Are you Blocking Wealth?

Wealth is an energy field.

Building wealth has a lot more to do with what energy you are at, than what you do, have or who you know.

Many times in my life I have often wondered if I am blocking wealth.

For example, 10 years ago when I was stuck at a $3,000/month income I wondered if I was somehow unconsciously blocking myself from earning $5,000/m.

When I started earning $5k/m, I wondered if I’m blocking myself from earning $10k/m etc.

Whenever I ever wanted to manifest something – like a new car, a new house, more income, a relationship, new friends, or whatever else – there would often be a delay – lag time – between me creating a desire for something and it’s achievement.

While in that lag time I often wondered “Am I blocking this somehow at the unconscious level?”

I would ask myself “Is there some kind of limiting belief that’s blocking this from happening?”

I have worked with many mentors and coaches that have helped me to overcome those blocks and limiting beliefs and to help me open up more of my connection to abundance in its many forms – health wise, money wise, relationship wise etc.

This past week I have come across an awesome “Wealth Block Tester”.

Meaning, if you ever wondered about whether or not your current beliefs or energy or environment or thoughts are blocking you from manifesting wealth – I have a very simple test for you.

The Wealth Tester

To determine whether or not you are ready to build wealth in your life, here’s all you need to do.

Complete the following steps, (if you haven’t already), and the final step will tell you whether or not you have wealth blocks in place.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to connect to a morphic energy field of wealth.

If you are blocking wealth, this will be very difficult to do. In fact as soon as you read what I’m about to say next, you might start to sweat a little.

Either one of those options will connect you to the energy field of wealth.

A really good friend of mine who is an intuitive energy healer felt the connection immediately after he signed up as a affiliate. I felt the connection as soon as I signed up. And I have also spoken to three or four other friends of mine who are very “energetically sensitive” to these kinds of things and we all agree on the fact that has a VERY powerful morphic field of wealth, health and prosperity.

Listen guys, I *know* what I’m saying here sounds strange.

But it works.

I have shared this thing with a LOT of people in the last week or so.

Including the people on my Blog, probably close to 10,000 people have heard about this from me.

I have also shared it with probably 50-60 people in my personal network.

And you know what I have discovered so far?

I have discovered that only those people who are NOT blocking their wealth are able to pass this test.

Everyone else who I know who *IS* blocking their wealth right now has NOT been able to follow these simple, yet incredibly powerful steps.

For example…

… I have had someone tell me that when they tried to load the website, it won’t load for them. Their browser just crashes. The GIN site never crashes for me.

… I have had someone tell me that they were just about to sign up and all of a sudden their computer got a virus from somewhere else and now they have to re-format their hard drives before they can sign up. I never got a virus.

… I have had someone tell me that when they try to listen to the CD’s on their computer, they CAN’T do it because they IMMEDIATELY get interrupted within a minute of clicking PLAY by something or someone. I didn’t let interruptions get in the way.

… I have had someone tell me that when they tried to burn the audio files onto an audio CD so that they can listen to it in their car, the audio CD didn’t burn properly and the audio was all scrambled. None of my audios were scrambled.

… I have had someone tell me that while listening to one of the audios, the sound just all of a sudden CUT OUT for no reason and the rest of the audio is just blank empty space. My audios have no blank space.

… and about 20 or so MORE weird happenings in the last few days alone. 🙂


The reports I’m getting from people are hilarious!

It’s like a Gong Show. I’m seriously waiting for someone to tell me that they tried to listen but they got abducted by aliens or something. 🙂

This company and the CD set, has such a strong morphic field of wealth, health and prosperity that people, and their computers, cars, CD players and telephones are literally ALLERGIC to the energy **IF** the person has strong ANTI WEALTH beliefs and blocks in place.

I’m not joking guys.

I’m being TOTALLY serious.

I would also be willing to bet that a LOT of people are actually going to have an “allergic” reaction (energetically) to this Blog post.

It probably won’t load for many people.

Those Who Have Passed the Test

In addition to the hilarious stories I have heard from people as to WHY they CAN’T join for some reason or another, and CAN’T listen to the CD’s, there have been a few people I know who HAVE signed up and who HAVE started listening to the CD’s.

And the amazing thing that I’m hearing from them is that their lives have literally ALREADY started changing, even though they JUST STARTED listening to this stuff.

Here’s an example of an email I got from one person (who prior to this I didn’t know) who started listening:

I asked here if it would be OK for me to share her email with people on my Blog and she was totally OK with it, which is why I’m posting it.

The reason she says “I have no idea who you are but you have changed my life” is because up until a few weeks ago she didn’t know who I was. She just “co-incidentally” stumbled upon my Blog while searching for a WordPress related technical issue and saw me writing about the this stuff and that’s how she got into it.

I have spoken to a few other people who are reporting the same things to me. Some of these people I know, and others I have never met in my life.

But what I’m seeing is that *IF* they can join as an affiliate without some kind of “mysterious force” stopping them, AND they can start listening to the CD’s without their CD player or MP3 player blowing up or whatever else they manifest to block them from this information – THEN they begin to see immediate life changes in their lives.

Not just money/wealth changes either.

And the crazy thing is that all of these people just heard about this a few days ago. I mean I’ve only heard about this a few weeks ago.

Anyway… that’s the wealth tester.

I already know that someone will say that this “Wealth Tester” is BS and that I’m just trying to make money off people by getting them to sign up for them using my affiliate code, and that’s fine. They obviously don’t pass the wealth tester.

The bottom line is that I don’t care if you sign up under my affiliate code. Of course I would prefer it because I want to hang out with cool people like you if you’re interested in building wealth and if we’re on the same team then we’ll most likely hang out together a lot more than if you sign up under someone else’s affiliate invitation code – but using my code is NOT a prerequisite of this test.

If you don’t want to use my code then go find someone else’s – but take the test. If you want to connect to a different morphic field of wealth besides, go for it, but they are NOT easy to find and it will NOT be free.

If you don’t, for WHATEVER reason, it most likely means you have some major energetic and/or subconscious belief blocks towards building wealth.

And when I say WHATEVER reason – I mean WHATEVER reason.

If you can’t sign up for – because your computer blows up – that’s you blocking it.

If you can’t listen to because your MP3 player scrambles the audio – that’s you blocking it.

If you can’t listen to because every time you click play the phone rings – that’s you blocking it.

If you can’t sign up for – because you don’t think you can afford membership – it doesn’t matter since the affiliate level is FREE so that’s no excuse. If you are using that as an excuse – that’s you blocking it.

If your excuse is that you don’t have time for this stuff right now – that’s you blocking it.

WHATEVER excuse you can think of… it’s you blocking it.


It costs nothing except a little bit of your time / energy to sign up and listen to the CD’s.

There is no excuse.

The only excuse is if you’re not ready to build wealth and you’re blocking it by manifesting WHATEVER reasons that show up in your life.

And that’s OK. I’m not judging you. I’m just sharing with you a cool “tester” to see if you’ve got wealth blocks.

What will you do next?

Will you take the steps I wrote above?