetic predisposition to certain diseases that determines whether or not we will manifest them in our bodies, but actually our beliefs that control this determination.

Meaning, there is no such thing as a “Cancer Gene” that controls whether or not we develop Cancer. There is no “Baldness Gene” that controls whether or not we go bald. Genes themselves have no control to turn themselves on/off. They are turned on/off based on our beliefs.

Think of genes like a light switch. We have mistakenly assumed that light switches turn on the lights. Light switches don’t turn on/off the lights. The person flicking the light switch turns on/off the lights.

That is a huge distinction. Keep in mind, however, that there are billions if not trillions of dollars being made out there right now by companies that try to lock us into the limiting belief that we have no control over those light switches. It is in their best interest to keep us “in the dark”, thinking that our genes control our health, and also the limiting belief that our DNA is something that is static that we are born with and which never changes throughout our lives.

Neither of those limiting beliefs are true. “The Biology of Belief” explains in detail.

The Awareness Trap

The biggest challenge with the way that our belief system works is that it is self-reinforcing. If our mind worked in such a way where anything that challenged our beliefs was brought to the surface for “re-evaluation”, then slowly over time our beliefs would balance themselves out. They would represent a fairly accurate model of reality.

However, due to the self-reinforcing nature of our beliefs, we not only form false/limiting beliefs, but we are also completely unaware of their existence! Even if we become aware of them, the next challenge we run into is that we are so invested in our beliefs due to the millions of decisions that we already made according to those beliefs, that we refuse to look at any kind of “new information” that might challenge those beliefs.

The only way to avoid this trap, is to address it consciously. Our subconscious mind won’t just automatically fix our limiting beliefs by itself. We must consciously decide to do that first, and only then will we be able to change our beliefs.

The only other way in which our beliefs can be affected (outside of our own conscious choice to change them) is when we come in contact with other people who don’t have the same beliefs that we do. When we interact with other human beings, their minds don’t function within the same limiting beliefs that we do so their perceptions are different.

This is why getting around successful people is so important.

If you want to become a professional Blogger, become friends with or hire a professional Blogger mentor. They will instantly be able to see things that you don’t see yourself.

If you want to improve your fitness levels, get around people who are into fitness or hire a fitness mentor. Their beliefs will perceive opportunities for you and challenge the decisions you’re currently making unconsciously without even being aware of it.

If you want to be wealthy, get around wealthy people.

Another Alternative

Besides getting around people who already have a set of beliefs which allow them to accomplish the things that you would like to accomplish in life, there is one other way to get rid of your limiting beliefs.

For my regular Blog readers, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this before. The only belief clearing/balancing system that I know which accurately identifies the exact limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve/accomplish/be in life, and also helps you to balance out those beliefs quickly and effectively.

When you get around people who are already successful in the area of your life which you want to be successful in, just by hanging around with them they will point out your limiting beliefs / mis-perceptions. For example, often times when I get around people who have a lack-mentality around money, I can instantly spot the limiting beliefs they believe in which they aren’t even aware of. I can do this because I used to have the exact same limiting beliefs when I almost went bankrupt.

Those limiting beliefs stand out to me like a sore thumb. I can instantly tell what people believe to be true, and when I challenge those beliefs it’s really interesting to see how people react. In almost all cases they start of by defending their beliefs, and then after a while they realize that they don’t even consciously believe in those beliefs – so they wonder why they believed them unconsciously in the first place.

This is an awesome way to discover and eliminate limiting beliefs, but it is also a very slow and “manual” way of accomplishing this. What if you can’t get around people who are doing what you want to do? Or what if you’re trying to accomplish something that many people haven’t done before?

That is where I think shines bright. It allows you to identify the exact limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and then to balance them out. A process that may have previously taken months or years or even decades to accomplish, can now be done with PSYCH-K in a matter of minutes.

Of course just by studying beliefs, becoming aware of them, asking yourself the right questions, and getting around people with more empowered beliefs can be a huge positive factor in your life. I’m not saying that this is the only way to affect beliefs. I had a lot of success re-wiring my personal beliefs for 15 years prior to discovering them, so I know it can be done. I’m just saying that this is a much faster way to go. I wish I heard about it 15 years ago. 🙂

The bottom line is this.

Your limiting beliefs are not going to fix themselves. By default they will simply just “harden” themselves and become a stronger ( and more limiting ) force in your life.

To change your limiting beliefs you must do so consciously. You have to decide to identify and change those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

If you don’t, you’ll always be held back by them because the subconscious mind is programmed to “strengthen” our beliefs ( limiting or not ) and not to “determine the legitimacy” of them.

Only our conscious mind can decide to question the legitimacy of our beliefs.

Nobody else will do this for you.

By whatever method, you must decided to change your limiting beliefs.

Or not.

It’s your decision.


Spiritual Connection

Besides spending the holiday’s with my wife and meeting my friend Jamesin person, one of the other reasons I traveled to the Maritimes was to meet and get – a very powerful energy healer/psychic who lives in New Brunswick.

Both my friend James and my wife have had Healing with Jeremyand highly recommended it. Well, actually my wife insisted that I get the healing while I’m out here, and I’m glad she did.

What is Spiritual Connection?

I’m not an practitioner, so I don’t know too much about S.A.C. and how it differs from other forms of energy healing such as for example Reiki.

In the past, before jumping into something like this I would do research and try to learn all about it before trying it out. The challenge with that, however, is that it limits you to experience only those things which the mind can understand based on it’s current level of awareness.

Instead, in this case I just decided to get the healing without really understanding anything about it.

What I do know is that the treatment process is that it is a form of energy healing similar to Reiki. The treatment Jeremy offers involves five sessions.

I am sure the healing and treatments are different for every person, but in this post I just want to describe my experiences with getting the healings and treatments.

My First Healing

The healing started off similar to a Reiki healing. I lay down on Jeremy’s healing table ( standard Reiki/massage table ) and closed my eyes while Geoffrey went to work.

It’s not easy to describe what I experienced in words, but I’ll try my best. I’m sure everyone has a different experience.

One of the first things I noticed is that Jeremy moves the energy around a LOT. Meaning, unlike a standard Reiki healing where energy is “channeled” into one area of the body at a time, what I felt was that the energy was moving around all around me and as far as I could tell (my eyes were closed) all around the room.

The most interesting thing I remember from my first healing session was that at one point it felt as if Jeremy was “pulling” out “bad” energy from my body. In my mind’s eye I saw him standing next to me and literally pulling “crap” energy out of my chest.

I’m not a smoker, and I’ve never smoked in my life, but it felt as if he was pulling dark smoke out of my chest. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Near the end of the healing I also felt as if I was able to breathe deeper with my lungs. Almost as if my lung capacity doubled somehow. It was weird.

When the healing was over, I sat up and I felt really light. Not lightheaded, but just very light. As if I had lost weight or as if I had helium balloons pulling up on my body.

I remember telling Jeremy that I felt as if I had been breathing with only half of my lungs all my life. I have never had any problems with my lungs, but that’s just how it felt to me – as if I was now breathing with twice the lung capacity.

My Second Healing

My second healing was similar to my first one, except more powerful. It felt as if Geoffrey was working on my lungs again.

I can’t really explain how, but I wasn’t really in control of my breathing. I know that sounds weird, but my lungs were breathing in and out on their own. I’m not referring to just breathing in and out automatically like our lungs do all the time.

What I’m referring to is my lungs breathing in really deeply, and the air moving up and down my lungs from the lower lungs to the middle lungs to the upper lungs all on their own. I know it sounds weird, but my mind was not “in control” of my breathing.

As Jeremy moved around the room and did his thing moving the energy around I kept feeling the energy moving up and down between my abdomen and my upper lung area. At one point my lungs just breathed in what felt like the deepest breath of my life, and then they just held it there for what seemed like minutes.

Then when my lungs were totally full of air and felt like there was no more room left for any more air, I felt the energy pushing me to breathe in even deeper and it felt like my lungs expanded again. Just when I thought there was no more room, they breathed in even more.

By the time the healing was over and I sat up, I felt as if my upper body was floating.

My Third Healing

My third healing was similar to the first two. Once again my body was doing it’s “breathing thing” and I was used to it by now. By this time my lungs felt great.

The big thing in my third healing was that after I felt the energy moving up from my abdomen to my lungs, this time if felt as if Jeremy moved it up through my throat chakra.

It’s not easy to explain the feeling, but much the same way as I felt my lungs opening up in the first two healings, in this healing I felt my throat totally opening up.

It’s as if all my life I’ve been breathing through a straw and now I was breathing through a 4-inch pipe. I’m not saying that physically my throat was previously constricted like that. That’s just what it felt like – energetically.

After the healing I told Geoffrey that it felt to me as if he just totally opened up my throat chakra. He just smiled and nodded.

My Back-to-Back Treatments

After my three healings were done, it was time to move onto my two back-to-back treatments.

The first one was yesterday and was rather “gentle” compared to the previous healings. I still felt my body doing it’s “breathing thing” and such, but it didn’t feel as if so much stuff was going on.

At one point though I felt as if my body was floating above itself. It’s as if I was doing astral travel or something. My body felt as if it weighed nothing and was just floating there, several feet above the table. Then it felt as if it gently “fell” back into itself.

The whole time I was just allowing whatever was happening to happen without trying to judge or interfere. I was just present and curiously observing.

My second and last session was today. It was much more intense in comparison to yesterday’s session. Once again, I really felt the energy moving up and down my body from my abdominal area up through my lungs and back down.

I would feel my lungs breathing in very deeply and then holding the air/energy up around my upper chest and then breathing out after what felt like a few minutes. Then I would feel my lungs breathing out all the way and holding themselves empty for what seemed like a few minutes before breathing in again.

I should mention that none of this was ever uncomfortable in any of the sessions. On the contrary it felt very peaceful and comfortable.

After I felt the energy moving up from my abdomen to my upper chest/throat area, all of a sudden I felt the energy moving up to my third eye, then my crown chakra and then above. I actually felt my awareness shifting out of my body and up to about a foot above the top of my head. I actually felt my head slightly tilt by itself as if I was looking up, except of course my eyes were closed.

What was interesting is that while I felt my energy/awareness moving up to that level, I felt as if my awareness left my body. I was no longer aware of the breathing in my body. I was still in my body, but it’s as if my awareness was above the body. When I say “above” I guess I mean behind the table since I was lying down.

Then, I felt as if my awareness/energy slowly came down to the area between my third-eye and crown chakra and then the session ended.

What I Learned

I found the whole experience very enlightening.

I’ve never actually felt “energy” moving around my body like I did during my sessions. It was also really interesting to experience the way energy and breath are interconnected.

I can’t wait to get back home and to experiment with some of this stuff. I feel like I’ll be able to use breathing and meditation to “play” with energy at a much higher level than I’ve ever done before.

I’m also a lot more drawn towards energy healing now as well. I think it’s time for me to get my Reiki Level II and jump into other energy healing modalities.

I think I’m also going to find some energy healers in the area and get healings on a regular basis. Right now I feel like my energy is very high, and I want to keep it at this level and even push it to go higher.

Goal Setting

Identifying Abundance

For years I’ve heard personal development gurus say that the world we live in is truly abundant, and that all we need to do in order to live an abundant life is to just accept that abundance as it is ours for the taking.

Even though I know their heart is in the right place, I don’t believe these personal development gurus are right.

The truth is that this “physical reality” world we live in can never truly be abundant because it is only a limited reflection of our true source of abundance.

Trying to find abundance in “physical reality” only leads to disappointment, anger, frustration, unhappiness and depression.

Seeking Abundance in a World of Lack

There are many different ways in which we seek abundance in this world.

For example, we may seek abundance financially by trying to accumulate a certain amount of money, such as for example a million dollars or a hundred million dollars or more.

In reality though, no amount of money will ever make us feel totally abundant. Even if we make a billion dollars, we can always spend it or it can be taken away from us in some way. There is never any amount of money you could ever make that would make you feel abundant forever.

Many people think that if they could just make a little bit more money than they are making right now, they would feel abundant. Meaning, if they are making $4,000/month they think that if they could just make $5,000/month or $10,000/month they would feel totally abundant.

I can tell you from personal experience, that is not true.

When we make $5,000/month, we fantasize about making $10,000/month and how that would make us feel totally abundant.

Once we make $10,000/month though, we realize that it is not enough. We realize that what we were really seeking was a better lifestyle so we improve our lifestyle and our expenses go up along with that. All of a sudden, $10,000/month doesn’t seem like a lot of money at all, so now we dream of $20,000/month.

The truth is that no matter how much money we make, we can never really feel that deep feeling of total abundance because there is always something else out there that is beyond our means no matter how much money we make.

The reason for this is that we are looking for abundance in the wrong place. You can never have enough money to buy everything. There is always something out there that you won’t be able to afford, or simply won’t be for sale, and the more money you make the more you will realize this.

Let’s use another example – health.

There is no such thing as having an abundance of health in this physical world we live in. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, how fit you are, how much you pamper your body, ultimately one day your body will die.

You can spend your entire life trying to prevent that inevitable fact, but all it will lead to is feelings of disappointment, anger, frustration, unhappiness and depression.

The truth is that no amount of financial resources will ever make you feel truly abundant.

Also, no matter how much energy you devote to keeping your body healthy, you will never feel truly abundant health wise either because deep down we all know that in this physical reality our bodies don’t last forever.
How to Find Abundance

The only real way to truly live a life feeling connected to abundance is to stop trying to seek it in the physical world.

No amount of money will ever make you feel truly abundant.

No amount of health will ever make you feel truly abundant.

No amount of love from someone else will ever make you feel truly abundant.

No amount of attention from others will ever make you feel truly abundant.

No amount of anything in this physical reality we live in will ever make us feel truly abundant.

The only true way to connect to true abundance is to stop seeking it from a non-abundant source.

The physical reality world we live in is not truly abundant. It is just a shadow, limited reflection of true abundance.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news though…

We can connect to true abundance if we seek it from the right source, and the only true source of unlimited abundance is Source / God / Universe or whatever name you wish to call it. I’ll call it “Source” in this article, but you can substitute whatever name you wish based on your spiritual beliefs.

By connecting to Source we connect to total abundance.

Source energy is unlimited. We can’t drain it dry. We can’t spend all of it, and it will never die.

Source is infinity.

No matter how much you take away from infinity, it is still infinity. Well, that’s not entirely true. The only thing you could ever take away from infinity to make it less than infinity, is infinity itself.

Luckily, our conscious awareness of who we are, meaning the part of us that seeks to feel abundant is finite. As such, no matter how much that part of ourselves could ever seek to “take away” from the infinite supply of Source, there would still be an infinite supply left over.

That is the only true way for us to feel totally abundant – by seeking it from an infinitely abundant source. We won’t find that in physical reality.
Why We Don’t Need Infinite Abundance as Humans

As human beings, we are finite beings. To find fulfillment or happiness, finite beings don’t need an infinite supply of abundance.

That is just an illusion.

For example, let’s take something like Vitamin C. Our bodies need Vitamin C to function properly and to be healthy.

Let’s just say that you could magically manifest an infinitely abundant supply of Vitamin C. Would that really be useful?

Could you ever eat 100 lbs of Vitamin C? Or could you ever eat 1,000 lbs of Vitamin C?

No, that would be ridiculous right?

The reality is that as finite human beings there is a finite limit as to how much we really “need” in our lives in order to feel fully fulfilled / happy.

Our body could be perfectly happy with just 0.5 – 5 grams of Vitamin C per day. That really isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things.

There is only so much food that our bodies need to fulfill our needs.

There is only so much money that we need in order to fulfill our needs.

When we don’t have food, we crave it and we think that we could eat forever, but once we have access to food we realize that it doesn’t really take that much to reach the point of feeling fulfilled/satiated.

Money is no different. When we don’t have any money we crave total financial abundance, and we dream of winning 50 million dollars in a lottery. But in reality, there is probably a much smaller amount of money we would totally feel fulfilled/satiated with.

However, that is only true if we don’t mistakenly try to seek that feeling of “connection to true abundance” from food or money.

I remember when I was younger I always dreamed of all the things I would buy once I made some good money. Then I started to make some pretty good money and I bought myself some of the toys I always dreamed of.

Then, one day I remember walking into a Future Shop / BestBuy electronics store with money in my bank account that I could spend on whatever I wanted and I walked around for about an hour and walked out with nothing.

I already had a TV I liked, why bother buying another? I already had a good home theater sound system, did I need another? I already had an XBox and a dozen games I hadn’t even played at home, did I need to buy more?

I remember walking out of that store feeling a bit depressed because there was nothing I could buy from that store that would have made me feel any more abundant than when I walked in. That’s because at that time I was still seeking that feeling of abundance from the toys / things I owned.
It’s OK to Live a Rich Life

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we should have no desires / wants.

All I’m saying is that no matter how big they may be, our true human desires / wants are finite. There is a limit to them. That’s the good news.

If your body wants Vitamin C – give it Vitamin C! I’m not saying to deprive yourself.

If you want to make and spend millions of dollars, go for it!

If you want to eat healthy and exercise and keep your body in tip-top shape, go for it!

Live life to it’s fullest.

BUT, realize that life here in this physical reality will never fully “make” you feel truly abundant, as that is not the purpose of it.

Feeling abundant comes from your connection to Source – the only true source of infinite abundance.

What’s even more paradoxical is that the less we seek that feeling of abundance from physical reality and instead seek more of it from Source, the more abundant our physical reality actually gets.

For example, the more connected we become to the infinitely abundant feeling of love from Source, the less we seek it from others in this world – and of course as soon as that happens, we automatically receive more love from others as well!

“Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” – Matthew 13:12

This quote from the Bible has always stuck out to me. It’s an interesting quote because it kind of makes us think “Hey, wait a minute, that’s not fair!”

Fairness has nothing to do with reality. If you want more financial abundance in your life, first connect to the true source of infinite financial abundance – Source energy.

If you want more health, first connect to the true source of infinite health abundance – Source energy.

When you connect to Source, you will feel more financially abundant and you will make more money and even more will be given to you.

It’s just like going to the bank. When you have money, they can’t wait to lend you even more. When you don’t have any money, they refuse to lend you anything

Goal Setting

Building Abundance in Your Life

I also talked about how nothing in this world will ever be enough for us if we seek abundance from it.

So what does this mean though?

Does this mean we should stop trying to live a better life? Should we stop trying to build wealth? Should we shed ourselves of all our material possessions? Should we stop trying to improve our health?

Should we just wait for some higher power to make our lives better?

No, absolutely not!

I’m all for living the largest life that you possibly can.

In order to do that though, you need to tap into the true source of abundance and that is not anything you’ll find in this physical reality.

What does that mean?

Well, this Blog post is a prime example. As I type these words, the source of them is not coming from anything you’ll find in this physical reality. Meaning, this sentence I am writing right now does not yet exist in physical reality until I write it. Now it exists, but just a few moments ago it didn’t exist until I typed it out.

Every word on this Blog comes from my consciousness which goes beyond this physical world. By Blogging I am transforming “Consciousness Energy” into something “tangible” in this physical reality. As soon as I transform the ideas and concepts in my mind into a Blog post, I give birth to a new construct in this physical reality which can now bring value to those people who read it.

In this way, Blogging is like alchemy. I am transforming concepts and ideas which come to me from Source energy into tangible physical constructs in this physical reality and by doing so I create something of value for others to read.

As more and more people find value in these constructs, my Blog gets more traffic and I make more money. Here’s what this looks like:

Source Energy -> Ideas / Concepts Given to Me -> Blog Post Written -> Value Created -> $$$

Do you see what I mean?

The source of everything I write on this Blog post comes from Source Energy. That is the real source of my abundance.

Even if I made just $1 per Blog post I write, if I wanted to make $10,000 all I would have to do is write 10,000 blog posts. How would I do that? By writing those things that come to me from Source Energy.

Let’s use another example.

Let’s use an artist who paints pictures. How do these artists make money?

Well, they go to the store and they buy a canvas, some paint brushes and some paints. Let’s say that all those supplies add up to $20. If that is the “value” of those supplies, then how is it that some artists can sell paintings for $100,000 or more? Where does that “value” come from?

If an artist takes $20 worth of supplies and goes into his studio and then five hours later walks out with a painting worth $100,000, where did that extra $99,980 worth of value come from?

It didn’t come from anywhere in this physical reality! It came directly from Source Energy.
True Sources of Abundance

True sources of abundance come from Source Energy.

They are free for us to use.

They are infinite in nature.

They can never be “used up”.

In fact, the more we use them, the more we have.

Think about those qualifies for a minute. Can you think of anything in this physical reality that has those qualities? Does money have these qualities? No, money is not free. It is not infinite. It can be used up.

What about real estate? Nope, it’s not free, it’s not infinite.

What about a stock portfolio? Nope.

What about a business? Nope, it’s neither free, nor infinite.

So what kind of things do exhibit these kinds of qualities?

Here’s one example: Ideas.

Ideas come to us from Source Energy. They are free. They are infinite. They can never be used up. If you give someone an idea, you don’t lose it yourself.

For example, here’s an idea for hanging doors I had which I used to easily hang a door.

When hanging a door there are usually two or three hinges that hold a door up and which screw into the door frame. When trying to hang a door, you have to align the door in such a way that it aligns with the hinges.

Since doors usually “hang” slightly above ground so as not to drag on the floor when we open and close them, in order to hang a door you have to hold it up about half an inch above ground. This usually means you need a second person to hold the door for you while you hang it, but even then it’s not easy to hold it exactly level.

So while hanging this door I had the idea to take some books and put them under the door. All you need is a book that’s thicker than the gap required under the door. You stick the book under the door, and you see how the hinges align. If the door is too high, you simply open the book up to the desired page which allows you regulate the height of the door.

Meaning, if the book you have is twice as thick as you need it to be, simply open up the book half way and place the door on top of it. If it’s still too high, only use one quarter of the thickness of the book.

In this way you can use a book (or books) to raise the door to any height you want. Once the hinges are screwed in, you just pull the book out.

There, I just shared an idea with you which I had for hanging doors. If you ever need to hang a door, you can use it if you wish.

Now, by sharing this idea with you, I transferred the concept of it from my consciousness to your consciousness. However, during that transfer did I lose the idea? No, the idea duplicates itself every time I share it with someone.

In fact, it could be that thousands of people might learn this idea from reading this Blog post. They might then share it with thousands of other people as well. However, regardless how many times this idea is shared, it doesn’t diminish in value for me.

Meaning, just because thousands of people now can use this idea to hang a door, it doesn’t make the idea any less valuable to me when I hang a door, right?

Do you see how ideas exhibit the abundance qualities I described above?

Well, what else has these qualities?

How about love?

When I express love towards something or someone, does that love get used up? Is there any less love in Source Energy after I use some of it? No! The supply is infinite.

How about inspiration?

When I inspire someone to take care of their health, or to make money online, does the process of sharing that inspiration with someone decrease the amount of inspiration I have? No, in fact the more people I inspire the more I get inspired myself.
Transforming True Abundance into Physical World “Abundance”

As I said before, nothing in this physical world is truly abundant. However, since our human lives are finite in nature themselves we can live lives which approximate abundance within the limits of physical reality.

For example, no amount of money in your bank account will ever be infinite. However, within the scope of our human lives and needs, there is an amount of money which we could accumulate which would be more than enough for us to live the lives we want and so it would approximate an infinite supply.

For example, if we had 50 million dollars as an example, that might be enough for us to never worry about money ever again. It’s not technically infinite, and it is possible to spend that kind of money if we don’t manage it properly, but for most people that would be an amount of money that would approximate total financial abundance.

How do we do this though? How do we “make” 50 million dollars?

Well, we don’t. You can’t really “make” 50 million dollars, unless you’re the US mint or something.

What we have to do is we have to transform value from a truly abundant source (Source Energy) into something valuable in this physical reality, and exchange it for 50 million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg transformed an idea he had for Facebook, into a multi-billion dollar company.

Bill Gates did it with Microsoft.

Creating abundance in this physical world requires the ability to make something out of nothing. To take something worth “x” and transform it into something worth “10x” or “1,000x” or “1,000,000x” or more.

Remember, ideas are just one type of Source Energy. Not everyone in this world transforms idea energy into abundance.

For example, nurses take care of people in hospitals. They don’t necessary tap into idea energy as their source of abundance. They might tap into compassion, love, and healing energy as a way of transforming Source Energy into value in this physical world.

When a nurse expresses compassion towards a patient, the amount of compassion available in Source Energy doesn’t get used up. It’s infinite.

Fitness trainers tap into the Source Energies of ideas, compassion, inspiration and discipline to help their clients. When a fitness trainer inspires someone to transform their body, they are transforming the Source Energy of inspiration into value for the client.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do, the true source of all the abundance in your life comes from Source Energy. The trick is to become aware of that, so that we feel connected to this true abundance.

When we feel connected to Source Energy and the infinite abundance that it provides, our consciousness begins to vibrate at a totally different frequency compared to when we are focused on the lack we see in this physical world. When that happens, we begin to attract and manifest abundance in this physical world as well.

This physical world acts like a mirror for what’s going on in our consciousness. If you have poverty consciousness, you will live a poverty reality.

If you have an abundance consciousness, you will live an abundance reality.

Sometimes people ask me “How can I feel abundant when I’m broke, in debt and constantly stressed out about my finances? It’s easy for people to say that we need to feel abundant, but that’s because they have money. I don’t have money, so how am I supposed to feel abundant?”

The truth is that those people who now have money, once were in the same spot you were in. They don’t feel abundant because they have money – they have money because they feel abundant.

I’ll repeat that again – they don’t feel abundant because they have money, they have money because they feel abundant.

Feeling abundant comes first. Money comes second.

How do you feel abundant if you have no money? Awaken to all the abundance that you do have in your life even without money or any physical possessions.

Do you have the sense of sight? How much money is that worth?

Do you have the ability to speak? How much is that worth?

Look around your life and see what you already have, instead of focusing on what you lack. Do you have the ability to form ideas? How much is that worth?

Do you have the ability to learn new things? How much is that worth?

Do you have someone who loves you? How much is that worth?

Do you have the ability to love someone? How much is that worth?

Awaken to the fact that we are all born with billions of dollars worth of “gifts”, and have a direct connection to billions of dollars worth of Source Energy every single day.

Feel the abundance of that fact.

When you can do that, your vibration will shift, and you will begin to attract abundance in this physical world as well.

And you deserve it. All of it.

The toys, the money, the houses, the vacations, the healthy body, the friends, the lovers and all the wonderful thing we can have in this world. However, none of those things will ever make you feel as abundant as your connection to Source Energy.

That is not what they were designed for. They are just reflections, or trophies to celebrate a milestone.

Think of them like having a black belt in a marital art. Anyone can walk into a martial arts supply store and buy a black belt. But wearing that black belt isn’t going to make you feel safe if you didn’t earn it right?

When we say “I want a black belt in a martial art”, really what we are saying is that we want the knowledge and experience that comes with earning a black belt, and not the black belt itself.

We want to be able to defend ourselves or to learn the physical discipline required to earn a black belt. It’s not the block black belt we want, it’s the meaning behind it that we want.

If you earned a black belt in a martial art, and then someone broke into your house and stole your black belt, would you be any less of a black belt than you were before?

No, because the black belt is not really the source of your power. It’s just a symbol, a trophy.

Don’t confuse physical world symbols / trophies for the energy they represent.

Money is just a symbol. It’s a trophy. It’s not the real source of financial abundance. The real source of financial abundance is Source Energy.

The more you learn to connect to that as your source of power, the more money will flow into your life as well.

Take the gifts that Source Energy is giving you for free, and transform them into tangible value for others.

That is the way to experience abundance in this physical world.


Start Blogging This Year

I’m a big believer in Blogging both as a hobby and for some as a profession.

Here is my list of the top 11 reasons why I think everyone should start or revive their Blog:

1. Speak Your Voice

Creating a Blog gives you a voice where you can express yourself and your ideas freely and connect with people who will appreciate the message.

Often times the ideas and things that we go through in life may not be something of value or interest to our small social circles. For example, if I get a new puppy and learn something very interesting about puppies I can write a Blog post about that and that may connect / interest a lot more people than my close social circle of friends. They may not be interested in things related to puppies when I get one because they might not have a puppy at the same time.

We all have something to say. We all have wisdom to share. Often times I see people getting on the phone and desperately trying to phone one of their friends to listen to something new they have discovered. Of course if their friends are interested in this, a wonderful process of sharing can happen, but your close friends aren’t always going to be interested in the same things you are at the same time.

A Blog gives you a place to share your new ideas with people who are actually interested in reading about them. Meaning, a Blog reader specifically searching for information on a specific topic will be much more interested in reading about that topic than a friend who’s just listening to you talk out of politeness.

Blogging is an outlet for your inner voice. Your immediate circle of friends may not always be interested in the specific things you’re going through in your life. If you don’t have a Blog, you can either bore your friends by talking to them about things that are important to you but not important to them, or you can bottle up what you have to say inside. Bottling up your voice is not healthy. This is why I strongly believe Blogging is an awesome place to finally speak your voice and share your story / wisdom / message with the world.

2. Own Your Voice / Message

Very often now I find people using services such as Twitter and Facebook to start expressing their voice and sharing their life with others. Twitter and Facebook make it very easy to do this.

However, I personally think that these kinds of services rob you of your voice.

Firstly, they limit you to the amount of information you can say. They don’t really want to hear what you have to say – they want a “Snippet”. They don’t allow you fully express yourself, they want you to summarize everything into little snippets that other people might find interesting.

Everything in our society is moving towards this trend of just skimming the surface of issues. There is no depth to communication anymore. These types of services want you to say what you have to say in one sentence or don’t say it at all.

Also, they rob you of owning your own voice. When I write a Blog post on this Blog, I own the rights to all of this content. I can keep this Blog running indefinitely and the content here can some day be available to my great grandchildren, or people who might read it generations from now. When you write something on Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t belong to you and it disappears after a while. These types of services might be here today, but they might disappear tomorrow. There is no way of knowing if they’ll be around ten years from now, let alone available for your grandchildren to read.

All the photos and all the content you create for these services is just there for them to make them money and to do with as they please.

I find it very difficult to understand why people say that they don’t have their own Blog because they don’t think they have any content to share with others, yet they’re spending 80% of their spare time on Facebook or Twitter posting dozens of updates and uploading dozens of pictures every day!

If you went on a trip and have something to say about it and have some pictures to share with people, why not put those up on your Blog instead of giving them away to Facebook!?

You can always put a link on Facebook back to your Blog post afterwords.

3. Earn Some Money From Your Voice

As a Blogger for almost 5 years I’ll be the first to admit that it is not easy to make a six-figure income Blogging like some of the top Bloggers are making.

However, even if your Blog doesn’t make you rich or replace your full time income, it really isn’t that hard to make some extra spending money by Blogging.

Instead of spending two hours on the phone talking to your friend about something interesting you’ve discovered, why not Blog about it and share it with the world?

Instead of spending two hours on Facebook or Twitter posting updates and uploading pictures, why not write a Blog post and put the pictures up on your Blog?

You can always then share the link to that Blog post and those pictures on Facebook where your friends can click on the content and be sent back to your Blog, but at the same time you’re also opening up your content to be seen by the rest of the world, not just your friends.

In this way you can build an audience of people who are interested in your content and then you can monetize your Blog and earn some extra money.

Even if you only make $50/month or $100/month from your Blog, that can add up to $600 – $1,200/year! If nothing else, you can use that money for Christmas gifts. 🙂

Also, who knows, maybe what you have to say will connect with a lot of people and perhaps you will be able to make a full time income from your Blog.

4. Connect With Awesome People

I just came back from a trip to Canada where I met up with a friend of mine, James, who I met a year ago from his Blog. Meeting him through his Blog opened me up to a whole new level of awareness in the energy healing arts and intuitive development.

He also introduced me to one of his mentors, Barry, and I learned a lot from him as well. My wife has learned a lot from both of them as well, and it has helped her tremendously with her Readings business. She has also met other awesome friends while on her trip there as well.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t met James a year ago from his Blog. It also wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been a Blogger who seeks out and reads other people’s Blogs.

Blogging connects like-minded people together from all around the world.

This is just one example. I have met probably close to one hundred really cool people since launching my Blog. There are too many to mention here, but some of whom I have become really good friends with.

What’s awesome about this is that unlike most of the friends you make through geographic proximity (friends from school, or work, or the people your parents knew), the friends you typically make from Blogging are usually like-minded people who are interested in the same things you are.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have “real life” friends who you grew up with or who you met at school or at work. I’m just saying that Blogging opens you up to meeting even more great people and typically they are much more interested in the same things you are because that is what attracted them to your Blog in the first place.

Even if I hadn’t made a single penny from my Blog in the five years I’ve been Blogging, I would still say that just the friends I’ve met while Blogging have been worth the investment it takes to run a Blog. And of course I have made money on top of that so that’s awesome too. 🙂

5. Learn Something New

Sharing something you’ve learned or experienced with the world is an awesome part of Blogging, but you can also learn a lot too!

When you share your ideas, often times people will leave comments, suggestions and links to other resources you may not have even heard about.

You may receive emails from individuals or even companies who you had no idea even existed.

There is a lot of really cool stuff you can learn by running a Blog, because Blogs open up a two-way communication with you and your readers. It’s not just a one-way communication between you and your readers. It’s a two-way conversation from which you can learn a lot.

6. Get Free Stuff

As your Blog grows in popularity you can start to get free stuff from individuals and companies looking to promote their products to your audience.

I get emails from people releasing new products and offering me free stuff all the time. It really isn’t that hard to start getting free stuff as a Blogger.

Companies are learning that online marketing is the place to be and Bloggers are starting to carry a lot of weight because the statistics show that the majority of buying decisions are now made online.

Meaning, even if people walk into a physical store to buy a product, the actual decision to buy that specific product over other products was actually made prior to walking into the store, most likely from reading a Blog post, online review, or recommendation from a friend or trusted source.

Very few buying decisions are made after speaking to a “sales guy” at a store anymore. Companies are starting to wake up to this fact and they love Bloggers. As long as you’re honest in your reviews, your audience will love you for it as well because people want to know what products are good and which ones are crap!

7. Leverage Your Blog to Accomplish Goals

One of the other things that I’ve used my Blog for has been to keep me accountable to the goals that I set.

There is nothing more motivating than a little social pressure to help you achieve your goals. For example, when I did my weight loss challenges, I blogged all about them on my Blog. This helped me to stay on track and to hit my targets.

Blogging about a specific goal or journey you’re on can help you stay on track and garner support from other readers, not to mention the fact that it can also help you to meet people who will help you on your journey as well.

For example, during my weight loss challenge, I met Jenna who has been helping me to get my body into shape. If I hadn’t Blogged about my weight loss challenge, I probably would have never met her.

8. Build Your Business

Blogging can help you to grow your business. Small business owners can develop a personal connection with their prospects and customers.

Brand new businesses can use Blogging to establish their initial client base. With other offline marketing strategies such as advertising in the Yellow Pages becoming less and less effective in the online world we live in, it’s not easy for new businesses to establish themselves. By running a Blog you can establish that initial seed client base that could be critical to the success of your business long term.

For larger businesses, the personal connection a Blog provides can help to differentiate your business from the others. Some of the largest companies in the world like Microsoft and Google use Blogs to connect with their customers and to establish a more personal touch for their brands.

9. Develop Your Writing Skills

For anyone who wants to become a writer, Blogs are an awesome place to start. Blogging gives you the freedom to start small and to work your way up to larger and larger writing projects.

It also helps you to develop your voice and writing style, offering you feedback from your readers.

What’s more, by building a Blog you also build an audience for your writing. That way, once you are ready to write your first book you already have an audience for it. It also makes it much easier to get a publishing deal if you can show the publisher that you already have an active audience for your book. Or if you wish, you can just self-publish and promote it to your existing Blog audience.

For any aspiring authors I highly recommend Blogging as the first step to becoming a published author.

10. Build Your Online Resume

A Blog can be an awesome online resume. Any successful businessman/businesswoman will tell you that personality and who a person is, is more important than just your skill set.

Of course you have to possess the skills to perform a specific job, but when business owners are faced with a decision to choose an applicant from a stack of resumes with similar skill-sets – they almost always choose the candidate they like the most personally.

Blogging can help you to put your personality out there on the Internet. Most employers will Google your name anyways, so would you prefer for them to find your Blog where you have 100% control over the content you see on there or would you prefer for them to find outdated or unrelated content that doesn’t really express who you really are?

Not only that, but since Blogging can connect you to a lot of really cool like-minded people, you might be able to connect with people who can help your career by getting in on the inside of a company.

For example, if I posted a Blog post here saying that I’m looking for a job (which I’m not 🙂 ), I would most likely get contacted by people who would either be interested in hiring me themselves or know someone who would.

What’s even cooler about using your Blog as a resume is that when potential employers read your Blog they will be able to see who you are from a personal point of view, and decide if you’ll fit in with their company’s culture.

If they don’t like your personality, why would you ever want to work for them?

11. Blogging is Fun!

The last reason you should build a Blog in 2011 is because Blogging is a lot of fun! I love Blogging. It’s one of the most fun and rewarding things I’ve done in the last five years.

I love the people I connect with, the ideas I get to share, and the growth I’ve experienced as a result of running a Blog.

Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would NOT have a Blog.

I’m not saying that professional Blogging is for everyone, but at least as a hobby I think everyone should give Blogging a try.

Hopefully this post might inspire some of you to try this rich and rewarding hobby/profession.

Also, do you know someone who you wish had a Blog? You know that person who always has something positive, inspiring or interesting to say. Why not suggest that they start a Blog. They might not realize that there is an audience for their message.

Send them a link to this post. It just might inspire them to start Blogging.


Selling Site on Flippa

A couple of weeks ago I decided to sell one of my “orphan” Blogs on Flippa.

Was a Blog I started a few years ago that I quickly got too busy to update.

It was a highly targeted niche site that I built prior to my realization that it is generally better to start one large Blog, than a whole bunch of targeted small ones that you run out of content ideas for after a few weeks.

Posting it For Sale

For a while now I have thought about selling some of my Blog sites that I have, but I always had this belief that nobody would be interested in buying a dead Blog so I never bothered listing any of my sites up.

I figured it was better to first “resurrect” them, build them up a bit and then post them for sale.

However, that never seems to happen for any of my sites.

If I have a site that I’m passionate about, then I’ll create content for it easily.

If I am no longer passionate about it, it’s so hard to create any content or to try to “resurrect” it even for just a few months to try to sell it for a higher price.

So basically what ends up happening is I’ll have all these sites that aren’t doing too much except sitting there and costing me domain fees each year.

I know each of them has some good potential *IF* I had time to work on them, but I never do, so finally a few weeks ago I decided to try selling my first site on Flippa.

I figured that even if I make $50 from it, I’d be happy.

I didn’t really put in that much effort into the site, and it wasn’t earning me any income.

However, it was a domain that’s a couple years old and it was getting a few thousand visitors a month from free SEO traffic, so I figured it could be worth something to someone else.

Watching the Bids Come In

The site ended up selling for $110, and I have to admit that watching the bids come in was really exciting.

As I said, I would have been OK getting $50 for the site, and was hoping for $100, so $110 put a smile on my face.

Now I know $110 is not a lot of money, but really my only monetary cost on the site was about $20 for the domain fees for a couple of years.

Hosting on the domain didn’t cost me anything since I share the hosting with this site and all my others.

Also, I didn’t really put any real effort into sprucing up the listing at all.

I was totally honest with everything, and I didn’t try to make the site sound any better than it was.

The site did previously make about $3-$5/month in AdSense earnings, but in the last few months it was making $0/m because I wasn’t devoting any time or energy towards it.

If I wanted to sell it for more I could have put some effort into it and got my AdSense earnings back up first.

But for me this was more just an experiment more than anything.

I wanted to see how much I could sell a site like that for.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see it sell for $110.

I can actually see selling sites of Flippa as a legitimate business opportunity if you know how to build Blogs.

Do you have any “dead” sites just lying around doing nothing?